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The 2002 Mix Directory of AUDIO EDUCATION PROGRAMS

So, you want a career in the professional audio world, but you don't know where to begin. Whether you're the next hitmaking producer, a potential Oscar-winning

So, you want a career in the professional audio world, but you
don’t know where to begin. Whether you’re the next hitmaking producer,
a potential Oscar-winning editor or a pioneer in creating sonic
soundscapes to stream over the Web, you’ve come to the right place.
It’s been a year since we last published our directory of audio
education programs, and this year includes more schools and programs
than ever before. Obviously, we can’t tell you which school to attend
— the school that is right for you will be the one that fulfills
your educational and professional needs and fits within your

Consider theMix2002 Education Directory as your
starting point. After you have perused these listings, we suggest that
you contact the schools that interest you for additional information.
Then, when you have narrowed your choices, make appointments to visit
individual campuses, where administrators and professors can usually
put you into contact with former students. It is often a wise idea to
find former students who have had both positive and negative
experiences to get a true taste of the program.

We hope that our directory serves as a helpful starting point for
the beginning of your audio education.

Good luck!

The Schools

When using this directory, please note that only North American
programs have been included. All of the information presented here was
supplied by the schools. Specific programs may change, so contact the
school/program for up-to-date information.


American University

4400 Massachusetts Ave. N.W., Washington, DC 20016-8058 Phone
202/885-2746 Fax 202/885-2723 E-mail[email protected]
four-year B.S. in Audio Technology. Program and
Facilities Description:
Housed in the Department of Physics, the
Audio Technology program concentrates on the art and science of music
and audio production, electronic recording, and computer and electronic
systems. The main control room features a 24-track analog studio with
hard disk recording capabilities. The electronic music studio has
various analog and digital synthesizers, samplers, and is well-equipped
to perform a variety of artistic and production functions.

Appalachian State University

Hayes School of Music, Boone, NC 28608 Phone 828/262-3020
Fax 828/262-6446 E-mail[email protected]
Degrees/Certificates Offered: four-year Bachelor’s of Science in
Music Industry Studies. Also Bachelor’s of Music in Performance,
Education and Music Therapy. Program and Facilities Description:
The Music Industry Studies major features a music recording and
production concentration designed to offer undergraduate-level training
in the principles of music and sound recording and audio
post-production. Other degree concentrations prepare students for
careers in arts management, promotions, music merchandising and
manufacturing. The Walters-Storyk-designed recording studio is a
24-track facility with automated digital mixing, multiple editing
workstations and industry-standard peripheral equipment. The Broyhill
Music Center also includes two performance halls, an opera studio, MIDI
studio, computer labs, a music library, rehearsal halls and practice
rooms. Off-campus music industry internships contribute to the
experience and career preparation students receive at ASU.

Art Institute of Philadelphia

1622 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, PA 19103 Phone 215/567-7080
Fax 215/246-3339.

Audio Recording Technology Institute

4525 Vineland Rd., Suite 201, Orlando, FL 32811 Phone
888/543-2784 Fax 407/367-2578 E-mail[email protected]
Web sitewww.audiocareer.comDegrees/Certificates
forty-five-week Audio Engineering certificate. Program
and Facilities Description:
Students prepare for employment in the
audio-production industry, including music production and sequencing,
sound editing for film and TV, sound effects design and mastering. An
accredited member of ACCSCT, the emphasis at A.R.T.I. is hands-on
training. Studios are well-equipped with everything you need, from Pro
Control to SSL Digital. Placement assistance is provided, and financial
aid is available to qualified applicants. Class size is limited to six

Barton College

Barton College Station, Wilson, NC 27893 Phone 800/345-4973
Fax 919/237-4957 E-mail[email protected]Web
Degrees/Certificates Offered: Bachelor of Arts in Mass
Communication (Audio Recording Technology concentration). Program
and Facilities Description:
Extensive hands-on training in a
32-track recording studio and a digital audio studio. Very low
student-to-teacher ratio. Curriculum includes studio recording, MIDI,
electronic music, digital audio workstation recording, editing and
mixing, production audio for film and video, audio post-production for
film and video (dialog editing, sound effect design and editing) and an
internship program. Facilities include a Soundcraft Sapphyre Lc analog
console with automation, outboard gear by Lexicon, Alesis, DOD,
Presonus, Roland, Focusrite and others, four Tascam DA-88s, DATs, Sony
CD burners, Pentium IV computers with software by Pro Tools, Cakewalk,
GigaStudio, TC Electronic, etc. Keyboards and modules by Kurzweil,
Korg, Roland, Alesis and Yamaha. Microphones by Neumann, AKG,
Audio-Technica, Sennheiser Beyerdynamic, Electro-Voice, Shure, etc.

Belmont University Mike Curb School of Music

1900 Belmont Blvd., Nashville, TN 37212-3757 Phone
615/460-5504 Fax 615/460-5516 E-mail[email protected]Web
Degrees/Certificates Offered: Bachelor’s of Business
Administration with emphasis in Music Business. Program and
Facilities Description:
Belmont University offers a Music Business
program that combines the classroom experience with real-world
applications. A full-time faculty, adjunct professors and staff of
music business professionals who work full time in the music industry.
A 9,000-square-foot Center features two state-of-the-art recording
studios and control rooms, iso booths, MIDI-sequencing room, Pro Tools
post-production/editing/mastering suite, 16-track Tascam Digital
project studio, duplication room, and a studio-equipped classroom and
8-track analog project studio.

Berklee College of Music

1140 Boylston St., Boston, MA 02215 Phone 800/BERKLEE
Fax 617/747-2047 E-mail[email protected]Web
Degrees/Certificates Offered: four-year Bachelor’s of Music or
four-year Professional Diploma. Program and Facilities
Established in 1945, Berklee College of Music is the
world’s largest independent music college. Over 3,400 students and 460
faculty members interact in an environment designed to provide the most
complete learning experience possible, including all of the
opportunities and challenges presented by a career in the contemporary
music industry. The College offers 12 majors, over 270 ensembles, six
recital halls, 300 practice rooms, 12 studio/control rooms, Media
Center, current industry technology.

Cayuga Community College

197 Franklin St., Auburn, NY 13021 Phone 315/255-1743
Fax 315/255-2117 E-mail[email protected]Web;
two-year A.A.S. in Audio Production, two-year A.A.S. in
Telecommunications Technology, two-year A.A.S. in Radio/TV
Broadcasting. Concentrations in Video Production, Broadcast Journalism,
Digital and Interactive Media, and Electronic Publishing. Program
and Facilities Description:
Cayuga is a unit of the State
University of New York. The college’s facilities include a 32-track
audio recording studio, FM radio station, television studio and remote
truck, and a digital media lab. Industry internships are required.
In-state tuition is $2,600/year. Residential housing is available.

City College of New York

The Sonic Arts Center, Shepard Hall Room #72, West 140th and Convent
Ave., New York, NY 10031 Phone 212/650-8288 Fax
212/650-5428 E-mail[email protected]Web site
Degrees/Certificates Offered: four-year Bachelor’s of Fine Arts
in Music (Audio Technology concentration). Program and Facilities
Seven-studio facility including one 32-track studio,
four 24-track studios, one sound lab and one isolation room. In
addition, two adjacent soundstages for acoustic recording are
available. Six hours of lab time per course, per week.

Finger Lakes Community College

4355 Lakeshore Dr., Canandaigua, NY 14424 Phone 585/394-3500
Fax 585/394-5005 E-mail[email protected]Web site
two-year A.S. Music Recording Technology degree.
Program and Facilities Description: The recording facility
contains two recording rooms and a spacious control room. Single
instruments to a full symphony orchestra can be accommodated in the
2,000-plus-square-foot recording room. Installed in the control room
are a Mackie Digital 8-Bus console and 24 tracks of Tascam DA-88s.
Editing and mastering are done on hard disk via Mark of the Unicorn
2408 using Samplitude Studio. Final mixes can be recorded onto DAT, MD
or CD-RW.

Five Towns College

305 North Service Rd., Dix Hills, NY 11746 Phone 631/424-7000
Fax 631/424-7008 E-mail[email protected]
Web sitewww.fivetowns.eduDegrees/Certificates
Bachelor’s of Music in Jazz/Commercial Music, with
concentrations in performance, composition/songwriting, musical
theater, audio recording technology, music business and video music.
Bachelor’s degree program in Music Education. Bachelor’s of
Professional Studies (B.P.S.) Degree program in Business Management,
with concentrations in audio recording technology, music business,
video arts and theater arts. Program and Facilities Description:
The College is equipped with eight, 16, 24 and 48-track world-class
recording studios, ae well as a television-production facility and
soundstages of various sizes. The Dix Hills Center for the Performing
Arts has been described as “acoustically perfect.” The Five
Towns College library consists of over 30,000 print and nonprint
materials and a significant collection of recorded music.

Full Sail Real World Education, Recording Arts

3300 University Blvd., Winter Park, FL 32792 Phone
800/226-7625 E-mail[email protected]Web
Degrees/Certificates Offered: Associate of Science Degrees in
Recording Arts, Show Production and Touring, Film, Game Design and
Development, Digital Media and Computer Animation. Program and
Facilities Description:
Full Sail offers hands-on training in a
state-of-the-art, 60-plus-studio multimedia complex, anchored by
multiple professional recording studios featuring two Amek 9098is, two
SSL 9000 Js, AMS/Neve Capricorn, two Digidesign Pro Control consoles,
as well as many others. The Recording Arts curriculum includes courses
in multimedia audio, recording and mixing consoles, audio
post-production, advanced workstations and session recording.
Career-placement assistance is provided, and financial aid is available
to those who qualify.

Future Media Concepts

305 E. 47th St., New York, NY 10017 Phone 877/362-8724
Fax 212/888-7531 E-mail[email protected]Web sitewww.FMCtraining.comDegrees/Certificates
Manufacturer’s Certificate of Merit. Courses range from
three-day introductory courses to 10-day Master Classes. Program and
Facilities Description:
Future Media Concept Inc.’s (New York,
Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Miami and Orlando) premier
digital media training center provides a complete range of
manufacturer-authorized training in all areas of digital media,
including nonlinear editing, sound design, Web design and programming,
video streaming, DVD authoring, 3-D animation, compositing and desktop
publishing. Quality is monitored by the software manufacturer to ensure
the highest level of training. FMC trainers are certified,
award-winning professionals. FMC leads the industry with small class
size, state-of-the-art equipment, weekday and weekend flexible
schedules, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. FMC is an authorized
training center for Avid, Apple, Softimage, Adobe, Discreet, NewTek,
Macromedia, Boris, Sony, Sonic, Quark, DaVinci and Digidesign. Future
Media Concepts is currently the exclusive Digidesign-authorized pro
school in the northeast. FMC offers the entire range of authorized Pro
Tools courses and administers the certification exams leading to the
prestigious Pro Tools Operator and Pro Tools expert.

