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Mix AES 2004 New Products Guide

AC Power Products Furman Series II Power Conditioners The Series II versions of Furman's beloved power conditioners represent the next generation in power

AC Power Products

Furman Series II Power Conditioners

The Series II versions of Furman’s beloved power conditioners represent the next generation in power conditioning technology. They feature maintenance-free Series Mode Protection (SMP) and Furman’s exclusive Linear Filtration Technology (LiFT). Together, these offer advanced and comprehensive transient voltage-surge suppression. Retail: $159. AES Booth #805. 707/763-1010,

Hosa PWD Power Cable “Jumpers”

A system’s usual nest of AC/IEC power cables can cause EMI and are messy. Hosa’s PWDs offer a solution, allowing AC power to be cascaded or daisy-chained, reducing potential problems and clutter. Each PWD uses a molded IEC female/NEMA female with a short (1-foot or 2-foot) pigtail NEMA male plug. Plug the male into the source AC and the IEC into the first piece of gear, and then cascade another from the first. PWDs are ideal for tight rackspaces while reducing the yards of cable tied off in coils that contribute EMI and dead weight to a rig.

Hosa NEMA-to-IEC Power Cords

Powered speakers typically come with AC cables that are too short. Hosa’s new PWC Series offers a solution to unsightly power strips and extension cords. These 14 AWG power cables are designed for use in 15-amp circuits. Power-up suspended, tripod or wall-mounted speakers, keyboards, computers, line level gear etc., without extension cords. No loose connections or misplaced cables at a session or gig. U.S. retail: PWC-415 (15-foot), $18; PWC-425 (25-foot), $28; and PWC-450 (50-foot), $52. AES Booth #1331. 714/522-8878,

JSX HDP7 Uninterruptible Power Source

The HDP7 is designed to be the absolute best and most complete power solution available for A/V systems. Optimized power factor, ultralow distortion and excellent instantious current are just a few of the HDP7’s advantages. Removing all power fluctuations, the HDP7 will also function during power outages. Monitoring and control are available through multiple ports including a RJ-45 Ethernet connection. AES Booth #1638. 707/766-7400,

Acoustical Materials

Acoustical Solutions

AlphaResiliant Isolation Clip

Achieve a high sound transmission rating with new or existing wall, ceiling or floor construction. New AlphaResilient Isolation Clips (ARSIC-1) with our AudioSeal Sound Barrier (AB10NR) will greatly improve your standard rating. Achieve ratings as high as STC 58. Caulk all potential air leads with a nonhardening Acoustical Caulk (Sound Seal Caulk). AES Booth #810. 800/782-5742,

Auralex Acoustics TruTraps

It is common knowledge that an airspace behind a passive absorber increases its low-frequency effectiveness. Building on that principle, Auralex Acoustics introduces the TruTraps™ broadband absorption system. TruTraps allow you to quickly and easily install offset acoustical panels on your walls or ceiling for a “one-product-fits-all” broadband acoustical solution. AES Booth #1343, 317/842-260,

Primacoustic Venice Panel

This attractive, kit-style acoustical panel system lets users install acoustic panels on walls without causing severe wall damage from the glue. Each Venice kit has four panels and includes Z-foam acoustic baffles, top and bottom wedges, 48×12-inch corrugated backing boards and adhesive. Easy installation with small finishing nails or tacks.

Primacoustic Iso-Pad

This speaker isolation pad eliminates the mechanical coupling from a reference monitor to the bridge or work desk, providing truer response. Made of ultra-high density charcoal polyurethane foam, Iso-Pad is available in choice of 10° wedge or parallel designs to suit desired angle. Shipped four to a box. AES Booth #1628, 604/942-1001,

RPG Diffusor Systems Modex Plate

Critical listening spaces often exhibit poor low-frequency response with significant emphasis at modal resonances. Porous surface absorption is ineffective at these frequencies because the air motion at the walls and in corners is essentially zero. The Modex Plate offers broadband low-frequency absorption effective from 50 Hz to 500 Hz in a thickness of only four inches. Now you can absorb more bass in less space! Retail: $999. AES Booth #520. 301/249-0044,

WhisperRoom Wide Door Upgrade

Any WhisperRoom with a 5-foot wall or larger can be configured with a Wide Access door upgrade. Available for WhisperRoom’s standard single-wall or enhanced isolation double-wall systems, the upgrade is perfect for applications that require the passage of large items into and out of the WhisperRoom. Also, a ramp system is available for wheelchair access. 423/585-5827,

