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Tone11 Post House Debuts in San Francisco

Eben Carr, formerly of San Francisco’s One Union Recording Studios, has launched Tone 11.

Tone 11 Post House
Tone 11 Post House

San Francisco, CA (August 11, 2023)—Eben Carr, formerly of San Francisco’s One Union Recording Studios, has launched Tone11, a new production and mixing facility.

After 15 years as a staff engineer at One Union then two and a half years engineering at advertising audio house Handsome Sound, he is rolling his experience and business expertise into the new facility, which is in the city’s Ice House Alley neighborhood. The facility features a Genelec-equipped Dolby Atmos room. “I’ve always used Genelec monitoring and technology everywhere I’ve worked, so it made sense to stay with Genelec for Tone11,” Carr says.

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Genelec speakers, he continues, “[F]it well with the rationale for opening a new studio in San Francisco at a moment like this: It’s about the value of having a real studio to bring new life to the collaborative spirit that made San Francisco such a creative place in the first place. I’m banking on people sharing that value.”

Tone11’s monitoring is configured to comply with the Dolby Atmos format: three Genelec 8351B Smart Active Monitors compose the front wall’s LCR array; four 8340A Smart Active Monitors are used as left-right and left-right rear channels, with four 8340As as the overhead array. The immersive system is completed by a pair of 7370A Smart Active subwoofers. The system was installed and tuned utilizing Genelec’s GLM 4 and AutoCal 2 software.

Carr, who had worked on projects with local icons such as LinkedIn, Airbnb and Logitech, as well as agencies like Duncan Channon, says, “Our target market is a combination of large and small agencies representing tech firms and others, but all of which need great sound for every type of platform, from television to iPhones.”