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DPA Microphones

DPA CARDIOID HEADBAND MICJune 2004—The Model 4088 from DPA Microphones is the company's first cardioid headband mic. Designed for applications requiring

DPA 4017
June 2008—DPA Microphones ( had the 4017 shotgun microphone on hand, as well as its new 4080 miniature cardioid lavalier. The 4017 features roll-off and high-boost switches, and a permanent third-order highpass filter at 50 Hz. The 4080 delivers isolation from mechanical noise by mounting the capsule in a foam windshield that is, in turn, held captive with a light pliable mount.

DPA 4017
June 2007—DPA showed its first shotgun, the 4017, an 8.3-inch, 2.6-ounce unit with 130dB SPL handling, a built-in 50Hz roll-off and switches for a 300Hz roll-off and a 5k to 8k boost.

November 2006—A new grid for DPA’s 4003, 4006, 4051, 4052 and 4053 mics alters frequency response, making the mics more versatile than ever.

October 2006—With its elegant design and excellent performance, the BLM406 is the perfect microphone for speech and vocal sound reinforcement in boardrooms, courtrooms, classrooms and conference facilities. Featuring a built-in 4060 miniature microphone with omnidirectional polar pattern, it picks up speech with a clear, natural sound. The stainless-steel disc is four inches in diameter and is supplied with a detachable 10-foot cable and XLR adapter for phantom powering.

October 2006—The SMK4061 stereo mic kit has been designed for live and recording applications, specifically for acoustic piano. Along with the two hand-selected 4061 mics come a variety of accessories for mounting, including both magnetic and adhesive mounts and a pair of boundary-layer mounts that allow for a range of nearly invisible mounting options. Lid up or closed, these mics will capture the instrument with musical accuracy and detail.

DPA 4090/4091
November 2005—Breaking ground—at least from a price point—are DPA’s new 4090 and 4091 models, which are designed for capturing instruments and retail around $600. CLICK HERE TO READ THE REVIEW ON THE 4091.

DPA 4006-TL
October 2005—A transformerless version of the classic 4006, the Model 4006-TL provides optimal neutrality, accuracy and extremely low distortion even at very high SPLs, with total transparency and natural-sounding clarity. The transformerless design increases the sensitivity and provides an extended low-frequency handling capability (10 to 20k Hz). Price: $1,799. CLICK HERE TO READ THE REVIEW.

DPA 4041-T2
December 2004—DPA’s 4041-T2 large-diaphragm tube mic combines an omnidirectional capsule with a pentode tube driven as a cathode follower in a Class-A unity gain output stage for performance that equals the company’s legendary 4040 mic.


June 2004—The Model 4088 from DPA Microphones is the company’s
first cardioid headband mic. Designed for applications requiring high
gain before feedback and situations with high background (onstage)
noise levels, the Model 4088 has a response tailored for vocal
applications (±2 dB from 100-20k Hz with 4-6dB soft boost at 15
kHz) and is available in unobtrusive black or beige finishes.


June 2004—DPA generated a lot of interest at NAB with the debut
of WindPac 4000, an ultralight (9-ounce), water-resistant windshield.
The zeppelin-shaped device combines a universal shockmount that holds
up to two mics and a collapsible windshield. The fabric blocks wind
noise in gusts of up to 70 mph while allowing accurate sound
reproduction and audio transparency.

April 2004—The MSS6000 Microphone Summation System is a
professional tool for miking up orchestras without cable clutter. It
represents the ultimate ensemble amplification system for orchestras,
bands and choirs, freeing up many useful and costly channels without
compromising control. The system comprises five Stereo Satellite Boxes,
offering individual level and pan adjustments for every performer, and
a Master Sum Box containing two high-performance, transformer-coupled
mic preamplifiers. Ten 4061 Miniature Microphones with mounting
accessories are included.

August 2003—DPA Microphones’ 4041-T, 4041-S and 4041-SP ($2,990/each) are the company’s latest large-diaphragm omni condensers based on the 4041 body. The 4041-S and phantom-powered 4041-SP are solid-state designs that offer the 4041 line’s maximum flexibility in preamp options when miking vocals, strings or other acoustic instruments with large dynamics. The SP low self-noise is typically 8 dB (A). The 4041-S uses the company’s MMP4000-S solid-state preamp, and, like the output stage of the 4041-T’s tube preamp, the transistor output stage is driven as a Class-A, unity-gain impedance converter. The 4041-T (130V) uses the MMP4000-T preamp and incorporates a pentode vacuum-tube driven as a cathode follower in a Class-A, unity-gain output stage.

