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Izmajlov Takes Atlas on His Travels

Izmajlov to capture 12 Moments with interface

Cambridge, UK (March 22, 2018)—Producer, musician and composer Benjamin Izmajlov recently installed the Prism Sound Atlas audio interface in his studio in Slovenia, but the fact that Atlas is portable means he can take it to any other studio he works in.

“I wanted an audio interface that had the sound quality of a big studio, but was also mobile,” explains Izmajlov. “Whenever I came across Prism Sound products, I loved the sound, especially for classical and instrumental music, because it truly resembled what I heard when played. For this reason, choosing a Prism Sound Atlas wasn’t a difficult decision—and it has turned out to be exactly what I had hoped for.”

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Lots of Izmajlov’s projects are done in different places, he says. “Sometimes a studio has the vibe for the artist or the microphone I want to use, while another might have a mixing desk or gear that I prefer. Atlas makes the transition from one studio to another much easier because I can hook it up wherever I am recording, even on location, and achieve the best possible results with no compromise. The sound is always crystal clear and uncolored.”

Izmajlov is a concert violinist as well as a composer, arranger, sound engineer, producer and conductor of symphonic music. He is the founder of the International Academy Guiseppe Tartini, the Slovenian Summer Academy and the Slovenian Diplomatic Concert, and he regularly acts as artistic director and producer of various music projects. Since 2012, he has been a guest soloist at the Moscow Philharmonic and, together with his wife, the mezzo soprano Manca Izmajlova, is the holder of the Russian Orthodox Church’s Medal of Cyril and Methodius.

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Izmajlov is currently working on a new album entitled The Russian Collection: 12 Moments, which gives a fresh interpretation to a selection of the most beloved Russian songs. Izmajlov says, “It is a challenge to do something new without losing the soul of the song, therefore I am the producer, the orchestrator and the violin soloist—and I’m doing all the editing, vocal recording and mixing. That makes me the guy to blame if something isn’t right.”

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