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Acon Digital Releases Acoustica 3.0

Version 3.0 of Acon Digital's Acoustica audio editor is now available.

Version 3.0 of Acon Digital’s Acoustica audio editor is nowavailable.

New features include ultrafast audio editing based on a completelyrewritten nondestructive audio editing engine; unlimited undo/redolevels; create audio CDs or import audio tracks from CDs; support forsample rates with 24- or 32-bit resolution and 192kHz sampling rate;support for DirectX audio effect plug-ins; reads/writes many new fileformats, including Ogg-Vorbis, Windows Media Audio and MP3 (writing islimited to 56 k-bit/second); preset manager for all audio effects; andmultitask background processing.

Shown: wave editor

A fully functioning trial version is available for free for 30 daysat RegisteredAcoustica 2.x users can upgrade for $15.

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