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Digidesign Launches Pro Tools Education Web Area

Digidesign has launched DiSK (Digidesign Sound Knowledge), a new free destination at for people who want to learn more about using

Digidesign has launched DiSK (Digidesign Sound Knowledge), a newfree destination at for people who want to learnmore about using Pro Tools.

“We experienced huge success when we launched our online magazine,DigiZine, last year,” said Paul Foeckler, Digidesign’s director ofcorporate marketing. “Existing users couldn’t get enough Pro Tools tipsand tricks and new Pro Tools users expressed a need for a place to gettheir feet wet before taking in-depth instructional courses from anauthorized training facility. This year, we decided to launch DiSK toaddress these needs. It will show people how to use Pro Tools; whetheryou have Pro Tools Free, Pro Tools|LE or a Pro Tools|HD system, you cango to DiSK, download some loops, watch a few DiSK Flix and start makingmusic in no time.”

DiSK is divided into the five sections:
DiSK Jockey is where users can download thousands of free andfor-purchase sounds, including professional sample libraries fromSonomic and sound effects from The Hollywood Edge library.

DiSK Flix offers short, online Pro Tools instructional videos thatteach beginner, intermediate and advanced features of Pro Toolssoftware.

DiSKotech has free downloadable Pro Tools templates and files, anexcerpt from David Franz’s book Producing in the Home Studio WithPro Tools for tips on how to set up a home studio and tips aboutthird-party plug-ins and software applications provided by Digidesign’sdevelopment partners.

DiSKussion showcases a panel of diverse artists, engineers andproducers who provide answers to a different question each month abouthow they use Pro Tools in their music production. Panelists includeGrand Mixer DXT, John Feldmann, Tal Herzberg, Brad Wood and DaveAude.

DiSK Trivia is a section of fun music-trivia questions.