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Music Production

Machines with Magnets Attracts API 2448 Console

The Pawtucket, RI mixed-use facility recently upgraded to a new API 2448 desk.

Pawtucket, RI (December 6, 2019)—Machines with Magnets recording studio recently commissioned a new 24 channel API 2448 console for the facility’s main recording room. Created as a mixed-use facility—recording studio, art gallery, live venue—Machines with Magnets was founded in 2001 in Keith Souza started in East Providence, RI, who was joined on the project by Seth Manchester in 2005.

Based today in Pawtucket, the current iteration of the studio in Pawtucket has been centered around a 24-channel API DSM console.

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“For the past 15 years, we had an API DSM system that became the cornerstone of the sound of the records we make here at Machines with Magnets,” said Manchester. “When the API 2448 console was first announced, Keith and I instantly knew we had to figure out how to get one. It was exactly what we had been wanting from API for years…. The inline topology, direct outs, bus and auxiliary options have opened up a world of flexibility that instantly made sessions significantly more efficient and productive.”

“For example, the ALT LINE IN allows us to have our 2” machine normalled to the console in addition to our digital multitrack, which means we can quickly and easily bounce between tape and digital without patching or swapping ELCOs––a true workflow game changer,” Manchester added. “The global 0 dB switch for the small faders is super helpful for maintaining the hybrid workflow we got used to with the DSM when necessarily, but lately we’ve had fun reaching for the faders whenever possible.

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Machines with Magnets works on a variety of projects, from noise rock to pop to modern composition. “The API 2448 console fits the specific needs of each project, whether we’re aggressive with each channel or hitting the program bus more conservatively,” he noted. “We couldn’t be happier with our move to the 2448.”

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