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Westlake Pro to be Exclusive Dealer of DTS:X Creator Suite

Westlake Pro have partnered with DTS (Dedicated to Sound) to be the exclusive North American dealer of their soon-to-be-released DTS:X Creator Suite software bundle. This revolutionary software enables users to create DTS:X immersive sound content.

Armed with these powerful tools, users will be able to create content optimized for DTS enabled devices and platforms. Learn more about DTS:X Creator Suite here.

DTS:X Creator Suite Software Bundle Includes:

  • MDA Tools (MDA Creator/Bus, MDA Admin/Control)
    Create object based, immersive content for Digital Cinema and home.
    Mix immersive content in a highly efficient and flexible solution for modern professional content production needs.
  • DTS:X Encoder Tool
    Create legacy DTS-HD and next-generation DTS:X Master Audio bit streams for Blu-ray, Ultra HD Blu-ray and other formats.
    Mix immersive DTS:X content from: PCM WAV, Broadcast WAV, AIF/AIFF or M2X files.
  • DTS:X Bitstream Tools
    Edit or verify previously encoded DTS:X, DTS-HD, MDA and M2X files
    Eliminates the need for an additional encode or export pass.
  • DTS:X MediaPlayer
    Quality control DTS audio against video prior to final multiplexing, authoring or packaging.
    Play DTS:X audio against video.
  • DTS Headphone:X Monitor – Home Video
    Create immersive mixes without height channel speakers – perfect for creating DME (dialog, music, effects) mixes in smaller editing bays.