Guilford Technical Community College

Entertainment Technology Program, 601 High Point Rd., Jamestown, NC
27282 Phone 336/334-4822 x2265 Fax 336/819-2038
E-mail[email protected]Web site
Degrees/Certificates Offered: two-year A.A.S. in Entertainment
Technology-Sound Engineering, two-year A.A.S. in Entertainment
Technology-Concert Sound & Lighting, two-year A.A.S. in
Entertainment Technology-Management, two-year A.A.S. in Entertainment
Technology-Performance, and various subject-specific certificates and
one-year diplomas. Program and Facilities Description: We
currently have three studios featuring both digital and analog
equipment where students receive ample “hands-on” time.
Consoles include a Sony DMX-R100, Mackie D8B, Soundcraft Ghost and a
Yamaha M3000. We have four Tascam MX-2424 systems for multitrack
recording. Our music lab has Mac G4s, Digi 001 interfaces and Roland
keyboards. We will be moving into a new facility August 2003 that
features five studios and two live performance venues by the
Walters-Storyk Design Group.

Hampton University

Department of Music, Hampton, VA 23668 Phone 757/727-5237
Fax 757/727-5084 E-mail[email protected]Degrees/Certificates
four-year B.S. in Music with an emphasis in Music
Engineering Technology. Program and Facilities Description: The
Music Engineering program is designed for students who desire a career
in audio engineering, music recording, audio equipment design, sound
reinforcement, broadcasting, audio sales or studio maintenance.
Students can complete this program, including an internship, in four
years. Students who are admitted to this program must have an applied
instrument, voice, trumpet, strings, etc.

Harris Institute for the Arts

118 Sherbourne St., Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5A 2R2 Phone
416/367-0178 Fax 416/367-5534 E-mail[email protected]Web sitehttp://harrisinstitute.comDegrees/Certificates
one-year diploma. Programs in Recording Arts Management
(RAM) and Producing/Engineering Program (PEP). Program and
Facilities Description:
Eighty-four courses relating to the
business, technical and creative aspects of the music industry. Faculty
includes 54 music industry leaders. The 16,000-square-foot facility
includes Pro Tools in the audio post-production suite, Logic Audio in
the MIDI/multitrack suite and 24-track digital multitrack in the music
recording control room.

Institute of Audio Research

64 University Place, New York, NY 10003 Phone 212/777-8550;
800/544-2501 Fax 212/677-6549 E-mail[email protected]Web
diploma in Audio Recording and Production, plus Bachelor’s
Degree credit at participating universities and colleges. Program
and Facilities Description:
Intensive nine-month program exposes
the student to every facet of state-of-the-art audio and recording
technology. Program features digital audio and digital music
production, analog and digital recording and mixing, signal-processing
technologies, audio post-production, MIDI applications, music business,
digital audio workstation operations. Equipment features Mac-based
platform (iMacs and G4s) running on OS 9/10, Pro Tools, Digital
Performer, Reason. New all-digital studio with Sony DMX-R100 dual
consoles. 18,000-square-foot facility in the heart of Greenwich
Village. Professional studio internships and graduate-placement
assistance. Licensed by NYS Education Department, approved for veterans
training, accredited by ACCSCT. Financial aid for eligible

Lebanon Valley College of Pennsylvania

Department of Music, Annville, PA 17003 Phone 717/867-6285
Fax 717/867-6390 E-mail[email protected]Web
Degrees/Certificates Offered: four-year Bachelor’s of Music in
Music Recording Technology and B.S. in Music Business. Program and
Facilities Description:
LVC combines a strong, traditional music
curriculum with industry-related courses and experiences. Studies
include traditional and jazz theory, history, performance, studio
production techniques, digital audio recording and editing, MIDI,
post-production and multimedia. NASM accredited. Facilities include a
24-track analog studio, a digital multitrack studio/classroom, and
computer labs with Macintosh/Windows NT workstations for digital audio
and video, CD mastering, Web page design, CD-ROM development and

Miami-Dade Community College

School of Film and Video, 11380 N.W. 27th Ave., Miami, FL 33167
Phone 305/237-1185 Fax 305/237-1367 Web
Associate Science Degree in Radio, Television, Broadcast
Programming; Associate Science Degree in Film Production; Certificate
in Television Production; Associate Arts Degree in Mass Communication.
Program and Facilities Description: The program is designed for
students who intend to seek employment in radio, television and film
production. The curriculum provides introductory and advanced courses.
It stresses hands-on equipment used in both the radio, television and
film laboratories. Students have access to high-end cameras, editing
suites and video graphics animation facilities, and complete
portfolio-quality production.

McGill University

Faculty of Music, 555 Sherbrooke St. West, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
H3A 1E3 Phone 514/398-4535 Fax 514/398-8061 E-mail
[email protected]Web
two-year Master’s of Music Degree in Sound Recording;
Ph.D. Degree. Program and Facilities Description: The graduate
sound recording program combines practical and theoretical training in
studio techniques, microphone selection and placement, digital sound
processing and related subjects. Also included are technical ear
training to improve auditory perception and hands-on experience working
with musicians, ranging from solo performers to full symphony
orchestras. Three fully equipped control rooms, four performance
venues, three post-production editing studios, a separate four-studio
suite for electro-acoustic music, multichannel audio research lab and
two computer labs.

Middle Tennessee State University

PO Box 21, Murfreesboro, TN 37132 Phone 615/898-2578
Fax 615/898-5682 E-mail[email protected]Web
Bachelor’s of Science in Recording Industry with two
emphasis choices: Production and Technology or Music Business.
Program and Facilities Description: The curriculum includes 43
courses covering all aspects of the industry. Minor options in Music,
Electronics, Business Administration, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Film
Studies, Computer Science, Electro-Acoustics, Theatrical Design, Mass
Communication and Entertainment Technology. Facilities include three
studios, all with automated consoles and 24-track digital and analog
recorders. One studio is equipped with 5.1 surround sound mixing.
Facilities also include hard disk/post-production studio, MIDI lab,
Tascam digital audio lab, maintenance lab and 5.1-channel screening

Musitechnic Educational Services Inc.

1717 Rene-Levesque East, Ste. 440, Montreal, Quebec, Canada H2L 4T3
Phone 514/521-2060 Fax 514/521-5153 E-mail[email protected]Web sitewww.musitechnic.comDegrees/Certificates
Computer-Assisted Sound Design, one year; Attestation of
Collegial Studies. Program and Facilities Description: The
program is designed to familiarize students with computer-assisted
music technology. A thorough exploration of the technical and artistic
facets of current hardware and software permits students to create,
perform and record artistic projects using the latest technological
tools. Moreover, the program seeks to provide knowledge of
data-processing principles, MIDI synthesis, digital sound reproduction
and computer-assisted sound design, enabling students to work in
contemporary studios and MIDI workshops.

Nassau Community College

One Education Dr., Garden City, NY 11530 Phone 516/572-7446
Fax 516/572-9791 E-mail[email protected]Web
Degrees/Certificates Offered: one-year certificate in Studio
Recording Technology. Program and Facilities Description: This
three-semester program is designed to introduce students to music and
recording technology, provides a broad perspective of the music
industry and acquaints students with musical structures (both
intellectually and aurally). Technical skills and internship training
will be acquired in a professional recording studio (at an off-campus
location). The program is designed for those wishing to establish
independent recording studios. It can also prepare students for degree
programs that enable them to gain entry-level positions in the
recording industry.

New England Institute of Art & Communications

10 Brookline Place West, Brookline, MA 01721 Phone
800/903-4425 E-mail[email protected]Web sitewww.aine.artinstitutes.eduDegrees/Certificates
Associate of Science, two years. Program and Facilities
Intense two-year program of to prepare students for
jobs in audio production. Courses of study include multitrack
recording, live sound reinforcement, studio maintenance,
audio-for-video, MIDI, acoustics and music production. Three 24-track
studios (SSL 6000, Trident Series 80 5.1, Soundcraft DC 2020), two
audio post-production suites, MIDI lab and maintenance workshop.
Emphasis on internships and job placement.

New England School of Communications

1 College Cirlce, Bangor, MA 04401 Phone
888/877-1876Fax 207/947-3987 E-mail[email protected]
Web sitewww.nescom.eduDegrees/Certificates Offered:
One-year Certificate in Communications, two-year Associate of Science
in Communications, four-year Bachelor’s degree in Communications.
Program and Facilities Description: The New England School of
Communications is located on the campus of Husson College in Bangor,
Maine. Studios include a 96-channel digital console with 48 tracks of
hard disk recording and another 24 of ADAT digital. We also have an
analog room with a 56-channel board and 48 tracks of 2-inch tape decks.
We have an extensive array of outboard-processing devices, a large
microphone collection, large live room and a Pro Tools suite.

New York University

School of Education, Department of Music and Performing Arts
Professions, 35 West 4th St., Room 777, New York, NY 10012-1172
Phone 212/998-5422 Fax 212/995-4043 E-mail[email protected]Web
four-year B.A. in Recording Arts; two-year certificate in
Music Business; four-year Bachelor’s of Music; two-year Master’s of
Music in Music Technology. Program and Facilities Description:
NYU’s premier Music Technology program teaches composers, performers,
recording engineers and others to use tools of technology to realize
their ideas. The program’s breadth supports applications to film
scoring, multimedia, computer music, tonmeister studies, interactive
performance, and collaborations involving experimental and traditional
music. Our intense musical approach supports research and artistic
production around the world. Facilities include 12 sophisticated
recording and computer music studios. Special programs: Scoring for
Film and Media, Tonmeister Studies (summer only) and internships.

Northeastern University

Department of Music, 351 Ryder Hall, Boston, MA 02115 Phone
617/373-2440 Fax 617/373-4129 E-mail[email protected]Web
Degrees/Certificates Offered: four-year B.S. in Music Industry;
four-year B.S. in Music Technology; four-year B.A. in Music Literature
and Performance; four-year B.S. in Multimedia Studies.

NY Institute of Forensic Audio

PO Box 189, Colonia, NJ 07067 Phone 732/574-9672 Fax
732/381-4523 E-mail[email protected]Web sitewww.owlinvestigations.comDegrees/Certificates
Video Authenticity certification, Audio Authenticity
certification, Voice Identification. Program and Facilities
Fully equipped lab that features the Avid Forensic
workstation which enables hands-on experience for all participants.
Audio enhancement and authenticity, video enhancement and authenticity,
voice identifications are all offered. Evidence procedures, legal
questions and courtroom testimony related to the above specialties will
be discussed.

NYC College of Technology

Entertainment Technology Department, 300 Jay St., Room V411,
Brooklyn, NY 11201 Phone 718/260-5588 Fax 718/260-5591
E-mail[email protected]Web
Degrees/Certificates Offered: Bachelor’s of Technology
(four-year full degree) and Certificate in Sound, Lighting, Scenery or
Show Control (15 credits). Program and Facilities Description:
City Tech’s hands-on Entertainment Technology program focuses on sound
for live entertainment: concerts, theater, theme parks and corporate
events. We feature low tuition and world-class faculty. Our location in
the heart of the live entertainment world offers students ample
professional opportunities in addition to in-school production work.
Our state-of-the-art labs feature $1.5 million of new equipment,
including Apogee Sound, Dataton, EAW, Crest, Crown, Level Control
Systems, Mackie, Medialon, Meyer Sound, Richmond Sound Design, Stage
Research and TC Electronics.