Cables & Connectors

Amphenol MP-62

The MP-62 series are considered a miniature or higher-density version based on the proven Mil-C-26482 military connectors. They feature a three-point, quick mating bayonet coupling and five key polarization. Available with 39 or 62 contact pins, and gold-plated solder contacts fitted as standard. AES Booth #1336. 714/230-6231,

Gefen Digital Audio Extender

Gefen’s ex-tend-it Digital Audio Extender transmits audio 1,000 feet from the source using a Cat-5 cable combined with small sender and receiver units. MSRP: $150. AES Booth #726. 818/884-6294,

Gepco DS Series Digital Audio Cables

Gepco introduces its new DS Series of 110-ohm digital audio twisted-pair cables. Available in 24 and 26 gauge types and in multi- and single-pair configurations, Gepco’s DS Series offers leading-edge electrical performance and improved flexibility. Engineered to achieve the bandwidth and performance required for transmission of high-resolution digital audio sample rates, they feature a 25MHz bandwidth for 192kHz sample rates, minimal attenuation, low jitter and a 110-ohm impedance that remains stable when the cable is flexed.

Gepco Heavy-Duty CAT5e Cable

Gepco introduces the CT504HD heavy-duty tactical CAT5e cable. For portable or remote patching of Ethernet networks, or digital audio/video formats, the CT504HD was created for audio/video professionals who need a rugged, reliable, portable and flexible cable solution. In addition, the CT504HD utilizes stranded 24-gauge conductors to enhance flexibility and flex-life durability. AES Booth #528. 800/966-0069,

HAVE Flexegy Flat Audio Snake

Flexegy™ 8 from HAVE, Inc. is a new 8-pair flat audio snake. designed to lay flat, stable and out of the way in auditorium and studio applications. Conductors: 24 AWG, (7/32) annealed copper; shield: 100% aluminum/polyester tape. 518/828-2000,

Hosa Drum & Area “Little Bro” Sub Snake

Drummers and project and remote recordists usually have to make do with bundles of XLR cables for the mics, etc. Hosa’s “Little Bro” provides a single-run, six-XLR stage box with two TRS insert points. The fan is terminated with metal XLR and TRS plugs, and the TRS jacks can be used as balanced lines sends or headphone inserts. The Little Bro is ideal for small studio areas, brass sections, home studios, news crews, churches, etc. Retail: SH-6X2-20 (20-foot), $96; and SH-6X2-30 (30-foot), $106. AES Booth #1331. 714/522-8878,

Neutrik NP*X Series

Thinnest available ¼-inch mono and stereo plugs with unique Neutrik chuck-type strain relief on the market today. The new plugs meet the most recent requirements for highest packing density, which is 15.88 mm. AES Booth #1318. 732/901-9488,

Radial Convertible V12

The Convertible V12 modular snake system packs 64 input channels, four zoned sub snakes, 3-way transformer split, cross patching and separate XLR outs in a 12-space, 19-inch rack. Based on 8-channel modules with front and rear rails, the V12 can be configured to suit with choice of multipins, breakouts and sub-snakes. Its modular design lets users reconfigure the snake as system requirements change. Priced from $3,500 USD. AES Booth #1628, 604/942-1001,

Zaolla Telecaster Guitar Cable

Fender Telecaster guitars use recessed insert jacks that don’t accept standard right-angle male plugs. Zaolla’s new universal right angle plug fits into a Tele or any other standard ¼-inch phone input. The design lets the cable run close to the guitar body and under the strap, preventing accidental contact with mic stands etc, which have been known to snap off straight plugs during performance. Zaolla’s exclusive use of solid, single-grain conductors provides signal clarity in any application. AES Booth #1331. 714/736-9167,

CD/DVD Duplicators/Recorders

Alesis CD Twin

This stand-alone 52x audio/data CD duplicator makes one-button CD copies and compilations from several audio Cds and data backup from your PC or Mac via USB. Stereo line outputs and a headphone jack allow audio monitoring. The unit supports CD-R and CD-RW discs, and audio CD, data CD, VCD, CD-1, CD+G and Photo-CD formats. Retail: $399. 401/658-5760,

