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Global Entertainment & Media Summit Announced

Endeavoring to champion the creative artist, the Global Entertainment & Media Summit, slated to be held on Saturday and Sunday, March 2nd & 3rd, from

Endeavoring to champion the creative artist, the GlobalEntertainment & Media Summit, slated to be held on Saturday andSunday, March 2nd & 3rd, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., at New York’s NewYorker Hotel Ballrooms and Conference Centers, will provide aneducational and networking forum for those seeking an avenue to charttheir own visionary artistic path.

Legendary guitarist and creator Les Paul, noted music executiveMiles Copeland, acclaimed filmmaker John Waters, Avid’s Mike Rockwell,MediaChannel’s Danny Schechter and Don Campbell (noted author ofMozart Effect) are among the luminaries slated to keynote thisevent.

Executive producer Steve Zuckerman enthuses that, “it’s an amazingtime for the independents. Independents can act on instinct, create,develop, produce, market and sell their films and music inexpensively– and with new technologies, they now have the tools to marketdirectly to the consumers.”

Zuckerman further stresses that the summit is not just your ordinaryindustry conference but rather a multifaceted “five-ring networkingcarnival,” where attendees will converge with a multitude of mediaexperts including artists, music industry executives, musicians,producers, directors, multimedia executives, distributors, publishers,agents, managers and more. They’ll also be able to partake in a seriesof over 40 intensive workshops touching on such topics as alternativefilm and music distribution, independent media on “staying true” toyour vision, artists on creative control, artists management in the newage, creating new networks, Internet distribution clinic, “offline goesonline: keeping your audience connected,” “x factor: what really makesa star,” and “AFTRA presents: maintaining creative control of your workwhile making as much money as you can.” In addition, the latestcutting-edge products and services will be displayed.

There is a $50 entrance fee for both days; tickets can be purchasedonline at or at the doorday of show.