Ocean County Vocational Technical Schools

Audio Recording for Electronic Media Career & Technical
Institute NAWC, Lakehurst, NJ 08733-1125 Phone 732/657-4000
Fax 732/657-4500 E-mail[email protected]Degrees/Certificates
one- and two-year Audio Engineering certificate.
Program and Facilities Description: This program was started
three years ago and was offered to high school and post-secondary
students — the first one of its kind offered at the high school
level in the New Jersey. Four-hundred-fifty hours per year, emphasis on
hands-on recording by students. Upgraded program facilities include
three control rooms (two 24-track MDM and one hard disk-based).
Combined with the new Ocean County Vocational Tech Schools Performing
Arts Academy.

Omega Recording Studios School of Applied Recording Arts and

5609 Fishers Lane, Rockville, MD 20852 Phone 301/230-9100
Fax 301/230-9103 E-mail[email protected]Web sitewww.omegastudios.comDegrees/Certificates
Five certificate programs nationally accredited by ACCSCT,
approved by the Maryland Higher Education Commission and approved for
veterans’ educational benefits. The school is also an Avid-authorized
education center. Program and Facilities Description: The Omega
Studios School functions within the four-studio Omega Recording Studios
complex, offering five comprehensive programs, including Recording
Engineering and Studio Techniques, Electronic Music Synthesizers and
MIDI, Sound Reinforcement for Live Performance, Audio Production
Techniques (featuring Pro Tools operator certification), and Essentials
of Music Business. Call 800/93-OMEGA for more information on class
schedules and financing.

Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology

502 Newbold St., London, Ontario, Canada N6E 1K6 Phone
519/686-5010 Fax 519/686-0162 E-mail[email protected]
Web sitewww.oiart.orgDegrees/Certificates Offered:
one-year, college-level diploma in Audio Recording Technology.
Program and Facilities Description: North America’s first and
longest-running integrated immersion program (since 1983). A full-time
faculty and a 5:1 student/instructor ratio allow well-qualified
students from around the world to thrive on creative development while
acquiring a genuine skill set. Within five studios equipped with
professional-level gear, students learn problem-solving through signal
flow, in addition to how and why things work. The 1,300-plus hours are
all in-studio with more than 50% dedicated to student hands-on.

Parsons Center for Audio Studies

192 Worcester Streetm Wellesley, MA 02481 Phone
781/431-8708 Fax 781/431-8708 E-mail
[email protected]Web
Certificate for each 5- or 10-class course.
Program and Facilities Description: Training for
professionals, taught by masters. Courses include Golden Ears Audio Ear
Training, Principles of Audio for the Professional, Growing Your Own
Personal/Project Studio, Pro Tools: Getting Started, Pro Tools for
Pros, Critical Listening, Microphones & Mic Technique, etc. Taught
by some of the industry’s leading engineers and teachers: David Moulton
(Grammy-nominated engineer, author, creator of the Golden Ears CDs),
Tom Bates (engineer and producer, winner of eight Grammys) and others.
See Web site for details.

Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University

1 East Mount Vernon Place, Baltimore, MD 21202 Phone
410/659-8100 x8136 Fax 410/659-8102 E-mail[email protected]Web
Degrees/Certificates Offered: five-year Bachelor’s Degree in
Recording Arts, two-year Master’s Degree in Audio Recording and
Acoustics. Program and Facilities Description: Comprehensive
math/science/music-based degrees in recording arts. Fully automated
digital facilities. See Web site for additional information.

Recording Arts Canada, Ontario

PO Box 11025, 984 Hwy. #8, Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada L8E 5P9
Phone 888/662-2666 Fax 905/643-7520 E-mail[email protected]Web sitewww.recordingarts.comDegrees/Certificates
one-year Audio Engineering and Multimedia Production
diploma. Program and Facilities Description: Recording Arts
Canada offers students the opportunity to learn and work in a creative
and progressive environment. By studying in one of the best-equipped
audio schools, you will learn the skills and technologies about audio,
music and multimedia production that professionals use every day. Our
internationally renowned facilities feature classic Neve recording
consoles. We provide sophisticated technology, quality theoretical
instruction and extensive practical activity within a small-group

Recording Arts Canada, Quebec

34 Chemin des Ormes, Ste-Anne-des-Lacs, Quebec, Canada J0R 1B0
Phone 514/224-8363 Fax 514/224-8064 Web
one-year diploma programs in Audio Production,
Computer-Assisted Sound Design. Program and Facilities
A private college offering two collegiate programs of
study in audio production and sound design. School-owned, world-class
facilities with three classic Neve consoles and all of the latest
digital and multimedia tools from Digidesign, Avid, Focusrite, Adobe,
Director, etc. Located in the beautiful Laudentian Mountains, 40
minutes north of Montreal.

SAE Institute of Technology

269 W. 40th Street, 2nd Flr., New York, NY 10018 Phone
212/944-9121 Fax 212/944-9123 E-mail[email protected]Web
Degrees/Certificates Offered: nine-month/18-month Audio
Technology Diploma (full time/part time), nine-month Multimedia
Producer Diploma (full time). Program and Facilities
SAE Institute of Technology is the largest audio and
multimedia institute in the world. Our students have the advantage of
over 25 years of audio and multimedia education experience,
state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, and access to a worldwide
network of more than 30 campuses in 15 countries on four continents. In
the United States, SAE has campuses in New York City, Nashville and
Miami, with more locations to follow in the near future.

Select Sound Studios

2315 Elmwood Ave., Kenmore, NY 14217 Phone 716/873-2717
Fax 716/873-2719 E-mail[email protected]Web sitewww.selectsound.comDegrees/Certificates
There are six New York State-accredited Recording
Technologies programs. Each program is 12 weeks and three credits.
Program and Facilities Description: Select Sound Studios is a
full-service recording facility specializing in education. The
Recording Technologies program has been taught for three decades. Four
production rooms offer students the opportunity to work in 24-track
analog studios, Pro Tools TDM studios, a MIDI suite and a mastering
suite. Topics include the history of recording, physics of sound,
studio acoustics, the recording chain, microphone techniques, operation
of tape recorders and mixing consoles, and Pro Tools native and TDM
systems. The programs are designed to give students hands-on
experience. New for this year is a personnel-placement program.

Sheffield Institute for the Recording Arts

13816 Sunnybrook Rd., Phoenix, MD 21131 Phone 410/628-7260;
Fax 410/628-1977 E-mail[email protected]Web sitewww.sheffieldav.comDegrees/Certificates
certificate approved by Maryland Higher Education
Commission. AudioWorks Program: 290 clock hours/full- or part-time
Audio Engineering program. VideoWorks Program: 244 clock hours/full- or
part-time Video Production program. TechWorks Program: 380 clock
hours/full- or part-time Systems Integration, Installation and
Maintenance program. Program and Facilities Description: Classes
taught at Sheffield Audio/Video Productions, one of the mid-Atlantic
region’s finest recording and video-facilities. AudioWorks courses
include three levels of recording engineering, MIDI, nonlinear digital
audio (Pro Tools), live sound/remote recording. VideoWorks courses
include camera, lighting, nonlinear digital video (Avid). TechWorks
courses include basic electronics, test equipment/signal
identification, cable construction, installation, maintenance. Hands-on
learning featuring the finest professional equipment such as SSL
console and Avid editing systems. Call for brochure/details.

Shenandoah University

1460 University Dr., Winchester, VA 22601 Phone 540/665-5567
Fax 540/665-5402 E-mail[email protected]Web
Degrees/Certificates Offered: Bachelor’s of Music, Commercial
Music emphasis. Program and Facilities Description: Shenandoah
University is located in a new state-of-the-art facility featuring an
SSL 4000 G Plus console with automation. Students receive hands-on
training and experience by recording over 300 concerts, student and
faculty recitals, along with internal and external projects every year.
In addition to the SSL, we have world-class mic preamps, processing
gear and a large selection of professional microphones. Balancing out
our program are two MIDI/editing suites where students use software
programs such as Pro Tools|24, Cubase VST and Cakewalk Pro Audio.

Southeast Pro Tools Training Center

1926 NE 154th St., North Miami Beach, FL 33162 Phone
888/277-0457 E-mail[email protected]Web sitewww.protoolstraining.comDegrees/Certificates
Digidesign Pro Tools Operator Certification-Music,
Digidesign Pro Tools Operator Certification-Post-Production, Digidesign
Pro Tools Expert Certification-Music, Digidesign Pro Tools Expert
Certification-Post-Production. Program and Facilities
We are the premier Digidesign-certified pro school
with locations in Miami, Nashville and Texas. We offer all levels of
Pro Tools training, including Operator and Expert certification. Our
facilities are outfitted with Pro Tools|HD, Pro Control/Control 24
boards and a host of other pro audio hardware. Our classes are intense
and condensed to fit the professional schedule. All classes are taught
by Digidesign-certified teachers with significant teaching and
engineering experience.

State University of New York College at Fredonia

1146 Mason Hall, Fredonia, NY 14063 Phone 716/673-4634
Fax 716/673-3154 E-mail[email protected]Web
four-year B.S. in Sound Recording Technology. Program
and Facilities Description:
Program operated from within the School
of Music. Accredited by NASM. Modeled after European Tonmeister
training. Competence in playing a musical instrument and in natural
sciences must be demonstrated through scheduled audition. High
placement rate: Internships at leading facilities are available on a
regular basis. Five studios, including 24-track analog and digital
facilities, MIDI/sampling labs. Additional classes taught by
professionals. Students receive a minimum of 650 hours in-studio

Trebas Institute, Ontario

149 College St., Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5T 1P5 Phone
416/966-3066 Web sitewww.trebas.comDegrees/Certificates Offered:
one-year diploma programs in Audio Engineering, Recorded Music
Production, Music Business Administration, Film/Television Production,
New-Media Development and 3-D Animation. B.A. Degree in Sound
Technology (two years, following one-year diploma in Audio Engineering)
in partnership with the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts.
Admission to B.A. program highly competitive. Program and Facilities
Established in 1979 to help students acquire knowledge
and develop skills and professionalism for entry into fields of music
business, audio, record production, film/TV production,
post-production, interactive multimedia and computer animation.
Outstanding instructors. High-tech studios and labs. Focus on preparing
grads for real-world careers. Government loans. Internships. Lifetime
national job search assistance. Grads with major entertainers, studios,
companies worldwide. Resource center. Authorized training center for
Cubase and Macromedia.