Disc Makers MacElite

This large-capacity, high-throughput, unattended disc duplication/printing system for the Mac OS features an easy-to-use, custom Mac interface that lets users design disc label artwork, copy Cds and DVDs, and archive images of frequently copied titles to their hard drive. The systems include the 4800 dpi Autograph6 inkjet disc printer, and are available with one or two CD-R or DVD-R drives. The one-drive MacElite1 is easily upgradeable. MacElite duplicators connect to G4 and G5 Mac systems via FireWire and USB. Prices start at just $2,990 for a 52x CD-R model and $3,690 for an 8x DVD-R/48x CD-R duplicator/printer. AES Booth #1433. 800/468-9353,

MF Digital 5906EC LIVE

The new 5906EC LIVE combination recorder/duplicator system allows easy recording from virtually any mixer or other analog or digital source right to the EC Live hard disk and then almost instantaneous output to six to 60 disc copies at once. This powerful, yet easy-to-use system is ideally suited for recording church and school events, seminars, lectures, concerts, legal depositions, or any application in which multiple audio recordings are instantly needed. Retail: $3,895. 631/249-9393,

Microboards 10-Bay Towers

The DSR DVD-D8810 multidrive DVD/CD duplicator, which uses Pioneer’s 107 speed-selectable DVD/CD recorders, is now available with 10 drives in one easy-to-use unit. You can duplicate up to 60 DVDs or 160 Cds in an hour! A two-line LCD ensures easy detection of errors during the record process, preventing bad disc duplication and monitoring the status of the recording session. The system’s standard 80GB hard drive lets users archive up to 10 images or perform CD track extraction for audio compilation Cds. At high (8x) duplication speed, DVD images are automatically cached to the hard drive before duplication to ensure recording stability. Retail: $1,595. AES Booth #340. 952/556-1600,

Minnetonka discWelder CHROME II

discWelder CHROME II offers an extensive and innovative feature set for the production of highly interactive DVD-Audio discs for release to market, including import of all linear PCM formats supported in the DVD-A specification, MLP import, our exclusive “gapless” PCM playback, “gapless” MLP playback and DSD audio conversion. We provide user-defined menu graphics, a hierarchy of multiple selections menus, slideshow graphics to accompany audio tracks, automatic mirroring of the video zone, DLT output and video_ts import for “hybrid” DVD-A/V-formatting capability. Retail: $2,995. 952/449-6481,

Computer Peripherals

Digigram LCM420

Part of Digigram’s LCM range of sound cards, the LCM420, with four balanced analog outputs and two balanced analog inputs, is designed for live-assist applications. (The second stereo output may serve as cue output.) Full-duplex, offering simultaneous and independent record and playback capabilities. Real-time, simultaneous MPEG Layer-I and Layer-II compression and decompression during record and playback. Retail: $1,260. Only available to Digigram OEM development partners.

Digigram PCX1222HR

Part of Digigram’s PCX range of sound cards and inspired by the widely deployed PCX822v2, the PCX1222HR takes mission-critical live-assist systems from four to six stereo outputs in a short-length PCI format (plus one stereo input). 24-bit/192kHz converters, 66MHz/64-bit PCI interface, extremely powerful DSP, comprehensive set of drivers (Digigram np, WDM DirectSound, .WAV, ASIO); hardware sample rate converter for recording a digital signal with a sample frequency different than the internal clock, companion board connector for Digigram or custom add-on cards, and optional breakout box. Retail: $3,960. Only available to Digigram OEM development partners. AES Booth #1236. 703/875-9100,

Echo Digital Audio Gina3G

Multitrack digital audio recording interface for desktop computers. Two analog inputs with mic preamps, six analog outputs, and S/PDIF I/O, ADAT I/O, MIDI I/O. Retail: $349.

Echo Digital Audio Layla3G

Multitrack digital audio recording interface for desktop computers. Eight analog inputs/outputs with two mic preamps, S/PDIF I/O, ADAT I/O and MIDI I/O. Retail: $499. 805/684-4593,

Gefen Dual-Link DVI Switcher

The ex-tend-it Dual-Link DVI Switcher is a 2×1 switch that alternates access between two digital video sources. It switches USB 2.0 peripherals and is geared toward new Apple display systems using DVI for video displays. Retail: $499.

