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Groovyland Opens Home-Based WSDG “eStudio”

Producer David Molho Builds 'Within His Walls' at Home

Groovyland Studios’ 95-square-foot live room. PHOTO: Nicolas Fernandez

Groovyland Studios in North Miami Beach, Fla., represents a sophisticated new era for WSDG’s emerging generation “eStudio” Model.

Weighing in at just under 350 square feet. and built within the walls of a private home, Groovyland is a compact, multi-purpose recording/mixing/editing facility geared to produce a wide variety of music.  It modernizes the earlier personal studio genre to address post-Covid, quarantine-inspired lifestyles. It is efficient, extremely comfortable, precisely tuned and cocooned to keep sound from infiltrating within or escaping out.

Studio owner/engineer/producer David Molho required a facility capable of hosting sessions in any category from pop, rock, jazz and rap to folk and hip-hop. Committed to a predetermined area, every inch of floor and wall space had to be exploited. The WSDG team developed a floor plan that included a 148-square-foot. Control Room, a 95-square-foot Live Room and a 100-square-foot Lounge. All three environments are capable of recording individually or simultaneously. 

Overseeing this genuine family project were WSDG partners Sergio and Silvia Molho, who made use of NIRO, an innovative computer-modeling predictive analyses software program that proved indispensable for optimizing room acoustics. Silvia Molho recommended perforated wood panels and three silver ceiling diffusers to precisely tune the frequency response within the room. Acoustic curtains on the two courtyard-facing windows can be drawn or opened to modify the room’s wet/dry sound.  

Studio gear includes Focal Solo6 Be speakers with a subwoofer, API, Chandler and Neve preamps and a carefully curated selection of microphones.  A Heritage Audio RAM monitoring control and Universal Audio interfaces provide Groovyland with expansion capabilities to meet a wide range of projects. 

“Groovyland meets every one of my wish list categories,” David Molho concludes. “I am completely and quite literally at home here.”