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Winter NAMM: Source Audio Hot Hand

Hot Hand ($299) from Source Audio (booth #1126, Hall E) is a unique guitar effects “motion controller” combining micro-machined motion-sensing technology with a proprietary audio processing chip co-developed by Analog Devices that translates body movement into sound. The whole idea of Hot Hand™ is to change the way guitarists manipulate effects without anchoring them to traditional pedal effects consoles or other fixed onstage devices. This approach also opens up the possibility for a whole new level of physical expression and showmanship in live performances.

Hot Hand comprises a sensor that attaches to the hand or any part of the body and an interface console with 11 usable “wah”-type filter effects. The system features state-of-the-art 56-bit DSP and crystal-clear 24-bit converters. Featuring an accessible user interface, Hot Hand gives guitarists control over the frequency of the wah and the sensitivity of the effects, allowing players to create signature sounds.

For greater flexibility, other effects chains can be controlled through Hot Hand, and an expression pedal can be input to override the device if desired.

Sounds in addition to the factory presets can be easily programmed and configured, and a control allows Hot Hand to be calibrated to specific users in terms of range, motion and speed of responsiveness. A Motion knob can be used to invert the axis of the controller up and down.

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