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M-Audio Ships FireWire Audiophile

M-Audio is now shipping the new FireWire Audiophile interface for Windows and Macintosh computers.

M-Audio is now shipping the new FireWire Audiophile interface forWindows and Macintosh computers. The FireWire Audiophile unites newtechnology with features from the company’s FireWire 410, AudiophileUSB and Audiophile 2496 interfaces.

The FireWire Audiophile is a 4×6 24-bit/96kHz mobile audio/MIDIinterface designed to take full advantage of the high bandwidth,ultralow latency and dependability of today’s FireWire (IEEE1394) protocol. Compact design, rugged steel construction and poweringvia either a laptop’s 6-pin FireWire bus or the included DC powersupply make it ideal for DJs, live performers, and desktop or laptoprecording setups.

FireWire Audiophile features two analog RCA inputs and four analogRCA outputs. Coaxial digital S/PDIF I/O supports 2-channel PCM, as wellas AC-3 and DTS passthrough of surround-encoded material. Theintegrated software mixer provides ultralow-latency ASIO directmonitoring and flexible routing options. The combination of virtual auxsends on all channels and aux output assign, for example, allows fordedicated headphone mixes and sends to external effects. High-poweredstereo headphone output with front panel momentary A/B switchingbetween two selectable sources for cueing make it ideal for club andstage work. In addition to independent headphone volume, the assignablelevel controller allows users to adjust levels for output, input,software return or aux send right from the front panel. The 1×1 MIDII/O completes the unit’s functionality as a one-stop interfacefor computer-based musicians.

FireWire Audiophile is now shipping at an MSRP of $349.95. For moreinformation, click here.