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Frizzell Scores with Lexicon

Canadian composer John Frizzell recently added Harman's Lexicon PCM Total Bundle plug-in to his sonic resources.

Salt Lake City, UT (November 7, 2011)—Canadian composer John Frizzell recently added Harman’s Lexicon PCM Total Bundle plug-in to his sonic resources.

Frizzell has scored more than 35 films, TV scores and movies for television, including Alien: Resurrection, Office Space, Legion, The Roommate and the new television series, The Secret Circle. He began his musical career singing in the chorus of the Paris Opera Company and the Metropolitan Opera Company at age 12, and went on to study at USC School of Music and the Manhattan School of Music. After college, he worked for producer/vibraphonist Michael Mainieri, where he became one of the first musicians to work with the Synclavier, one of the first digital synthesizers, samplers and workstations.

Frizzell’s ideas about incorporating electronic sounds into traditional film instrumentation led him to a career that has spanned more than 20 years. He is known for incorporating diverse musical elements into his scores, incorporating complex interactions between unusual instruments, the traditional orchestra and innovative uses of electronics and digital technology.

“If someone asks me if one of my scores is acoustic or electronic, ‘yes’ is my answer,” said Frizzell. “I am constantly seeking to blur the lines between sounds and genres, and I’ve collaborated with country, traditional Irish, hip-hop, African and other musicians as well as symphony orchestras. When I found out about the PCM Total Bundle, I was intensely curious about how I could integrate it into my composing.

“Lexicon is simply the best there is! Having these effects and reverbs available in my DAW is a massive leap forward for my digital audio music production. The reverbs are stunning, the effects are musically useful and not just gimmicks and the amount of creative control and customization it provides is inspiring.”

Frizzell concluded, “The PCM Total Bundle has become a key element in my composing process, as it gives me new sounds to experiment with and new capabilities for enhancing the sounds of vocals and instruments.”