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Mackie Extends Soundscape Upgrade Offer

Mackie Designs (Woodinville, Wash.) extended its special upgrade program to let Soundscape SSHDR-1 and E-Mu Ensoniq Paris users make the switch to Soundscape

Mackie Designs (Woodinville, Wash.) extended its special upgradeprogram to let Soundscape SSHDR-1 and E-Mu Ensoniq Paris users make theswitch to Soundscape 32. The upgrade program, announced last April, wasoriginally scheduled to run through September, but has now beenextended until April 30, 2003.

Through this offer, Mackie will offer a rebate of $2,499 USD to newSoundscape 32 customers who trade-in one SSHDR-1 or Paris system to anauthorized Mackie distributor or dealer. To be eligible, the tradedequipment must be fully functional and include the terms listedbelow:
Eligible SSHDR-1 must include interface card, interface cable and theunit’s serial number. Eligible Paris systems must include Interface 2,442 or MEC (minus the MEC interface cards), EDS-1000, interface cableand the unit’s serial number.

In addition, Mackie recently announced Version 3.7 software andConsole Manager Version 1.5 for Soundscape 32. Version 3.7 softwarehosts improved user-interface capabilities including real-timecrossfades, real-time punch in/out and real-time record track-arming.Console Manager Version 1.5 implements support for MackieControl/Mackie Control Extender and Baby HUI control surfaces.

For more details on the program, as well as a complete list ofworldwide Mackie Broadcast Professional dealers and distributors,