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Dave’s Room Vibes with Mojave Mics

David Bianco outfitted his facility, Dave's Room, with Mojave Audio mics.

David Bianco outfitted his facility, Dave's Room, with Mojave Audio mics.
David Bianco outfitted his facility, Dave’s Room, with Mojave Audio mics.

Hollywood, CA (September 30, 2021)—Producer and engineer David Spreng has carried on the legacy of the late Grammy-winning producer Dave Bianco, whose Dave’s Room recording studio he now co-owns with Paul Fig, outfitting a mic locker consisting almost entirely of Mojave Audio product

Spreng’s appreciation of Mojave began when he first started working out of Dave’s Room. Bianco had been a longtime fan and once Spreng heard them, he knew that he needed to make them a permanent addition to his setup. “They really have this beautiful thing going for them that I’ve loved from the moment I heard them,” Spreng said. “The sound is always round, fat, and warm and you can really use them on anything and know that you’re going to sound incredible.”

“It’s an inspiring thing and the artists always love them,” he continued. “They perform better being able to hear all that wonderful detail.”

Tech Showcase: Microphones

Spreng and partner Fig have also built off Bianco’s original concept by making Dave’s Room a vibey and well-stocked musical clubhouse that has attracted the likes of Bob Dylan, Lucinda Williams, Alice Cooper and Bette Midler. “We laid out the studio in such a way that you can walk right in and start recording — everything you need is here,” Spreng explained. “It’s how I like to work because it makes the artist feel comfortable and allows them to start being creative right away.”

Spreng’s go-to setup includes the MA-200 as permanent room mics, as well as for drum overheads with his 201FETs. He favors the 100 and 101FETs for close-miking sources including horns, guitar cabinets and drums.

The MA-300 serves as the studio’s main vocal mic. “Something that I really love about them is that the sound is just ‘there’ from the get-go, I can run them straight into the mic preamp without any EQ,” he said. “We have them placed all over the studio and no matter what source they are on, it always sounds great.”

Spreng also never travels without his MA-300 and 301FET mics. “I’m always saying, let’s capture it when it happens, and if you’re going to do that, it needs to sound great,” he said. “That’s why I’m always carrying my 300 and 301FET with me — because I’m used to that sound now and I know it’ll do it right.”