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Woodstock City Church Uses Waves Audio Technology

Production Director Brandon Thompson Relies On Waves SoundGrid Technology, Waves Tracks Live, and Waves Plug-Ins

Waves Audio reports that Brandon Thompson (pictured), who is Production Director at Woodstock City Church in Woodstock, Georgia, a campus of North Point Ministries, has chosen to use Waves SoundGrid Technology, Waves Tracks Live, and Waves plug-ins.

“We are currently running the Waves MultiRack on our DiGiCo SD9 with the Waves Live bundle, Waves Studio Classics Collection, Waves Jack Joseph Puig Signature Series, Analog Legends, Waves CLA Classic Compressors, Waves C6 Multiband Compressor, Waves EMI TG12345 Channel Strip, Waves dbx160 Compressor Limiter, and Waves H-Reverb, all running on a SoundGrid Server One,” Thompson notes.

“Additionally, we are running Waves Tracks Live as our preferred recording and playback solution. The DiGiGrid MGB has been super-useful to use with virtual soundcheck duties for our DiGiCo SD9. Utilizing the MGB for 64 channels of MADI audio, we copy all incoming stage rack audio to the MGB. Then we track the rehearsal to Waves Tracks Live running on a Mac Mini, and using the ‘Listen to Copied Audio’ function on our SD9, and listen back to all tracked audio right after the band has finished.

“We spend a few hours working on mixes, adding in Waves plug-ins via SoundGrid, and then bounce out of the SD9 to an MP3 recorder, which is then posted online for the band to listen to. This process has been a phenomenal help in building mixes that translate to performance time and has really helped the band hone in on their performance in context of the mix. It has also helped the musicians trust that what they are playing is translating to the room.  

“My absolute must-have plug-ins are the C6 Multiband Compressor, the H-Comp Hybrid Compressor, and the new H-Reverb. The C6 compressor is so useful for fixing level-dependent equalization and is my go-to for vocals, bass, loops, keys, and recording matrix output. For live use, the C6 has no equal. The H-Comp has become my go-to for drums, especially snare compression. I set the gain reduction to compress no more than -6 dB (the red zone), mix in at around 60-percent for parallel compression, and I am good to go.

“The H-Reverb is my newest addition. This is an amazing plug-in that is full of great presets. I’ve been using it directly on my snare channel using the dry/wet control to set the balance. The sounds that I’m getting using the H-Reverb can’t be accomplished with any other plug-in that I’ve found!

“I’d also like to mention that I’ve really been digging the SSL G-Channel recently. It has been getting used on more and more sources. I’ve found that completely turning off any channel processing on the console, and relying instead on the SSL Channel for everything, has added a sonic consistency to my mix that is amazing. The EQ section is really killer, and the gate and comp section just work with very little fuss.”

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