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Martin Audio W8LM Mini Line Array

The new W8LM Mini Line Array is a compact and lightweight three-way active/passive system that can be flown or ground-stacked for corporate events, theaters and indoor venues where space is at a premium.

The new W8LM Mini Line Array is a compact and lightweight three-wayactive/passive system that can be flown or ground-stacked for corporateevents, theaters and indoor venues where space is at a premium.

Despite its compact dimensions (24.4×95.7×15.7 inches; WxHxD) andreduced weight (53 pounds), the W8LM is a full-bandwidth, 2×8-inch and2x1-inch system that can be used without additional sub-bass. Usingline array principles and Hybrid™ loading technique, the systemcan achieve a low/mid output with sensitivity greater than 100 dB,rising to 106 dB for the HF. The user of mid-horn geometry and toroidalwaveguide allows the system to maintain a constant directivity with ahorizontal pattern control of over 120° (700-18k Hz). The captive,rapid-deployment rigging system allows inter-cabinet angels of 0°to 7.5° to be set as a flown or ground-stacked system, asdetermined by the Viewpoint array-optimization software. The systemalso offers a 12-ohm cabinet, and up to eight cabinets can be poweredfrom one Martin Audio MA2.8s amplifier.

The W8LM is also compatible with the new WLX Hybrid™ sub, WSXand WS2A subwoofers.

The WLX Hybrid is the latest in the company’s high-performancesubwoofer, combining high-efficiency horn loading with the bassextension of a reflex enclosure (106 dB, 1 watt @ 1 meter).

The WLX Hybrid can be flown or ground-stacked, and provideshigh-output capability with extended low-frequency response to 35 Hz. Asingle, ultralong-excursion, 18-inch (460mm) driver with a 4-inch(100mm) voice coil is front-loaded via a hyperbolic horn. Thedriver’s rear is reflex-loaded to extend the LF output below thenatural cutoff point of the horn.

When flown, one WLX provides low-frequency augmentation for one W8Land up to two W8LC enclosures. The captive, quick-deployment riggingsystem allows intercabinet angles of 0º to 7.5º to be set asa flown system, closely matching the curvature of the adjacentfull-range line array such as the W8L or W8LC systems.

The WLX couples with existing W8LC flying frames. The rectangularshape makes ground-stacking straightforward, while interlocking skidsare fitted to firmly anchor cabs during use. Due to its 8-ohmimpedance, one Martin Audio MA4.2s will drive four WLX cabinets.

Dimensions are 39.4×19.3×31.5 inches (HxWXD) and weights (includingrigging hardware) 187 pounds.

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