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DMT Rentals Opens Transfer Department

DMT Rentals has established a new transfer department that is headed by Brad Cobb and Vicki Giordano.

DMT Rentals has established a new transfer department that is headedby Brad Cobb and Vicki Giordano. The new department’s first clientsinclude Columbia Pictures, Universal Pictures, Warner Bros. Picturesand Universal Pictures, plus DTS Entertainment. In addition tohigh-precision archiving of film score elements to tape/optical mediafor the motion picture community, DMT is now handling analog anddigital transfers of multichannel music material for release by DTSEntertainment.

“The new department can accommodate virtually any analog or digitaltape format, ranging from 35 mm mag to DASH and ProDigi formats,” saidDMT Rentals president Doug Botnick.

“We can handle just about anything here at the DMT transferdepartment,” said Cobb, who is heading up the new department,”including 24-track analog, mag elements, PCM-3324/48 and MitsubishiX800/850/880 digital tapes. We can output to Digidesign Pro Tools,Steinberg Nuendo and Merging Technologies Pyramix drives, Genex GX9048hard drives or any client-specified format.”

Giordano will supervise the traffic department. “There is a lot ofarchiving going on at the moment,” she said. “With our wide selectionof playback systems and recorders, we can handle anything a clientmight ask us to transfer.”

During a recent transfer project for Nancy Sinatra, multitrackelements existed on iZ Technology RADAR drives recorded at a samplerate of 44.1 kHz and needed to be transferred to a Digidesign ProTools|HD DAW for editing at 48 kHz. “The transfer was made in theanalog domain,” Cobb explained, “because it sounds better than one donethrough a digital sample rate converter. We came out of the RADAR,upsampling via dB Technologies digital-to-analog converters to 88.1kHz. Since each sample is played twice, any Nyquist filter ringing israised an octave, well beyond hearing range. We then resampled viaGenex GXA8 A-to-D converters to Pro Tools|HD. This is an example of asituation where access to DMT’s large inventory of converters made abig difference.”

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