Gefen CAT5-1000 DVI

The ex-tend-it CAT5-1000 DVI is an upgraded KVM extender that extends a DVI monitor and USB keyboard/mice and audio hundreds of feet from the computer for working in a safe, quiet location. Retail: $695. AES Booth #726. 818/884-6294,

M-Audio Revolution 5.1

M-Audio’s $99 Revolution 5.1 PC/Mac soundcard brings surround audio to the home computer, and features six simultaneous discrete outs (5.1) on three ⅛-inch stereo jacks at up to 192kHz/24-bit resolution. A S/PDIF digital out provides Dolby Digital and DTS passthrough to a capable decoder. A control panel handles bass management and other adjustments, and the package includes SRS TruSurround XT and SRS Circle Surround II.

Studio Network Solutions globalSAN

The SNS globalSAN is the storage solution for facilities that require a significant upgrade in networking performance, but do not have the budget for a Fibre Channel SAN or point-to-point WAN connectivity. Built on SNS’ new ISANMP volume-sharing software, an ISCSI protocol that enables rapid and efficient transport of block-level I/O data over high-speed Ethernet, globalSAN works with Windows and Mac OS X systems and is the first such product available to Mac users. Prices vary with configuration.

Studio Network Solutions ISANMP

SNS’ ISANMP software is a solution for facilities that need to share audio and video files over Ethernet. Built on the ISCSI protocol, ISANMP is an IP-based storage-networking standard that enables rapid and efficient transport of block-level I/O data over high-speed Ethernet. ISANMP works in conjunction with SNSí globalSAN, which can be used with both Windows and Mac OS X systems and is the first such product available to Mac users. Prices vary with configuration. AES Booth #1244. 877/537-2094,

TerraTec Phase 24 FireWire

Phase 24 FireWire is a 2-in/4-out FireWire audio interface with MIDI and digital I/O. Retail $249. 603/766-0497,

Computer Software

Ableton Live 4

Live 4 brings full MIDI and DAW functionality to this acclaimed live music performance recording/sequencing software. Among a wealth of other features Live 4 adds a host of virtual instruments along with its powerful onboard effects and adds full VSTi and Audio Units support, while still catering to the improvisional and live users.

Apple Logic Pro 7

Apple’s Logic Pro 7 sequencing/workstation package features Logic Node, a plug-and-play solution that provides the ability to tap networked computers for more audio processing power. The result is more processing power than was previously unimaginable for native-based systems. Users can now open GarageBand files in Logic, for even more flexibility. Logic Pro 7 expands its collection of instruments and effect plug-ins with the Sculpture component modeling synthesizer, Ultrabeat drum machine and Guitar Amp Pro modeling plug-in. AES Booth #910. 408/996-1010,

BIAS Peak 4.1

Mastering & Restoration Edition

Includes Peak 4.1 Professional audio mastering, sample editing and audio processing; JAM 6 — Advanced Red Book CD authoring and CD burning/premastering application; SFX Machine LT, a creative sound design plug-in with 21 customizable presets; SoundSoap Pro, broadband noise reduction, click and crackle removal, hum and rumble removal and a noise gate for a final polish — four restoration tools in one intuitive plug-in! SuperFreq: 4, 6, 8 and 10-band, pro paragraphic mastering equalizer plug-ins. Retail: $899. AES Booth #432. 707/782-1872,

Cakewalk SONAR 4 Producer Edition

SONAR Producer Edition has a well-earned reputation for delivering powerful production tools in a fast, streamlined user interface. With new Version 4, Cakewalk has added powerful recording, editing, comping and navigation tools that optimize workflow for today’s pro. In addition, Version 4 combines innovative surround and A/V capabilities along with precise engineering tools, making SONAR 4 Producer Edition the definitive audio production environment on the Windows platform. Retail: $959. AES Booth #1434. 617/423-9004,

Cycling ’74 Max/MSP 4.5

Max has been the premier environment for the development of interactive media and live performance applications for more than a decade. Max lets users build programs (called patches) by connecting graphical objects together. Some objects perform calculations and others make up the user interface of the program. MSP adds a large set of objects that connect together to make audio patches where signals flow from one object to the next. And the Jitter collection of objects allows the user to create video or 3-D graphics patches or work with any matrix-based data. Retail: $495. AES Booth #728. 415/974-1818,

Minnetonka SurCode for Dolby Pro Logic II

The best way to encode 5.1 surround for stereo delivery formats. SurCode for Dolby Pro Logic II matrix encoder lets broadcasters, game developers, video producers and audio pros easily encode 5.1 surround mixes into stereo sound files. Surround ambiences, sound effects and music stems can all be pre-encoded for delivery within stereo cues and the resulting mix is completely stereo-compatible. Retail: $495. 952/449-6481,

