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Barley Adds Orpheus

Cambridge, UK (October 4, 2010)--Noted cellist Matthew Barley has added a Prism Sound Orpheus interface to his arsenal.

Cambridge, UK (October 4, 2010)–Noted cellist Matthew Barley has added a Prism Sound Orpheus interface to his arsenal.

Sound quality isn’t the only criterion when buying equipment to record his own music, says Barley. “I’m a cellist, not a sound engineer, so it’s equally important that any equipment I buy is easy to set up and gives me instant and effective access to help by phone, should I need it,” he says. All three criteria were met by Prism Sound, which recently supplied Barley with an Orpheus computer FireWire interface for his home studio in Holland Park, London.

“My studio is very simple and consists of an Apple MacBook Pro, 17-inch, Solid State 3.06 GHz Intel Core Duo with 8 GB RAM running Logic 8, DPA 4012 and Schoeps MK2 microphones–and now a Prism Sound Orpheus,” Barley explains. “I decided to invest in an Orpheus because I was getting poor results from the soundcards I was previously using. I called HHB to ask for advice and they suggested the Prism Sound unit.

“In the end, the decision was all about sound quality. Basically, I realized that if I wanted to get a sound, I was happy with when recording a cello that is worth the same as a good sized house, I was going to have to spend a bit of money, so I decided to go for the best I could find that suited my needs.”

Barley’s most recent release is Constant Filter, music for cello and electronics by John Metcalfe, and it was for this project that Barley decided to invest in the Orpheus. The album was recorded in his own studio, with Barley personally undertaking all the engineering, editing, and computer processing.

“The sound I was able to achieve using the Orpheus exceeded all my expectations–it’s better than some CDs I’ve made in expensive studios with huge racks full of gear,” he says.

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