Trebas Institute, Quebec

451 Saint Jean St., Montreal, Quebec, Canada H2Y 2R5 Phone
514/845-4141 Web sitewww.trebas.comDegrees/Certificates Offered:
one-year diploma programs in Audio Engineering, Recorded Music
Production, Music Business Administration, Film/Television Production,
New-Media Development and 3-D Animation. B.A. Degree in Sound
Technology (two years, following one-year diploma in Audio Engineering)
in partnership with the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts.
Admission to B.A. program highly competitive. Program and Facilities
Established in 1979 to help students acquire knowledge
and develop skills and professionalism for entry into fields of music
business, audio, record production, film/TV production,
post-production, interactive multimedia and computer animation.
Outstanding instructors. High-tech studios and labs. Focus on preparing
grads for real-world careers. Government loans. Internships. Lifetime
national job search assistance. Grads with major entertainers, studios,
companies worldwide. Resource center. Authorized training center for
Cubase and Macromedia. Offered in French or English.

Unity Gain Recording Institute

1953 Ricardo Ave., Fort Myers, FL 33901 Phone 239/332-4246
Fax 239/332-4246 E-mail[email protected]Web
Degrees/Certificates Offered: certificate of graduation upon
completion of each 48-week program. Program and Facilities
The Audio Recording Comprehensive program and the
Advanced Techniques in Audio Recording are two four-level programs that
provide over 250 hours of hands-on recording. Class size is limited,
providing a semi-private learning environment in two state-of-the-art
recording studios. Students record 20 musical acts on analog and
digital formats, utilizing MIDI, direct-to-disk recording and CD
production. Call or e-mail for a school catalog.

University of Hartford

College of Engineering, 200 Bloomfield Ave., West Hartford, CT 06117
Phone 860/768-4792 Fax 860/768-5073 E-mail[email protected]Web
Degrees/Certificates Offered: B.S. Engineering (B.S.E.), B.S.
Mechanical Engineering, Optional EE minor. Program and Facilities
There are two ways to incorporate acoustics into an
undergraduate engineering degree: Acoustics and Music B.S.E. program,
which combines an engineering degree program emphasizing acoustics and
vibrations with course work at the Hartt School of Music; and the
Mechanical Engineering B.S.M.E. with Acoustics concentration program.
Graduates have been employed at Bose Loudspeakers, QSC Amplifiers,
Steinway & Sons, Lucas Film-THX Sound and numerous acoustical
consulting firms or graduate schools in acoustics. Anechoic chamber,
B&K dual-channel FFT/RTAs, Modal Analysis/CADP2 software, DAT,
portable SLMs, three studios with four, eight and 16-track
analog/digital recording, Pro Tools.

University of Maine at Augusta

46 University Dr., Augusta, ME 04330 Phone 207/621-3267
E-mail[email protected]Web
Degrees/Certificates Offered: Bachelor’s of Music in Jazz and
Contemporary Music (audio concentration). Program and Facilities
UMA has the only music program in Maine with a
state-of-the-art recording studio. Recording commercial music and
s is a significant part of the music industry in Maine.
Our internships are a student’s best link to employment. This
concentration integrates the studio into other music

University of Massachusetts-Lowell

Sound Recording Technology, One University Ave., Lowell, MA 01854
Phone 978/934-3850 Fax 978/934-3034 E-mail[email protected]Web
Bachelor’s of Music in Sound Recording Technology.
Program and Facilities Description: The primary program prepares
students for production-related careers in the recording industry
through studies in music, EE, computer science, math and physics, and a
minimum of nine courses in the art and technology of recording. SRT
minors prepare students for technology-development career paths.
Supported by eight control rooms: 24-track, MIDI/synthesis, 8-track,
video/post, maintenance/repair, critical listening, hard disk
recording, entry-level room.

University of Memphis

Music Industry Program, 106 Communication Fine Arts Building,
Memphis, TN 38152 Phone 901/678-2559 Fax 901/678-5119
E-mail[email protected]Web site
Bachelor’s of Music in Music Industry with concentrations
in Recording Technology, Music Business. Program and Facilities
Programs stress thorough understanding of fundamental
concepts, yet place equal emphasis on developing student’s ability to
adapt to new practices, technologies and creative directions.
Instructors actively involved in industry. Studio B extensively
renovated and now features an AMS/Neve Libra digital console and
improved acoustics. Students enjoy generous lab access where hands-on
training is stressed. Memphis community offers diverse cultural
opportunities, rich internship possibilities. A commitment to personal
attention and quality instruction requires enrollment to be limited.
NASM accredited.

University of Miami

School of Music, PO Box 248165, Coral Gables, FL 33124 Phone
305/284-2241 Fax 305/284-6475 E-mail[email protected]
Bachelor’s of Music in Music Engineering with minor in
Electrical Engineering, Bachelor’s of Music in Music Engineering with
minor in Computer Science, Master’s of Science in Music Engineering.
Program and Facilities Description: The Music Engineering
program accepts undergraduate musicians who desire careers in music
recording, audio engineering, audio equipment hardware and software
design, sound reinforcement and broadcasting. By combining music and
music engineering studies with a minor in electrical engineering or
computer science, students enjoy diverse professional opportunities.
Graduate students who have completed their undergraduate electrical
engineering degree engage in research in DSP programming,
psycho-acoustics and synthesis. Our facilities and faculty are known
for their excellence.

University of New Haven

Music and Sound Recording Program, 300 Orange Ave., West Haven, CT
06516 Phone 203/932-7101 Fax 203/931-6097 E-mail
[email protected]Web
Degrees/Certificates Offered: four-year B.A. in Music and Sound
Recording; four-year B.S. in Music and Sound Recording; four-year B.A.
in Music Industry; four-year B.A. in Music; minor in Multimedia
Authoring. Program and Facilities Description: The Music and
Sound Recording programs instruct students in three interrelated areas:
music history, theory and aesthetics; musicianship; and sound recording
methodology and technique. Music Industry adds courses in copyright
law, contracts, accounting, marketing and management. The Multimedia
curriculum integrates graphic design, audio production and video. The
new professional recording facility features four, eight, 16 and
40-track studios and workstations, as well as a digital mixing room and
multimedia studio.

University of North Carolina at Asheville

Music Department, One University Heights, 024 Lipinsky Hall, CPO
#2290, Asheville, NC 28804 Phone 828/251-6432 Fax
828/253-4573 E-mail[email protected]Web
Degrees/Certificates Offered: four-year B.S. in Music
Technology, four-year B.A. in Music with a concentration in Jazz
Studies, B.A. in Music (general music studies). Program and
Facilities Description:
The UNCA Music Technology program was
established in 1982. The recording facilities include two multitrack
studios (both with digital and analog recording equipment), which
houses a variety of consoles, microphones, signal processors, Pro Tools
workstations, etc. The electronic music laboratory houses various
analog and digital synthesizers, samplers, as well as a Moog Theremin,
etc. Software includes Acid Pro, Phi-Music, Sonar, MAX, Csound, etc.,
running on PCs and Macs.

University of South Carolina

School of Music, 813 Assembly St., Columbia, SC 29208 Phone
803/576-5639 Fax 803/777-6508 E-mail[email protected]Web
Bachelor’s of Music in Music Engineering Technology (under
development). Program and Facilities Description: Current
curricula includes more than 10 classes in sound recording (pop and
classical recording, mixing techniques, workstation editing and audio
for video) and music technology (synthesis, signal processing,
sequencing and computer music). Facilities include a large recording
studio with a 48-input console, 24-track digital recorder and Pro
Tools|HD2 workstation. There is also an18-station computer music lab
and two electronic music/MIDI studios equipped with 24-input consoles,
8-track digital recorders and Pro Tools workstations.

Yale School of Drama

PO Box 208244, New Haven, CT 06520-8244 Phone 203/432-8825
Fax 203/432-1596 E-mail[email protected]Web
Degrees/Certificates Offered: three-year M.F.A. in Sound Design
and one-year engineering internship. Program and Facilities
The Sound Design Program trains eligible applicants in
the theory and practice of professional sound design. Coursework covers
script interpretation, compositional elements of design, introductory
sound design, fundamentals of sound and music technology, advanced
problem solving, sound delivery systems, advanced digital sound and
music technology, design master class and practical design thesis
project. Qualified students will have numerous opportunities to design
for student and Yale Repertory productions.


Alexander Magazine

14071 Stephens, Suite #A-5, Warren, MI 48089 Phone
877/683-1743 E-mail[email protected]Web site
Recording Institute of Detroit Theory completions for Pro
Audio Specialist, Recording Techniques 1 and Associate Recording
Engineer programs, reducing campus attendance requirement by as much as
75%. Program and Facilities Description: Online program with
lessons, reference materials, audio demonstrations and interactive
quizzes. Online final exams and certification. Many additional
advanced-study articles and postings. Free CD-ROM for high-speed study
(U.S. only). Worldwide job/intern-placement assistance. Study for
Recording Institute of Detroit and other recording programs.

Aspen Music Festival and School

2 Music School Rd., Aspen, CO 81611 Phone 970/925-3254
Fax 970/925-3802 E-mail[email protected]Web and
Facilities Description:
The Edgar Stanton Audio Recording Institute
is an intensive four-week, full-time seminar/workshop. The goal is to
provide a background in the basics of audio production and prepare
students for a career as a recording engineer. A wide range of
recording and guest lecturers are noted representatives of the
recording and broadcasting industries. The session is limited to 10
students to ensure maximum individual attention.

Audio Enginearing Institute

6610 Buffalo Hills, San Antonio, TX 78256-2330 Phone
210/698-9666 Web
basic and advanced Audio Engineering classes, each lasting
10 weeks. Program and Facilities Description: Classes are taught
by Gold and Platinum record winner Marius Perron III. Students are
trained with part hands-on equipment, part lecture. Basic class covers
theory, microphones, consoles, tape recorders, live band recording and
mixing. Advanced class covers signal processors, hard disk recording,
MIDI, synthesizers and samplers, drum machines and sequencers,
audio-for-video, computer-assisted mixing, real-time analysis and
studio equipment maintenance. The advanced course is structured around
an apprentice engineering program for students interested in working as
second engineers at studios in San Antonio.

Butler University

4600 Sunset Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46208 Phone:
317/940-9828 Fax: 317/940-9014 Web
B.S in Telecommunication Arts. Concentrations in
Recording Industry Studies, Multimedia, Video Production and Electronic
Journalism. Program and Facilities Description: We prepare students to
enter the recording industry by providing them with first-rate
classroom instruction, hands-on experience with the most widely used
technology, and internship opportunities at the best recording studios
and music production facilities in the Midwest. Students are encouraged
to utilize our state-of-the-art on-campus studio and control rooms that
were professionally designed and built featuring Pro Tools, ADAT, a
piano, MIDI keyboard and a wide selection of microphones.