January 2003—DPA’s Instrument Microphone Kit (IMK4061) includes
the popular DPA 4061 miniature mic and XLR adapter, together with a
selection of unique mounting accessories for stringed instruments such
as violin and cello, universal surface mounts with double-sided tape
for guitars, wind instruments, drums and percussion, a magnet holder to
attach the mic to drum rims or piano frames, and foam windscreens. The
DPA 4061 handles 144dB peaks for close placement near snares, trumpets,
speaker cabinets or other high-SPL sound sources. The DPA 4061 can also
be used with any pro wireless system.

DPA 4041-ST
October 2002—Low self-noise and high sensitivity make the 4041
ideal for detailed work, such as vocals, strings and other acoustic
instruments with large dynamics. Self-noise is typically 8 dBA (max 9
dBA), and THD is less than 0.5% at 120dB SPL peak. The phantom-powered
4041 is available in three different versions; a modular design enables
the capsule to be unscrewed from the preamplifier, offering options of
48- or 130-volt powered solid-state preamps and a 130V tube technology
preamp. List: $3,270.

August 2002—DPA Microphones introduces the 4015 and 4016
Wide-Cardioid Microphones. Designed to offer a brilliant sound in
close-miking applications and a linear response in the diffuse field,
the 4015 has a linear frequency response from 40-20k Hz. Both the 4015
and 4016 are transformerless and capable of handling 158dB peaks before
clipping. An additional 10dB headroom can be obtained by choosing the
4016 paired with the HMA4000 2-channel High-Voltage Microphone

July 2002—The new 4071 Miniature Microphone from DPA Microphones
is an omnidirectional miniature condenser designed for voice
applications in broadcast and film. The 4071 has a built-in 5dB soft
boost at 4-6 kHz to compensate for the natural resonance of the human
chest cavity. Optional accessories include a versatile range of
mounting clips, pins and grids for inconspicuous placement and a handy
kit of concealment accessories.

February 2002—DPA offers the CXO4000 Compact XY and ORTF mic
mount, designed specifically for mounting DPA Compact Cardioid
microphones in either a coincident XY stereo configuration or a
near-coincident ORTF configuration. The lightweight CXO4000 mounts on a
single microphone stand and optional shock-mounts are available: the
EXY4000 Extension for Compact Stereo Holders and the UA0897
Shock-Mount. The black anodized aluminum holder can hold four mics
simultaneously for A/B comparison between XY and ORTF setups. ORTF
applications include close miking pianos, overheads for drum kits, horn
or string sections, choirs, ambient surround recordings, and as a main
or additional spot pair for acoustic ensembles. The XY/ORTF mount is
priced at $95.

November 2001—DPA Microphones offers the CXO4000 mic holder for
stereo-mounting DPAs type 4021, 4022 and 4023s Compact Cardioid mics.
The CXO4000 holder enables the cardioid mics to be mounted in either a
coincident XY stereo configuration or a near-coincident ORTF combined
time and intensity difference stereo configuration. The ORTF stereo
technique provides a wider stereo image than XY stereo, yet still
preserves a reasonable amount of mono information. Using four mics, it
is possible to use the CXO4000 for both XY and ORTF configurations
simultaneously to compare the setups or to record both stereo formats.
The CXO4000 can also be used for a surround sound mic setup.

May 2001—DPA Microphones offers its large-diaphragm condenser
mics as a stereo kit, including a stereo boom, stereo mic preamp, all
necessary cables and accessories—packaged in a Samsonite
briefcase. The complete A-B Stereo Kit has two matched omni Type 4041
mics with 130V preamps and self-noise matched to within 1 dB. Frequency
response is 10-20k Hz with a 4-6dB soft boost around 8 kHz; peak SPL
handling is 144 dB. The modular mics can be used with either the 3532-S
solid-state preamp or the 3532-T, with a pentode vacuum tube preamp
driven as a cathode follower in a unity gain, Class-A design. Both
systems offer low noise: 7 dBA for the 4041-S and 10 dBA for the

DPA 3541 KIT
October 2000—The Type 3541 is a complete microphone kit for all
kinds of high-quality soloist recordings and is specially designed for
the demanding requirements of everyday studio use. The kit includes
interchangeable solid-state and tube preamplifiers, allowing the
engineer to select between the transparency of the solid-state and the
musical nature of the tube, depending on the recording requirements.
The 3541 boasts excellent specs, including 144 dB maximum peak SPL
before clipping, and a THD of less than 0.5% at 120dB SPL peak.