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Martin Audio Amplifies End Zone

Craig Benzel, director of marketing for the Green Bay Packers, approached consultant Danny Abelson of In-Game Services

Craig Benzel, director of marketing for the Green Bay Packers,approached consultant Danny Abelson of In-Game Services (IGS, Madison,Wis.) with a special challenge: a speaker system for the Miller Lite“End Zone,” a premium seating area at Packer Stadium, thatwould have the versatility to alternatively handle a live radio feedfrom the local Packer Radio Network and reproduce the stadium P.A.without having it conflict with and/or drown out the radio feed.

Abelson’s solution was to design a high-quality, speciallyfocused loudspeaker treatment fed with program sources controlled by anautomated ducking circuit. The circuit normally provides a feed fromthe home radio play-by-play announcers and automatically switches totime-delayed in-bowl programming whenever the main end zone P.A. systemis in use.

Abelson chose six Martin Audio WT2-WP weatherproofed enclosures forthe job. “The nature of today’s in-game sportingenvironment has changed,” said Abelson. “Team owners andmanager realize they must entertain their fan base to maximizemarketing opportunities and customer enjoyment. We always recommend themost appropriate product for an application. That is why we are sosatisfied with our decision to use the Martin loudspeakers in thisapplication. The Packers are a demanding organization, always strivingfor the best performance on and off the field. Lambeau Field iswell-known for it’s harsh ‘frozen tundra’environment. The Martin enclosures look great, provide great sound forthe fans in the Miller Lite End Zone and can handle theelements.”

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