Central Missouri State University

CMSU Dept. of Music, Hudson 108, Warrensburg, MO 64093 Phone
660/543-4530 Fax 660/543-8271 E-mail[email protected]Web
Degrees/Certificates Offered: four-year Bachelor’s of Music in
Music Technology. Program and Facilities Description: Music
technology at CMSU emphasizes audio engineering and musicianship, with
experience on both sides of the microphone! The program stresses
hands-on learning with multitrack recording/editing studios, Pro
Tools|HD3 and HD2 systems, sound reinforcement equipment,
MIDI/synthesis studios and a 12-station computer lab. Internships are
required. Class sizes are typically between five and 10 students. One
average year of tuition is $1,918 for Missouri residents, $3,808 for
nonresidents. Financial assistance is available for those who

Cleveland Institute of Music

11021 East Blvd., Cleveland, OH 44106-1705 Phone 216/791-5000
Fax 216/791-1530 E-mail[email protected]Web
Degrees/Certificates Offered: Bachelor’s of Music in Audio
Recording as a four-year degree or a double major (along with an
instrument or Composition major) in five years. Program and
Facilities Description:
Courses cover digital audio; DSP/editing
systems; audio-for-video post-production, surround sound, CD-ROM and
Web-based multimedia; microphone techniques; synthesis/sampling; and
acoustics. Equipment includes Tascam DA-98, Pro Tools, Sonic Solutions,
Yamaha 02R digital multitrack recording/mixing; Lexicon, TC Electronic,
Yamaha, etc.; DSP; Macintosh and Sony computers; Audio-Technica,
Neumann, Sennheiser, Schoeps microphones; Millennia Media preamps.
Professional faculty features multiple Grammy winner Jack Renner
(Telarc International), Dr. Peter D’Antonio (RPG Diffusor Systems),
Thomas Knab and Mark Tessi (CIM and Telarc) and Timothy Callahan.
Program emphasizes hands-on experience, music and digital media

Columbia College Chicago

600 South Michigan, Chicago, IL 60605-1996 Phone 312/482-9068
Fax 312/482-9083 E-mail[email protected]
Web sitewww.colum.eduDegrees/Certificates Offered:
four-year accredited Bachelor’s of Arts degree with a major in Sound
Technology. Program and Facilities Description: The Columbia
College Chicago Sound Program includes extensive course offerings in
the fields of music recording, concert sound reinforcement, sound
design for video and film, sound contracting and acoustics. Columbia’s
Audio Technology Center includes multitrack music and voice-over
recording and mix studios, film/video post-production suites, digital
audio production suites and classroom laboratories for analog/linear
and digital/nonlinear production, audio system analysis, and acoustical
design and analysis labs.

DePaul University

School of Music, 804 W. Belden Ave., Chicago, IL 60614 Phone
773/325-7444 Fax 773/325-7263 E-mail[email protected]Web sitehttp://music.depaul.eduDegrees/Certificates
four-year Bachelor’s of Science degree in Music.
Program and Facilities Description: The DePaul Sound Recording
Technology program is designed to prepare students for a career in the
rapidly expanding audio industry. SRT students take classes in analog
and digital microelectronics, computer science and calculus, in
addition to the standard undergraduate music curriculum. Recording
classes and student practicum take place off campus in a 48-track SSL
studio where students have access to state-of-the-art equipment. On
campus, students develop their skills at Studio DePaul, a fully
digital, 24-track facility featuring video, synthesis and surround
sound capabilities.

Elmhurst College

190 Prospect, Elmhurst, IL 60126 Phone 630/617-3500
Fax 630/617-3738 E-mail[email protected]Degrees/Certificates
B.M. in Music Business, B.S. in Music Business, B.M. in
Music Education, B.A. in Music. Program and Facilities
Elmhurst College is a nationally accredited
institution that offers both a B.S. and a B.M. in Music Business. In
addition to classwork in music, business and business of music,
students get hands-on industry experience through internships, industry
speakers and course tours. Resources include a state-of-the-art
24-track digital studio, courses ranging from music theory to MIDI,
recently expanded practice and recital facilities, and an artist
faculty of over 50. Industry support is provided in the form of
scholarships from trade organizations such as NAMM and NARAS, corporate
sponsorship, a student chapter of MEIEA and an intern/job bank.

Grand Valley State University

1 Campus Dr., Allendale, MI 49401 Phone 800/748-0246
Fax 616/895-2000 E-mail[email protected]Web
Degrees/Certificates Offered: Electrical Engineering with Music
minor. Program and Facilities Description: Grand Valley State
University has a unique program for students that have the talent and
interest to combine engineering and music. This program has the
potential for a career that can span the entire audio and music
industries from hardware design and manufacturing to performance.

Houston Community College

1060 West Sam Houston Parkway North, Houston, TX 77043 Phone
713/718-5602 Fax 713/718-5640 E-mail[email protected]Web
two-year AAS degrees in Audio Recording or Film
Production. One-year certificates in Audio Recording, MIDI, Film
Production, Film Editing or Scriptwriting. Program and Facilities
Unlimited hands-on experience via eight fully equipped
studios. Studio A: SSL 4048 G Plus with Ultimation and Recall,
processors by UREI, Lexicon, Empircal Labs. Studio B: Pro Tools|24 Mix
Plus with Control 24. Studio C: Sony 3036 console, 13 Pro Tools
stations with Digital Performer, Korg X5 and JV 1010 synths. Studio D
and E: Alesis X2 consoles, ADATs. Studio F: 2,100-square-foot film
soundstage and movie theater. Studio M: Panasonic DA-7, samples and
synthesizers by GigaStudio, Akai, Roland, E-mu, Korg, Oberheim. Studio
V: Video editors by Avid, Apple, Fast Systems.

Indiana University

School of Music, Bloomington, IN 47405 Phone 812/855-1087
E-mail[email protected]Web
Degrees/Certificates Offered: Associate of Science in Audio
Technology, and a Bachelor’s of Science in Recording Arts. Program
and Facilities Description:
As part of their coursework, students
record performance of the world-renowned IU School of Music, including
symphonic, opera, jazz, chamber music and popular music; and complete
over 200 hours of individual project time in th multitrack studio.
Advanced students serve as engineers for University-sponsored CD
projects (over 40 releases to date). Facilities include four
performance halls, recording studios, two DAW suites, 24-track and
multitrack studio, two maintenance labs and a computing instruction

International College of Broadcasting

6 So. Smithville Rd., Dayton, OH 45431 Phone 937/258-8251
Fax 937/258-8714 Web sitewww.icbproductions.comDegrees/Certificates
Associate Degree program in Applied Science of
Communication Arts in Television and Radio, Associate Degree program of
Applied Science in Video Production/Recording, Audio Engineer Diploma
program in Recording Audio Engineering, Diploma Program Broadcasting I.
Program and Facilities Description: ICB is a small, private
college. Enrollment invitations are based on prospective students
touring the facility and demonstrating commitment and desire to be part
of the broadcasting and recording fields. Smaller class sizes ensure
more individualized attention. Programs offer combined theory and
hands-on training.

Kansas City Community College, Music Technology

7250 State Ave., Kansas City KS 66112 Phone 913/288
7634 Fax 913/288 7638 E-mail
[email protected] Web site
Associate of Applied Science Degree in Audio
Engineering (5-6 semesters typical duration). Associate of General
Studies Degree in Music Technology (5-6 semesters typical duration).
Program and Facilities Description: Classes cover computing skills,
basic and advanced MIDI, software and hardware synthesis, audio
recording (4 semester sequence of classes), audio editing and sound
design, digital video production and live sound
reinforcement. Classes limited to 12 students. Accredited by North
Central Association. Facilities include: 24-track
DTRS, Pro Tools|HD-2, Soundcraft Ghost studio (5.1 surround
capability); 24-track ADAT, Pro Tools LE studio, multistation.
MIDI/digital audio (including Pro Tools)/synthesis lab; multistation
MIDI lab, digital video lab, live sound reinforcement.

Madison Media Institute

2102 Agriculture Dr, Madison, WI 53718 Phone 608/663-2000
Fax 608/442-0141 E-mail[email protected]Web sitewww.madisonmedia.comDegrees/Certificates
Associate of Arts in Recording and Music Technology,
Associate of Arts in Multimedia Technology, Video Production diploma.
Program and Facilities Description: New education facility with
over 19,000 square feet of state-of-the-art classrooms, computer labs
and studio space. Low student-to-teacher ratios. Classes taught by
industry professionals. Hands-on and classroom experience. Accredited.
Placement service. Apply early.

Millikin University

1184 W. Main St., Decatur, IL 62522-2084 Phone 217/424-6300
Fax 217/420-6652 E-mail[email protected]Web

Musictech College

19 Exchange St. East, St. Paul, MN 55101 Phone 800/594-9500
E-mail[email protected]Web
Degrees/Certificates Offered: two-year Associate of Applied
Science (AAS) degree in Recording Technology, AAS Degree in Music with
emphasis in Music Production, and AAS Degrees in Music Performance,
Music Business and Motion Imaging. One-year Diploma programs in
Production, Live Sound, Engineering, Music Business and Music
Performance. Four-year Bachelor’s of Arts in Music and Bachelor’s of
Science degrees offered through a direct-transfer agreement with
Augsburg College. Program and Facilities Description: Musictech
College is a leader in contemporary music education, drawing the finest
students and faculty both nationally and internationally for 17 years.
The college has developed one of the most advanced recording and
production programs in the country alongside a respected school for
professional musicians. Our facility features the largest recording
complex in the region with nine studios, including two all-digital 5.1
surround rooms, as well as analog Trident, Sony and SSL consoles.

Northeast Community College

801 East Benjamin Ave., Norfolk, NE 68702 Phone 402/844-7365
Fax 209/254-8282 E-mail[email protected]Web sitewww.northeastaudio.orgDegrees/Certificates
two-year Audio Recording Associates degree. Program and
Facilities Description:
Located in northeastern Nebraska, Northeast
Community College’s Audio Recording program combines thorough academics
with hands-on training in both live and studio environments. Facilities
include two control rooms, recording studio, concert stage and
isolation rooms. Equipment includes Otari, Soundcraft, Yamaha,
Digidesign Pro Tools and MOTU MIDI. Northeast Community College offers
quality education at a price you can afford.

Oberlin Conservatory of Music

TIMARA Department, Oberlin, OH 44074 Phone 440/775-8413
E-mail[email protected]Web sitewww.timara.oberlin.eduDegrees/Certificates
four-year Bachelor’s of Music (major in Technology in
Music & Related Arts), four-year Bachelor’s of Arts in Visual Arts
with an emphasis in Digital Media. Program and Facilities
Based at one of the nation’s top-ranked conservatories
of music, the TIMARA Department has excellent facilities for computer
music, performance technology and new media. There are seven studios,
including a recording studio (16-track digital tape, 16-track Pro
Tools), two computer music studios, a digital media room with a Media
100 system and a computer music lab with multiple Macintosh-based
workstations/samplers. The program is highly competitive and admits
fewer than 10 students per year.

