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Behringer EUROPOWER PMX660M, PMX880S Mixers

Behringer launched two box-type powered mixers, the EUROPOWER PMX660M and EUROPOWER PMX880S.

Behringer launched two box-type powered mixers, the EUROPOWERPMX660M and EUROPOWER PMX880S. These ultracompact 2x 300-watt (PMX660M)and 2x 400-watt (PMX880S) mixers feature the company’s COOLAUDIOtechnology and sport a superlight form factor. All powered mixers areexpected to ship in the first quarter of 2004.

The PMX660M’s 8-channel mixer section comprises six monochannels with high-quality mic preamps with switchable +48-volt phantompower for condenser microphones and separate tape returns. The10-channel mixer section on the PMX880S comprises six mono and twostereo channels with separate tape returns. The PMX880S features twoindependent 24-bit stereo effects processors with 99 VIRTUALIZERpresets, including reverbs, delays, chorus, flanger and more. Inaddition, there are 3-band EQs, switchable pad and clip LEDs on allmono channels, and 7-band graphic EQs for precise frequency correctionof monitor and main outputs. A special Voice Canceller function removessinger’s voice from recordings for karaoke applications.

Both mixers feature a FBQ Feedback Detection System that instantlyreveals critical frequencies for easy feedback removal. A SpeakerProcessing function adjusts frequency response to match professionalspeaker systems such as the company’s EUROLIVE Series, while aStandby switch mutes all input channels during breaks while backgroundmusic is provided via tape inputs. Maximum flexibility is offered withthe internal switch-mode power supply (100 to 240V), which providesnoise-free audio, transient response and the lowest possible powerconsumption.

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