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Meyer Sound, DiGiCo Share New Nashville Office, Plan Open House

Meyer Sound and DiGiCo are opening a shared office in Nashville that will focus specifically on serving the needs of the touring industry throughout North

Meyer Sound and DiGiCo are opening a shared office in Nashville that will focus specifically on serving the needs of the touring industry throughout North America. The office is located inside Nashville’s Soundcheck rehearsal facility. Meyer Sound’s business will be anchored there by tour liaison Buford Jones, a veteran front-of-house engineer whose credits include Stevie Wonder, Eric Clapton, Pink Floyd, James Taylor and Faith Hill. Greg McVeigh, Meyer Sound’s VP of sales and special projects, will also be in regular attendance. Eric Wade, president of DiGiCo U.S., and Taidus Vallandi (technical sales) will spearhead DiGiCo’s presence at the facility.

Meyer Sound will host an open house from February 6 through 7, from 10:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. each day, for industry members to visit the facility. The office is located at 750 Cowan Avenue. For further information on the open house, contact Meyer Sound tour liaison Buford Jones at 615/268-6566.

“An enormous amount of music industry traffic goes in and out of Soundcheck,” Jones said, “and keeping an office there will make personal contact with key people in the industry much easier. I’ll be setting up a network to help artists and tour management develop plans and schedules for picking up Meyer systems as needed, anywhere they’re going in the United States or Canada.”

DiGiCo national sales manager Ivan Schwartz commented, “The Nashville office will be a great resource for our reps and technical sales teams throughout the country. It will allow us to give greater support to the local market, as there are a large number of artists and sound companies in the area who are operating our consoles. The facility will enable us to give private demonstrations and product training for our dealers, reps and clients.”

The office will feature a permanent 5.1 surround system comprising Meyer Sound’s self-powered UPJ-1P compact VariO™ loudspeakers and a USW-1P compact subwoofer connected to a DiGiCo D5 Live console. The facility will have appropriate acoustical treatment and be wired with optical fiber. DiGiCo plans to install its DiGiTRACS hard disk recording system at the facility, allowing up to 56 tracks to be recorded and then auditioned through the D5 and Meyer Sound playback system at the press of a single button. Future Meyer Sound plans call for stocking sample M Series curvilinear array systems for examination and evaluation, and bringing in full touring rigs for demo sessions in Soundcheck’s larger rehearsal rooms as needed.

Tim Chapman, Meyer Sound’s director of marketing, emphasized that the Nashville office is continental in scope and serves a touring-specific liaison role only for Meyer Sound, with no direct sales functions. Sales will continue to be administered by Rick Coleman, Meyer Sound sales manager for the Southeastern region, from his main office in Florida.

For more information, visit Meyer Sound at or DiGiCo at