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Music Production

Dynaudio Pop-Up Studio Lands at NAMM

Decked in tech from a variety of pro audio brands, Dynaudio’s pop-up studio will record a dozen acts this week at NAMM.

Anaheim, CA (January 24, 2019)—Danish loudspeaker specialist Dynaudio is giving undiscovered artists a platform to a wider audience with its Dynaudio Unheard Touring Studio, which will be located in the Grand Plaza by the entrance to the Anaheim Convention Center for the 2019 NAMM Show.

Created in specially constructed shipping containers—half glass, with a full P.A. system out front—the Dynaudio Unheard Studio puts the spotlight on undiscovered artists and will be used to record the bands and broadcast the show live. As the artists are being recorded, a separate multichannel audio feed will be sent to a front-of-house P.A. system, with an additional feed sent to a video editing team. The artists will also have their own headphone monitor mix. In short, it’s a studio recording session combined with a live concert and a near-real-time broadcast.

DPA is providing a range of microphones for the Dynaudio Unheard Studio including three d:facto 4018V vocal mics, two d:dicate 2011C and 4011C recording mics, five d:vote 4099 instrument mics, two d:screet 4060 miniature mics, and one d:sign 4098 podium mic for talkback from the mixing room.

In addition to DPA, the mixing and audio routing backbone of the Dynaudio Unheard Studio system is provided by Waves Audio and Digital Audio Denmark. Klang Technologies is providing the headphone-based monitoring set-up, while most of the backline, as well as the PA system, is provided by Yorkville Sound. Clavia’s North American distributor American Music & Sound is providing an 88-stage piano and Zaor is providing a studio table and mixing room speaker stands.

“We are excited to be part of such a unique partnership with our friends at Dynaudio,” says Christopher Spahr, vice president of marketing and sales, DPA. “Not only will we be exposing some of the most talented yet undiscovered artists to our microphones, but we will be also giving all of those in attendance a daily chance to get up close and personal with the DPA mics that are being used in the Dynaudio Unheard Studio. DPA will also be posting videos of the Dynaudio Unheard Studio bands rocking out with DPA to our social channels as well as a range of educational content.”