Ohio University

School of Telecommunications, 9 South College St., Athens, OH 45701
Phone 740/593-4870 E-mail[email protected]Web sitewww.tcomschool.ohio.eduDegrees/Certificates
Bachelor’s of Science in Communications. Program and
Facilities Description:
The Audio Production Sequence requires the
student to choose between three tracks in audio production: music
recording, media production or audio post-production for moving image.
Each track incorporates coursework within the School of
Telecommunications, as well as coursework in music, theater,
electronics, film and business, among others. Additionally, the music
recording track requires students to complete a minor in Music.
Facilities include an Amek Big 28×24 console with SuperTrue
Automation, 24-track Tascam MX-2424 digital recorder, several
Digidesign Pro Tools digital audio workstations, a wide assortment of
mics by Neumann, Sennheiser, AKG, Audio-Technica, Shure, and processing
gear by Lexicon, Yamaha, dbx and Rane. The school is also equipped with
both Avid and Media 100 video workstations, as well as a 13-station
Macintosh G4 MIDI/digital audio lab. Additionally, the school is one of
three schools with access to a 32-station Macintosh G4 multimedia lab
that includes a variety of high-end audio, graphic and video multimedia
software including a Sonic Solution DVD authoring system.

Recording Institute of Detroit

14611 9-Mile Rd., Eastpointe, MI 48021 Phone 800/683-1743
Fax 810/772-4320 E-mail[email protected]Web
Degrees/Certificates Offered: Recording Engineer Certificate:
24-44 weeks/258 clock hours; Music Producer Certificate: 28-40
weeks/155 clock hours; Associate Recording Engineer Certificate: 11-20
weeks/106 clock hours. Program and Facilities Description:
Operating since 1975 with extensive training in recording and music
production. Extensive Web support and Web training through Alexander
Magazine can reduce campus time and tuition. We have three major
studios, dedicated student control room, plus student workstations. We
use SSL, 02R and Tascam consoles, PC and Mac computers, plus 48-track
digital and analog recorders. Small classes (eight to 10), relaxed and
comprehensive. See Alexander Magazine entry.

The Recording Workshop

455 Massieville Rd., Chillicothe, OH 45601 Phone 800/848-9900
Fax 740/663-2427 E-mail[email protected]Web sitewww.recordingworkshop.comDegrees/Certificates
Recording Engineering and Music Production Program
certificate, five weeks/200 clock hours. Studio Maintenance and
Troubleshooting Program certificate, five days/40 clock hours. Advanced
Recording Engineering and Music Production Program certificate, seven
days/60 clock hours. NewTech Computer-Based Audio Production Program
certificate, five days/40 clock hours. Program and Facilities
Founded in 1971, The Recording Workshop offers
effective and affordable short-term training that has helped thousands
of audio professionals get their start. From the very first day of
class, our students get in the studios. In less than two months,
Recording Workshop students get more real in-studio experience than at
some other schools that last much longer. Our students work in small
teams of three to six, with a total student body of 96. We have eight
studios full of the latest gear, along with a lecture hall and computer
lab. Affordable on-campus student housing, job-placement assistance and
financial aid are among the services we provide.

Ridgewater College

Audio Technology Program, 2 Century Ave., Hutchinson, MN 55350
Phone 800/222-4424 Fax 320/587-9019 E-mail[email protected]Web sitewww.ridgewater.mnscu.eduDegrees/Certificates
two-year diploma in Audio Technology, two-year A.A.S.
Degree in Audio Technology. Program and Facilities Description:
The Audio Technology department offers a diverse program in audio,
ranging from studio recording to live sound, system design and
installation. Students also achieve a strong electronics and
computer-applications background, which makes our graduates extremely
valuable to future employers. Students will work with Pro Tools|HD
Digital Audio Workstation, Renkus-Heinz Ease and Ears, Smaart Pro, BSS
Soundweb, B&K acoustical test equipment and many other

South Plains College

Sound Technology Program, 1401 S. College Ave., Levelland, TX 79336
Phone 806/894-9611 x2276 Fax 806/894-5274 E-mail
[email protected]Web
Degrees/Certificates Offered: two-year Associate of Applied
Science Degree in Sound Technology. Accredited by the Southern
Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). Program and Facilities
Two 24-track studios with Sony, Mackie digital
consoles, Mackie HDR24/96 digital recorders. One 24/16-track
digital/analog studio with Sony MXP-3036 console, MCI 2-inch analog
recorder, Mackie SDR24/96 digital recorder. Lexicon, Yamaha, TC
Electronic, Eventide, Summit, Orban, dbx, Drawmer processing. Neumann,
Sennheiser, AKG, Shure, Earthworks, Audix, Electro-Voice microphones.
Fifteen-station Pro Tools lab, 12-station MOTU Performer Lab, two
Digital Performer DAWs, MIDI lab. Small class sizes, individualized
attention, affordable tuition, comprehensive curriculum.

Southwest Texas State University

601 University Dr., San Marcos, TX 78666 Phone 512/245-8451
Fax 512/396-1169 E-mail[email protected]Web
Bachelor’s of Music in Sound Recording Technology.
Program and Facilities Description: SWT owns and operates the
“Fire Station,” a multipurpose recording facility housing
analog and digital recorders, an automated console, and numerous
professional microphones and outboard devices. Students participate in
commercial recording sessions while pursuing their degrees. Admission
is competitive. Program applicants should have significant musical
abilities, well-developed aural skills, and possess competencies
indicating an ability to complete calculus and other technical courses.
The curriculum emphasizes recording, music, digital media, math/science
and an internship.

Synergetic Audio Concepts Inc.

8780 Rufing Rd., Greenville, IN 47124 Phone 812/923-0174
Fax 812/923-3610 E-mail[email protected]Web
Degrees/Certificates Offered: Syn-Aud-Con “Week of Audio
Training” includes “System & Optimization” and
“System Design.” Program and Facilities Description:
“System & Optimization” allows you to learn how to
properly interface and calibrate audio equipment. “System
Design” allows you to achieve optimum sound system performance
before installation. “Hands-On” allows you to apply the
principles taught in the “System & Optimization”
seminar. Continuing education units are given with the week-long
seminar. Owned and operated by Pat and Brenda Brown.

Fred N. Thomas Career Education Center

2650 Eliot St., Denver, CO 80211 Phone 303/964-3075
Fax 303/964-3004 Degrees/Certificates Offered: Public
high school program. Program and Facilities Description: This is
a program for junior and senior high school students in the Denver
metro area. There are two courses: Audio 1, beginning fundamentals of
sound recording; and Audio 2, an advanced production class in which
each student makes a CD of a band or artist. Students have access to a
24-track studio with a good complement of outboard gear and

University of Cincinnati

Conservatory of Music (CCM), PO Box 210096, Cincinnati, OH
45221-0096 Phone 513/556-5462 Fax 513/556-3399
E-mail[email protected]Web
B.F.A. in Theater Design and Production, emphasis in
theater sound; M.F.A. in Theater Sound Design. Program and
Facilities Description:
CCM’s sound-design programs encompass a
broad array of areas within the performing arts. Coursework includes
sound technology and production, theater aesthetics, critical
listening, music, digital audio, recording, reinforcement and sound
design. CCM offers a diverse season of shows including large musicals,
operas, dance and dramas. Facilities include three well-equipped
theaters, a sound-design studio, and extensive reinforcement and
playback equipment. Entrance is by on-site portfolio review.

University of Colorado, Denver

Campus Box 162, PO Box 173364, Denver, CO 80217/3364 Phone
303/556-2727 Fax 303/556-6612 E-mail[email protected]Web
two-year Master’s of Science in Recording Arts, four-year
Bachelor’s of Science in Music (major in Recording Arts or Music
Industry Studies). Nineteen credits, certificate program in Computer
Science. Program and Facilities Description: Master’s emphasis
in Advanced Recording Arts, Audio Pedagogy or Audio Forensics.
Bachelor’s emphasis in Technology, Music Business or Music Performance.
Facilities use two 24-track analog and two 24-track digital control
rooms, five performance studios, theater, concert hall, recital hall.
Studies of audio sweetening, surround sound and music production. SPARS
member, AES Student Section.

University of Michigan

Dept. of Media and Music Technology, 1100 Baits Dr., Ann Arbor, MI
48109-2085 Phone 734/763-7558 Fax 734/763-5097
E-mail[email protected]Web
Degrees/Certificates Offered: Bachelor’s of Music, Music
Technology; Bachelor’s of Fine Arts, Music Technology concentration;
Bachelor’s of Fine Arts, Media Arts with concentrations in Sonic Arts,
Visual Arts or Engineering; Bachelor’s of Science in Music, Sound
Engineering. Program and Facilities Description: The department
seeks to advance the aesthetics of technology-based arts through
performance, the development of emerging technologies and research.
Collaboration and creativity are components of the interdisciplinary
study of music, dance, theater, engineering, art and video.

University of Missouri, Kansas City

4949 Cherry St., Kansas City, MO 64110 Phone 816/235-2964
Fax 816/235-5367 E-mail[email protected]
Web sitewww.umkc.eduDegrees/Certificates Offered:
Master’s in Fine Arts (M.F.A.) in Theater Sound Design. Program and
Facilities Description:
This three-year training program teaches
students to create sound scores for the theater through five main
components: design — interpretation, collaboration and idea
development; technical skills — mastering tools of production
with 24-track analog and Pro Tools; history — research, text
analysis and dramatic history; production — artistic merging of
design, history and technical skills through the experiences of
numerous and varied productions; and entrepreneurship — study of
the business of the profession and career growth.

University of Nebraska, Lincoln

206 Avery Hall, Lincoln, NE 68588-0511 Phone 402/472-2258
Fax 402/472-4732 E-mail[email protected]Web sitewww.jet.unl
Degrees/Certificates Offered: four-year Bachelor’s of Journalism
degree in Broadcasting. Program and Facilities Description: The
College of Journalism and Mass Communications houses the broadcasting
department with audio- and video-production facilities and the
University’s FM radio station, KRNU. Courses are devoted to audio field
and studio production as it relates to broadcast/cable operations and
audio/video production careers. Extensive digital audio and video

University of Texas

Department of Radio, Television and Film, CMA 6.118, Austin, TX
78712 Phone 512/471-6695 E-mail[email protected]Web
B.S., M.F.A. and Ph.D. Degrees in Radio, Television and
Film. Program and Facilities Description: Please see Web

University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh

Music Department, Recording Technology Program, Oshkosh, WI 54901
Phone 920/424-4224 Fax 920/424-1226 E-mail[email protected]
Web sitewww.uwosh.eduDegrees/Certificates Offered:
Bachelor’s of Music with emphasis in Recording Technology. Program
and Facilities Description:
Students are trained in a 32-track
digital, 16-track analog studio, using a 62-channel Total Audio
Concepts console with automation, a wide array of signal-processing
gear, full video lock, and multitrack hard disk recording and editing.
The studio is also tied to its own MIDI lab. Students entering program
must audition on primary instrument for entrance acceptance. The final
semester of enrollment is spent as an intern at a professional audio
facility, with placement throughout the U.S. and Europe available.

