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Creative Network Design Releases New Managment Tools

Creative Network Design, a developer of cross-platform media asset-management software, has announced NetMix X3 Sound Library Management for Windows XP

Creative Network Design, a developer of cross-platform mediaasset-management software, has announced NetMix X3 Sound LibraryManagement for Windows XP and Mac OS X and NetMix Pro X3 Project &Media Asset Management for post-production.

Supporting both Windows and Mac OS platforms, the NetMix SoundLibrary Management system allows the user to search for sound effects,music and samples quickly and transfer sounds with the click of abutton into the editing software. NetMix X3 is perfectly integratedwith Pro Tools 6 on Windows XP and Mac OS X, allowing the user toimport a taglist with multiple audio files into the region bin of ProTools or spot a sound directly onto a Pro Tools track. NetMix offers acentralized user-interface design for improved creative workflow,waveform clip editor, looping, pitch change, sample and bit rateconversion, virtual browser and a drag-and-drop-to-database function.NetMix is compatible with Pro Tools, Nuendo, Logic, Digital Performer,Toast, Final Cut Pro, Media100, After Effects, Avid products andmore.

Additional features include a customizable multi-user database,collaborative media network, customizable metadata for Broadcast. WAV,playback from local/network volumes or Internet, and security and usermanagement.

In collaboration with Hollywood’s leading sound supervisors,NetMix Pro offers FX spotting, ADR and Foley cue sheets to be createdand organized by projects, reels and scenes. The user can attachdescriptions and notes to every scene, spot sounds and multitrackprojects to specific timecodes and preview in sync to DV movies. Soundsupervisors and editors can access and search projects simultaneouslyusing a multi-user database server.

NetMix Pro also features a multitrack editor and mixer. The user canquickly build a complex sound and spot it to multiple tracks in ProTools or bounce it to a mono/stereo audio file. Unlimited multitrackprojects can be saved, giving the user the ability to store work forfurther use. Synchronization to timecode and DV movies allows the userto preview sounds before transferring the audio files.

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