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Jones Jumps to Metric Halo

Producer Gareth Jones has been using a pair of Metric Halo FireWire mobile interfaces.

London, England (July 8, 2011)–Producer Gareth Jones has been using a pair of Metric Halo FireWire mobile interfaces.

Gareth Jones is known for producing albums with groundbreaking artists such as Depeche Mode, Wire and Erasure, and continues to work with their next-generation heirs, such as Interpol, Grizzly Bear and Mogwai. Jones started out with just one Metric Halo ULN-8 interface, the manufacturer’s flagship product, and quickly added a second LIO-8 with eight optional mic preamps. 

“With eight preamps, my LIO-8 is no different than a ULN-8, and a bit cheaper,” Jones laughed. “I quickly discovered that the Metric Halo technology fits beautifully with my workflow. It sounds fantastic. The DSP capabilities and MIO Console’s routing are useful in a hundred different ways–and it travels very conveniently.” 

These days, for budgetary reasons and, perhaps more importantly, to get a vibe that produces an organic, musical album, Jones often creates “pop-up” studios in his clients’ practice spaces or, more comfortably, in their homes. “When everyone feels comfortable, the music flows,” he said. 

Recently, Jones worked with Emmy the Great on her sophomore release, Virtue. After three days in Red Bull Studio in London, they tracked the remainder of the album at a house in the country using the Metric Halo preamps and converters, and Jones later mixed it using the Metric Halo MIO Console to provide 80-bit summing. 

“I love the MIO Console,” Jones enthused. “It gives me a bigger, wider, deeper sound than I get with any other in-the-box alternatives. In addition, the Metric Halo DSP provides stunning saturation models that can really elevate a track or an entire mix. And it is recallable with the ConsoleConnect plug-in.”

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