Woodland Studios

Engineer Training Program, 1011 Woodland St., Nashville, TN 37206
Phone 615/262-2222 Fax 615/262-5800 Program and
Facilities Description:
A unique program that offers intense,
hands-on training, including basic electronic classes at Nashville
Tech, a variety of weekly seminars with industry leaders such as: Tom
Clark, Quantegy Tape; Steve Durr, studio designer; and Fred Hill, Neve
guru. We accept four students per year. All students work daily on
sessions at the position of assistant engineer, supervised by our
engineering staff. Some recent projects have included Tonic, Indigo
Girls, Days of the New, Robert Cray, Faith Hill, Patty Loveless,
Wynonna, Salt-N-Pepa, Johnny Cash and George Jones.


Ai Center for Digital Imaging and Sound

3264 Beta Ave., Burnaby, BC V5G 4K4 Phone 604/298-5400
Fax 604/298-5403 E-mail[email protected]
Web sitewww.artschool.comDegrees/Certificates
One, two, three-year programs. Articulated degree program
with the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA). Program and
Facilities Description:
Using the latest linear and nonlinear
recording techniques and state-of-the-art recording studios, students
train for careers in music and post-production for film, video, TV and
new media. The AiCDIS campus covers over 43,000 square feet across
three separate buildings and boast five recording studios, a
“mix-to-picture” surround sound studio and an automated
music-production facility. The campus is open 24-hours-a-day,
seven-days-a-week. All AiCDIS facilities are comfortable, professional,
well-equipped and integrated. A policy of liberal access to facilities
and equipment, second to none, creates an environment where art and
creativity blend seamlessly with technology.

Alta Center for Communication Arts

9014 N. 23rd Ave., Suite 1, Phoenix, AZ 85021 Phone
888/729-4954 Fax 602/749-5418 E-mail[email protected]Web sitewww.thealtacenter.comDegrees/Certificates
Diploma in Digital Audio Recording, a unique program
created specifically for project studio owners/engineers/producers and
independent musicians. Program and Facilities Description: Our
five-week Digital Audio Recording program is an innovative program
designed by an award-winning engineer/producer and founder of The
Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences. Learn all of the
professional techniques for high-quality recording (including DVD
mastering and production), utilizing current project studio gear and
software. Only eight students per class. The Alta Center also offers a
diploma program in Multimedia Production, including Computer Animation,
Digital Graphics, Video/Audio Production and Web site Development.

Art Institute of Seattle

Audio Production Department, 2323 Elliott Ave., Seattle, WA
98121-1622 Phone 800/275-2471 Fax 206/269-2471 Web
Degrees/Certificates Offered: two-year Associate of Applied Arts
degree in Audio Production. Program and Facilities Description:
Program taught by working professionals and consists of (six) 11-week
quarters preparing students for entry-level positions with recording
studios, post-production houses, multimedia, Web and video-production
companies, audio manufacturers and retailers, and A/V or live sound
reinforcement companies. Facilities consist of four 24-track
analog/digital recording studios, a 5.1 surround sound studio, four
digital audio workstation rooms, a 25-seat digital audio workstation
lab and a 25-seat Pro Tools lab.

Audio Institute of America

Audio Recording School, 814 46th Ave., San Francisco, CA 94115
Phone 415/752-0701 Fax 415/752-0701 E-mail[email protected]Web sitewww.audioinstitute.comDegrees/Certificates
Diploma in Recording Engineering. Program and
Facilities Description:
Home-study course for professional careers
and home recording studios. Join our successful working graduates or
learn how to build and operate your own home studio. AIA has students
in 100 countries around the world. This licensed school specializes in
the art of digital and analog recording techniques.

The Banff Centre

Box 1020, Stn. 28, Banff, Alberta, Canada T1L 1H5 Phone
403/762-6180 Fax 403/762-6345 E-mail[email protected]Web
Degrees/Certificates Offered: Audio Assistant and Associate
Work/Study programs. One to three terms. Program and Facilities
Financial assistance and weekly stipend available.
Audio engineers refine their skills in an international,
multidisciplinary environment. The audio program runs alongside
internationally renowned music programs with prominent faculty and
musicians. Guest audio faculty have included John Eargle, Bob Ludwig,
George Massenburg and Dr. Wieslaw Woszczyk. Activities include learning
equipment, software and advanced recording techniques, involvement in
CD, concert and studio recording, individual research and
experimentation, and audio-for-video. Facilities include recital hall
with adjoining control room, digital multitrack recording studio, Pro
Tools audio-for-video post-production suite, Sonic Solutions editing

California State University, Chico

Department of Music, Chico, CA 95929-0805 Phone 530/898-5500
Fax 530/898-4082 E-mail[email protected]Web
four-year B.A. in Music with an option in Recording Arts;
four-year B.A. in Music with an option in Music Industry.

California State University, Dominguez Hills

1000 E. Victoria St., Carson, CA 90247 Phone 310/243-3543
E-mail[email protected]Web site
Degrees/Certificates Offered: four-year B.A. Audio Recording,
four-year B.A. Music Technology, certificate Audio Technology.
Program and Facilities Description: CSUDH has a fully equipped
analog and digital studio in addition to its synthesizer studio.
Completely renovated in 1999, the new equipment includes Mackie and
Panasonic Digital 5.1 mixing consoles, 48 tracks of DA-98 and ADAT
format multitrack recording, Pro Tools and Sonic Solutions DAWs, and
hi-res mastering equipment.

Citrus College

1000 W. Foothill Blvd., Glendora, CA 91741 Phone 626/852-8061
Fax 626/852-8063 E-mail[email protected]Web sitewww.citrusstudios.comDegrees/Certificates
one-year Vocation certificate in Audio Engineering.
Program and Facilities Description: Citrus offers hands-on
training in a working studio. The facility centers on two studios with
Neve VR and Euphonix CS2000 consoles, with Tascam digital, Studer A827
analog and Pro Tools recorders. Other rooms include and auditorium for
live recordings and film scores, a smaller analog studio and a lab with
25 Pro Tools workstations. The curriculum consists of courses in audio
engineering, acoustics, live sound, critical listening, digital audio,
MIDI and music business.

Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences

2300 East Broadway Rd., Tempe, AZ 85282-1707 Phone
800/562-6383 Fax 480/829-1332 E-mail[email protected]Web
Degrees/Certificates Offered: Master Recording Program II.
Program and Facilities Description: The MRP-II is a
37-week-long, comprehensive audio engineering program. Classes are
limited to 12 students. The Conservatory is the first and most
qualified recording school in the world to provide manufacturer
certification on Pro Tools. It is also the only program that requires
and procures an internship for its students. The curriculum is taught
on state-of-the-art gear, including SSL, Neve, Studer, Otari,
Focusrite, TC Electronic and Neumann, among others. Financial aid
available to those who qualify.

Dallas Sound Lab

School for the Recording Arts, 6305 N. O’Connor Blvd., Suite 119,
Irving, TX 75039 Phone 866/498-1122; 971/869-1122 E-mail
[email protected]Web sitewww.dallassoundlab.comDegrees/Certificates
diploma program in Audio Engineering and Studio
Techniques, and seminars in Music Business Administration, Audio
Engineering for Film and Television Production, and Contemporary Music
Theory. Program and Facilities Description: Courses are designed
to provide students with extensive “hands-on” training
using a powerful list of lab equipment including consoles by SSL, API,
Neve, Focusrite, Yamaha and Mackie. Lab sessions are held in the
school’s 12,000-square-foot multistudio facility. Our instructors are
industry professionals who have been chosen for their experience and
enthusiasm. Many of our graduates have secured positions in a variety
of music/media industries, working with video-production companies,
recording studios, television and radio stations, sound reinforcement
companies, management agencies and other related media businesses.

Ex’pression Center for New Media

6601 Shellmound St., Emeryville, CA 94608 Phone 510/654-2934
Fax 510/658-3414 E-mail[email protected]Web
Degrees/Certificates Offered: 14-month accelerated, total
immersion Bachelor’s Degree programs in Audio Mixing and Engineering,
3-D Character Animation and Digital Graphic Design. Program and
Facilities Description:
The Ex’Pression Sound Arts Program is
uniquely designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills to
work in the professional audio community. In addition to sound
engineering, students are trained in music theory (reading, writing,
composing), acoustics and studio architecture, studio etiquette and
psychology, DVD authoring, mastering for 5.1, live sound and even law
in music. Students have unparalleled hands-on access to digital and
analog studio equipment (e.g., 15-20 sessions at the controls with a
live band) and all students are required to do a professional
internship. Class sizes are small (capped at 36 in a graduating class)
to ensure personalized attention. The program is designed to train
students for careers in music recording engineering, audio
post-production for film and television, live sound for theater and
concerts, MIDI production, studio design, studio management and DVD
authoring. Semesters begin January, March, May, July, September and
November of each year. Private financial aid is available to qualified

Fullerton College

Music Department, 321 East Chapman Ave., Fullerton, CA 92832-2095
Phone 714/992-7296 Fax 714/992-7327 Web
Degrees/Certificates Offered: A.A. in Music; Certificates in
Piano Pedagogy and Recording Production.

903 23rd Ave. S, Seattle, WA 98144 Phone 206/329-7473
E-mail[email protected]Web site
Degrees/Certificates Offered: self-paced, computer-based
training. Program and Facilities Description: Cross-platform,
self-paced pro audio training. Each training title is two to 10 hours
of high-quality, three to five-minute movies in the popular QuickTime
and/or AVI formats. Lessons cover all aspects of configuration, setup
and operation of leading software and hardware.

Long Beach City College

4901 East Carson St., Long Beach, CA 90808 Phone 562/938-4309
Fax 562/938-4118 Web
Degrees/Certificates Offered: A.A. with emphasis in Commercial
Music, 10 certificates in Music, Radio or Television — each
requires three to five semesters. Program and Facilities
LBCC offers job placement, as well as intern
positions. Most instructors are active in the professional field.
Facilities include seven studios equipped with digital audio and/or
analog multitrack, 42 individual MIDI workstations, three camera online
video facilities, as well as three offline editing rooms. Studio use is
available first semester; all students get hands-on experience during
their first semester. Equipment includes ADAT, Fostex DMT, MCI
24-track, Soundcraft, CAD, Sound Workshop, Pro Tools, Music Shop,

Los Angeles Recording Workshop

5278 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood, CA 91601 Phone
818/763-7400 Fax 818/763-7447 Web site: www.recordingcareer.comDegrees/Certificates
Nine-hundred-hour Recording Engineer Certificate.
Program and Facilities Description: The Los Angeles Recording
Workshop is one of the best equipped recording engineer schools on the
planet. Our 10 studios include Solid State Logic SL-4000 G-plus,
Neve-VR, Pro Tools, five Sony DMX-R100s and the Sony Oxford Digital
Console. Financial aid and scholarships are available to those
qualified, and dorm housing is also available. Request a school catalog

Los Medanos College

2700 East Leland, Pittsburg, CA 94565-5197 Phone 925/439-0200
Fax 925/427-1599 Web
Degrees/Certificates Offered: two-year Recording Arts
Certificate or Associate Degree. Program and Facilities
The most comprehensive community college recording
program in the country. Courses in digital and analog multitrack
formats, sound reinforcement, jingle production, music business,
session producing, employment strategies, MIDI, audio-for-video,
digital editing and related subjects. Two well-equipped multitrack
studios, 10 MIDI stations.

