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Avid Pro Tools Intro Debuts

Pro Tools Intro is a free download providing basic creative tools while introducing users to the venerable DAW.

Avid Pro Tools Intro.
Avid Pro Tools Intro.

Burlington, MA (October 12, 2022)—The draw of a free, basic edition of Avid’s venerable DAW has returned with the introduction of Pro Tools Intro. The free download is aimed at new users, providing tools to aid media and music creation while introducing them to the Pro Tools way of doing things.

While Pro Tools Intro is a stand-alone application, files created in it can be migrated to more powerful Pro Tools subscription tiers as users’ needs and skills progress. In the meantime, the new edition offers a variety of MIDI tools and core effect and instrument plug-ins, as well as educational support in the form of instructional videos, webinars, online community forums and other resources

Dynamics and EQ plug-ins included with the software include BF-76, Channel Strip, Dynamics III Compressor/Limiter, Dynamics III De-Esser, Dynamics III Expander/Gate, EQ III 1-Band and EQ III 7-Band.

Avid Revamps Pro Tools Subscription Plans

Meanwhile, Effects, Filters, and Emulators provided include D-Fi Lo-Fi, D-Fi Recti-Fi, D-Fi Sci-Fi, D-Fi Vari-Fi (AudioSuite only), Eleven Lite and SansAmp PSA-1, while the Reverb and Delay plug-ins on offer include D-Verb and Mod Delay, and the included Virtual Instruments and Loops that come with the software are AIR Xpand!2 and the Avid Loopmasters Sample Pack.

Audio Tools provided to Pro Tools Intro users include Click II, DC Offset Removal (AudioSuite only), Dither, Down Mixer, Duplicate (AudioSuite only), Gain (AudioSuite only), Invert (AudioSuite only), MasterMeter, Normalize (AudioSuite only), Pitch II, Pitch Shift (AudioSuite only), POW-r Dither, Reverse (AudioSuite only), ReWire, Signal Generator, Time Adjuster, Time Compression/Expansion (AudioSuite only), Time Shift (AudioSuite only) and Trim.