Sound Toys EchoBoy

The only pro echo for Pro Tools, EchoBoy effortlessly creates tempo-locked drum delays with thick saturation, slapback delays that rock on guitars and lush echoes that transform a lacking performance. EchoBoy puts you in control of tape saturation, wobble, ducking and cut, as well as full control over the echo rhythm pattern. Lock-to-MIDI clock or tap in the tempo and EchoBoy will groove with your music all night long. Available in mono or stereo delay configurations. Analog Distortion mode for added warmth or “dirt”; zero to four-second delay with zero-to-infinite repeats. Retail: $495. AES Booth #913. 802/951-9700,

Soundminer File Management

Soundminer is a fast, elegant Mac-based file-management system compatible with all major DAWs. It supports all major audio formats, cataloging from any local or network drives, clip editors, spotting, batch transfers, VST plug-in processing, the digitizing of commercial SFX Cds, multiterminal networking and remote systems access. New at AES is Webminer, a cross-platform option to a Soundminer Server that provides any Web browser access to the same Soundminer search functionality as the Mac application. Retail: $995, USD. AES Booth #1635. In Canada: 416/644-1066,

Spectrasonics Stylus RMX

The Stylus RMX real-time groove module is a completely new virtual instrument plug-in that vastly expands on Spectrasonics’ best-selling Stylus plug-in. Developed with Spectrasonics’ powerful new S.A.G.E.™ technology, Stylus RMX features the unique Chaos Designer™ real-time loop manipulation for creating loops that can improvise, a massive new core library of sounds, multi-output/multitimbral capability, integrated racks of professional effects, mixer, Groove Control and REX file expansion, real-time host tempo/beat sync, drag-and-drop MIDI and more. Retail: $299. AES Booth #1038. 818/955-8481,

Steinberg Cubase SX 3.0

Cubase SX 3.0 is a complete audio and MIDI music creation and production environment for songwriting, recording, editing, mixing and remixing. It incorporates virtual instruments and plug-ins, as well as connects and organizes outboard music and recording hardware. Among 70 new features are Play Order Track, In-Place MIDI Editing, Time Warp (real-time time stretching and pitch shifting), external hardware plug-ins and Yamaha Studio Connections. Retail: $799.99. AES Booth #226. 877/253-3900,

Synthogy Ivory

Three Concert Grands in one custom-built piano engine: This is the largest, most skillfully designed sample-based piano Virtual instrument to date, bringing out the resonance, response and character of Bösendorfer, Steinway and Yamaha grand pianos. Nearly 30 GB of samples are combined with Synthogy’s exclusive sample playback engine, with sample interpolation for ultra-smooth velocity transitions and string resonance DSPs for realistic damper pedal responses. Plus built-in effects, custom controller velocity mapping and more. Retail: $349. Dist. by Ilio. 818/707-7222,

USB Sounds Ultra Focus

This massive sample-based virtual instrument, powered by USB Sounds’ next-generation UVI-Engine, is packed with 8 GB of sounds designed using legendary synths, all in one multiplatform plug-in. In the past, it took a mountain of expensive gear to accomplish what Ultra Focus can do today: classic analog, FM, wavetable, vector, additive, PCM synths and many more treasures have been captured in a way that often improves on the original, providing more than 2,000 inspiring presets. Retail: $399. Dist. by Ilio. 818/707-7222,

Virtual Katy VK Premium

Virtual Katy gives Pro Tools users massive workflow gains. Spend 80% less time on synching picture edit changes. Automate painful, time-consuming update and conform sessions. New to the market, Virtual Katy is already the “go-to” technology for sound editors such as Mike Hopkins of The Lord of the Rings and Lee Herrick of Bridget Jones’ Diary. The Virtual Katy software compares the differences between two or more versions of a picture edit and creates a “ChangeList EDL” to represent the changes between these versions. Using the “VK AutoConformer,” Virtual Katy then re-confroms your Pro Tools session and updates your data from the ChangeList EDL in a fraction of the time it would take to do a manual conform. Retail: $3,495. AES Booth #218. 617/266-2471,