Mesa Community College

Studio Recording, 1835 West Southern Ave., Mesa, AZ 85202
Phone 480/461-7273 Fax 480/461-7422 E-mail[email protected]Web
Associate of Applied Science degree (ASA) in Music
Technology, Studio Recording (approximately two years) or Certificate
of Completion (CCL), approximately one year. Program and Facilities
Our program includes classes in studio recording, Pro
Tools, live sound reinforcement, electronic music (MIDI and digital
audio), music business, music theory, electronics and more. Our
recording studio has recently taken possession of a Solid State Logic
(SSL) recording console. Using digital multitrack recorders, we record
with Neumann and AKG microphones and the finest of outboard processing.
With a huge two-story studio proper, we’re able to record orchestras,
big band jazz, choirs and pop music bands.

Mills College

Phone 510/430-2191 Degrees/Certificates Offered: B.A.s
can specialize in composition with an emphasis on technology. M.F.A.
Degrees in composition can specialize in electronic music and recording
media. Program and Facilities Description: Mills College is an
undergraduate women’s college and a co-educational graduate college.
Our studios include 24-track analog (with Dolby SR) and Pro Tools

MiraCosta College

Music Department, 1 Barnard Dr., Oceanside, CA 92056 Phone
760/757-2121 x6703 E-mail[email protected]Web
A.A. in Music. Certificates in Recording Arts/Record
Production, Computerized Audio Production, Sound Reinforcement, Music
Technology and Performance Technician. Program and Facilities
We offer programs in commercial music, choral,
instrumental and other general transfer-level courses. Two control
rooms/studios with digital and analog recording. Pro Tools systems and
lots of state-of-the-art processing equipment. Students are given many
opportunities for individual hands-on recording experience. We also
have a MIDI/digital recording lab with 25 stations and a Foley lab.
Located near the beach in North San Diego County.

Mt. San Jacinto College

1499 North State St., San Jacinto, CA 92583 Phone
909/487-6752 x1577 Fax 909/487-1452 E-mail[email protected]
Degrees/Certificates Offered: Audio Technologies Certificate (18
units), Associate Degree, Audio Technologies. Program and Facilities
The MSJC program features both hands-on and
theoretical instruction. Plus, the MSJC program uses the same
professional equipment as the audio industry with names like
Soundcraft, Yamaha, Pro Tools, Lexicon, Otari and QSC. Additionally, we
offer both digital and analog recording. The $2 million facility
features five studio floors, three independent control rooms, and
computer music lab. California resident enrollment fees are $11 per
unit. Out-of-state fees are higher. Financial aid is available.

Recording Connection

8033 Sunset Blvd., Ste. 4042, Hollywood, CA 90046-2427 Phone
800/295-4433 Fax 310/826-8064 E-mail[email protected]Web sitewww.recordingconnection.comProgram and
Facilities Description:
Recording Connection is a 15-year-old
accredited program that has a worldwide network of over 5,000 recording
studios throughout the United States and Canada. The company signs on
new affiliates each month. We provide on-the-job training in major
recording studios, record companies, and radio and TV stations.
Available in every city or town. Call for free video or CD-ROM.

Sacramento City College

3835 Freeport Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95822 Phone 916/558-2111
Fax 916/650-2945 E-mail[email protected].

San Diego City College

1313 12th Ave., San Diego, CA 92101 Phone 619/230-2522
Fax 619/338-3518 Web and Facilities
See Web site.

San Francisco State University

1600 Holloway Ave., San Francisco, CA 94132 Phone
415/338-1787 Web sitehttp://beca.sfsu.eduDegrees/Certificates
Broadcast & Electronic Communication Arts Dept.: B.A.
and M.A. in Radio and Television with emphasis in music recording,
audio-for-visual media and audio post-production. Music Recording
Industry Certificate program offered through College of Extended, Program
and Facilities Description:
Fully equipped recording studio with
2-inch analog multitrack, state-of-the-art digital audio workstations
and labs for individual work.

Santa Barbara City College

721 Cliff Dr., Santa Barbara, CA 93109-2394 Phone
805/965-0581 Fax 805/963-7222.

Santa Monica College

Academy of Entertainment and Technology, 1900 Pico Blvd., Santa
Monica, CA 90405 Phone 310/434-3700 Fax 310/434-3768
E-mail[email protected]Web sitehttp://academy.smc.eduDegrees/Certificates
one-year and two-year Interactive Media Certificate; 2-D
Animation and 3-D Digital Character Animation Certificates. Program
and Facilities Description:
The Academy of Entertainment and
Technology trains students in interactive media, traditional animation
and computer animation. A program in audio engineering is in
development. We offer hands-on experience with industry-standard
software, including Maya, Dreamweaver, Director, Flash, Pro Tools|24
MIX, Sound Forge, Premier and PhotoShop. Facilities include NT,
Macintosh and Unix. Classrooms have a computer at every desk. Our
mission is to develop flexible professionals who can adapt to a variety
of projects and roles in rapidly changing fields.

San Francisco Audio Net

39 Gilbert St., San Francisco, CA 94013 Phone 415/863-6883
Fax 415/863-8419 E-mail[email protected]Web
Degrees/Certificates Offered: Digidesign-certified Pro Tools 101
certificate, analog recording and mixing certificate, digital
music-production certificate and Logic Audio certificate.
Nondegree-granting status registered with the California State Bureau
for Post-Secondary and Vocational Education. Program and Facilities
SF Audio Net is an educational, networking and
consulting resource that currently offers four workshops in digital
audio and MIDI-based production and two workshops in analog-recording
techniques. Driven by the philosophy of “learning by
doing,” these workshops are training and networking opportunities
for aspiring recording engineers, multimedia producers, pro audio sales
professionals, recording artists and musicians. Workshops are offered
on a quarterly basis. Visit for the dates and times of the next

Sound Master Recording Engineer School Audio/Video Institute

10747 Magnolia Blvd., North Hollywood, CA 91601 Phone
323/650-8000 E-mail[email protected]Degrees/Certificates
Recording Engineering Certificate, 10 months (720 clock
hours). Program and Facilities Description: The school offers
comprehensive training in record engineering, audio/video
post-production, film scoring, digital mastering, synchronization, MIDI
and technical maintenance. Job placement is given upon graduation.
Sound Master is proud of its graduates’ achievements in the industry;
many hold key positions in top music/recording companies. Student
grants and loans are available for those who qualify. Day or evening
classes are available. Approved for foreign students. For more
information, call 323/650-8000.

Trebas Institute, British Columbia

112 East 3rd Ave., Vancouver, BC, Canada V5T 1C8 Phone
604/872-2666 Web sitewww.trebas.comDegrees/Certificates Offered:
one-year diploma programs in Audio Engineering, Recorded Music
Production, Music Business Administration, Film/Television Production
and Film/Television Post-Production; B.A. in Sound Technology (two
years, following one-year diploma in Audio Engineering) in partnership
with the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts; and B.A. in
Enterprise Management (two years, following one-year diploma in Music
Business Administration). Admission to B.A. Degree program highly
competitive. Program and Facilities Description: Established in
1979 to help students acquire knowledge and develop skills and
professionalism for entry into fields of music business, audio, record
production, film/TV production, post-production, interactive multimedia
and computer animation. Outstanding instructors. High-tech studios and
labs. Focus on preparing grads for real-world careers. Government
loans. Internships. Lifetime national job search assistance. Grads with
major entertainers, studios, companies worldwide. Resource center.
Authorized training center for Cubase and Macromedia.

UCLA Extension Entertainment Studies

10995 Le Conte Ave., Room 437, Los Angeles, CA 90024 Phone
310/825-9064 Fax 310/206-7435 E-mail[email protected]
Web site
Degrees/Certificates Offered: Certificate program in Recording
Engineering takes approximately one year to complete. Program and
Facilities Description:
A rigorous training program that prepares
the student in both the art and science of sound recording. Drawing on
the talent and studio facilities of Los Angeles, UCLA Extension has
created a curriculum of required and elective courses that cover both
theory and practice in audio technology, equipment, musicianship and
business practice. All classes are taught by working professionals. The
objective of the program is to enable future engineers to acquire
vision and problem-solving techniques that meet the challenges of
rapidly evolving technology and a dynamic sound recording market. State
of California-approved program of significant educational
accomplishment in a professional field.

University of Oregon

School of Music, 1225 University of Oregon, Eugene, OR 97403
Phone 541/346-3761 E-mail[email protected] (undergraduate), [email protected] (graduate) Web
Degrees/Certificates Offered: Bachelor’s of Science, Music
Technology option; Master’s of Music in Intermedia Music Technology;
and Intermedia Music Technology as a secondary area for doctoral
students. Program and Facilities Description: Degree programs
are directed toward students who wish to pursue creative careers in
music technology. Each curriculum strives to balance the development of
artistic and creative skills with the mastery of the technical aspects
of the discipline. Courses emphasize music composition, performance and
real-time interactive media environments. The focus is on the creation
of experimental types of musical content, not on the training of
recording engineers or related technicians.

University of Southern California

School of Music, Music Industry/Recording Department, Los Angeles,
CA 90089-0851 Phone 213/740-3224 Fax 213/740-3217
E-mail[email protected]Web
four-year B.S. in Music Recording, four-year B.S. in Music
Industry, Bachelor’s of Music in Music Industry. Program and
Facilities Description:
All classes taught by full-time faculty and
local L.A. professionals. Music industry class lecturers/instructors
include Mark Goldstein, Jay Cooper, Jeff and Todd Brabec, Donald
Passman, Mark Isham, Chris Stone. Recording arts classes taught in
SSL/Studer-equipped classroom by instructors/guest lecturers Ed
Cherney, Steve Krause, George Massenburg.

Vancouver Film School

200-198 W. Hastings St., Vancouver, BC, Canada V6B 1H2 Phone
604/685-5808 Fax 604/685-6389 E-mail[email protected]
Web sitewww.vfs.comDegrees/Certificates Offered:
one-year diploma programs in filmmaking, 2-D and 3-D animation, sound
design, broadcast media productions, new media, acting and writing for
film and television, makeup for film and television. Program and
Facilities Description:
VFS maintains industry-standard,
high-quality production so that Sound Design students have the
opportunity to author and produce the surround sound audio requirements
for original film and digital media content. The program is ambitious
and has several objectives: produce a professional-quality audio
component portfolio; author and produce the complete audio components
for a short film or digital media package; expand audio design
principles to include Web-based audio delivery; and complete Digidesign
Operator certification.