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Canal Room Brings in EAW KF730s

The Canal Room in New York City, formerly Shine Performance and Cocktails, specializes in high-profile music industry events and record release parties.

The Canal Room in New York City, formerly Shine Performance andCocktails, specializes in high-profile music industry events and recordrelease parties. With a constant flow of industry VIPs, artists andcritics in attendance, club owners knew that a world-class sound systemthat could showcase the music with exceptional audio quality, whilehandling the grueling seven-nights-per-week workload, wasimperative.

Sean McFaul, independent audio and lighting designer, said, “Theowners of the Canal Room have opened some other properties prior tothis. I first was hired for live sound engineering several years agowhen I moved to New York. After redesigning the Shine sound andlighting systems, our relationship has evolved to the point where I nowprovide design and installation services, as well.”

The club, which features European architectural millwork and highceilings, can accommodate approximately 600 people. The main room isslightly trapezoidal, measuring approximately 45 feet by 60 feet, andincludes a stage at one end of the room measuring 20 feet by 10 feet.The main loudspeaker system comprises a total of 12 EAW KF730 smallline array modules, four EAW SB1000 subwoofers hidden under the stageand two EAW Avalon series DCS2 subwoofers. All loudspeakers andsubwoofers are zoned into three modes using a dbx DriveRack 480 thatprovides complete EQ and loudspeaker management.

“The KF730s were perfect for this relatively small space,” saidMcFaul. “Since they are compact and easily arrayable, we were able toprovide quality sound for the club without taking up any valuable floorspace. The club has a multifunction purpose as a dance club, liveperformance venue and private function facility. We needed a soundsystem that could provide the versatility necessary for each functionof the club.”

To maintain an intimate atmosphere for smaller private functions andoff-hours, McFaul designed the system to operate in multiple modes. TheLounge mode takes into account the presence of furniture and patronswho may want a more intimate, quiet setting. The Dance Club modeadjusts the various SPL and EQ levels to account for the absence of anylounge furniture and activates all loudspeakers. Finally, the LivePerformance mode only activates the loudspeakers at the front of thestage, which are arranged as two stacks of four KF730s each hung at 12feet on the left and right of the stage.

The front-of-house console is a 32-channel Allen & Heath GL3300.The system is powered by Crest CA and VS series amplifiers. Monitorsare four EAW SM155hi loudspeakers. The DJ booth, overlooking the stageand dance floor, features two EAW JF60 small-format loudspeakermonitors used with proprietary subwoofers.

“I originally looked at the KF750s but the footprint was too big andit didn’t go with the look of the room. The room is very mod,”explained McFaul. “The owners are impressed with the quality of thesystem and how the cabs look in the room.”

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