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Meyer Mixes Court TV’s The Chase

hsr/ny’s George Meyer mixed the Court TV thriller pilot, The Chase: Track Down

hsr/ny’s George Meyer mixed the Court TV thriller pilot,The Chase: Track Down, which had its network premiere on April11th; the segment will repeat on the network.

The Chase: Track Down features a new concept inreality television, a 21-mile desert manhunt of two contestants playingthe role of runaway fugitives chased by a team of four professionaltrackers. The scenario demonstrates, dramatically, the tracker’sancient skills, use of modern-day forensics and footprint analysisemployed in typical manhunts. It’s a real-time, 24-hour escape andtrack-down played out over the harsh terrain of Southern Nevada.

Red Brick Entertainment’s Rob Dustin, creator and executiveproducer of the pilot said, “ I have collaborated with GeorgeMeyer for 15 years and he is not only the best mixer I have workedwith, he is also the quickest. And in terms of audio post that is crucial. The audio I heard in the editing suite sounded great to me butonce I got into hsr and George’s studio and he cleaned it up andbrightened the sound it was a totally different show. Great coming inbut absolutely unbelievable when he finished with it. There really wasa stark difference in the quality.”

“The Cedar DNS1000 digital equalizer was invaluable incleaning up the very noisy dialog tracks as the audio was recorded inthe middle of the desert, on the fly,” added  Meyer. Both Pro Tools and Audiofile were also used to mix the pilot.

Representing Red Brick Entertainment (Ridgefield, CT), which createdthe pilot, were creator/executive producer Robert (“Dusty”)Dustin, producer Tom Coppola, coordinating producer Margo Halle, DP KenWoo and field audio mixer Elliott Fisher.

In The Chase: Track Down, Red Brick’s on-air consultantTom Brown Jr., author of 17 definitive books on tracking and survival,and arguably  America’s best outdoorsman and survival tactician,leads a team of his protégés to stop the fugitives beforethey reach the Colorado River.

The offline and online editorial and color correction was handled byJeff Shook of Betelgeuse Production (New York, NY).

hsr/ny and George Meyer currently mix the audio for bothWhoopi, NBC-TV’s Tuesday night half-hour comedy entrystarring Whoopi Goldberg, and for Hope and Faith, ABC-TV’s Tuesday night  half-hour comedy starring Kelly Ripaand Faith Ford. In addition, Meyer has just completed mixing, for RedBrick, the International Skating Union (ISU) series airing onLifetime.