Digital Converters

Benchmark ADC1

The ADC1 is a 2-channel, 24-bit, 192kHz A/D audio converter. As with the companion DAC1, the ADC1 pushes the limits of conversion technology and yet maintains an affordable price point. A simultaneous secondary output provides 44.1- or 48kHz output with a switch-selectable 16- or 24-bit word length resolution. This output is intended for safety backup recordings. The secondary output has the same quality as and is fully independent from the main outputs in sample rate and word length. Retail: $1,725. AES Booth #1230. 315/437-6300,

PreSonus Firepod

The Firepod is a complete 24-bit/96k recording studio combining eight high-quality PreSonus microphone preamplifiers, 24-bit/96k sample rate conversion and, as an added bonus, Steinberg’s Cubase LE 48-track recording software. The perfect hardware and software combination to deliver professional quality at an amazing $799.95 retail. AES Booth #1413. 225/216-7887,

Prism ADA-8 XR

The XR will take you to a whole new realm of possibilities. It utilizes the latest in converter technology, providing you with the ultimate in performance and flexibility. This — combined with numerous expansion cards, enhanced clock stability and sampling rates from 32k to 192k — make the ADA-8 XR the only choice for your production. Retail: $10,000.

Prism ADA-8 XR FireWire Expansion Card

The ADA-8 XR FireWire expansion card provides the user with the choice to utilize popular software packages with the ADA-8 XR multichannel converter, opening up a whole new realm of performance and possibilities. Retail: $1,286. AES Booth #515. 973/983-9577,

Disk-Based Recorders/Editors

Alienware OZMA-m DAW

A highly portable sound environment optimized for recording and editing applications, OZMA-m DAWs are made-to-order machines constructed with top-of-the-line components. Each system has an M-Audio Firewire 410 audio card, NVIDIA Quadro FX Go1000 graphics card and comes installed with your choice of software from Cakewalk, Steinberg, Sony, and Adobe. Retail: $3,405. 305/251-9797,

Digital Audio Wave

DAWin 6400 Mobile 64-Bit PC DAW

DAWin 6400 is the first 17-inch LCD 64-bit Mobile PC DAW system intended to fulfill the most demanding digital audio processing, editing and mastering needs. The DAWin 6400 is powered by a 32- and 64-bit capable AMD Athlon™ 64 processor for desktop replacement (DTR) notebooks and an ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 (M11-P/graphics accelerator chip with a stunning 128MB DDR video RAM). The crisp, bright 17-inch WXGA+ display gives the DAWin-64M eye-popping visual characteristics, rivaling those of high-end workstations. Retail: $1,995.

Digital Audio Wave DAWin QB-4

The DAWin QB-4 is a specialized DAW computer system with one AGP8X and three full-length PCI slots, a standard 8-in-1 card reader, and 300W power supply, the limiting factors of small form-factor systems become history. With its sound-insulated side panels, baffled vents and hybrid plastic/aluminum sandwich case material, it delivers quiet and stable operation for demanding audio/video projects. 713/977-2746,

Doremi V1 Video Disk Recorder

With a DAW, the V1 video disk recorder offers instant access, frame-accurate chase and the power to scrub in perfect sync within DAW sessions. Retail: $4,000.

Doremi Multichannel Video Server

Doremi’s MCS Video Server allows multiple DAW operators to work on the same video project. The MCS Server offers instant access, field-accurate digital video with the power to scrub in perfect sync within the DAW session. The new ListMaker software provides effortless management and sharing of the video files. Retail: $15,000. AES Booth #1520. 818/562-1101,

iZ Technology RADAR 24 V. 3.3

New Version 3.3 software for RADAR 24 features CD burning, high quality SRC, Ethernet control and FAT32/HFS drive format support for exporting/importing BWAV audio. RADAR 24 supports rates up to 192kHz on 73GB removable SCSI drives with expansion up to 2 TB. Other features: DVD-RAM, DVD-R, CD-R combo drive backup, Iomega REV backup drive support, Ethernet, XGA output, professional remote, 24-channel meter bridge, 114GB additional disk storage, word, video, SMPTE, MTC, 9-pin, Soundmaster, MMC, RADAR Link and two card slots for optional 24-channel digital I/O. AES Booth #235. In Canada: 800/776-1356,

Nagra V

Two-channel recorder designed for television, film and documentary work. Records 16- or 24-bit linear PCM data at selectable sampling frequencies up to 96 kHz on a removable hard disk. Packed with features such as pre-record, camera return monitoring, timecode with chase synchronizer, routable inputs, internal hard drive storage and audio limiter circuitry, the Nagra V is a flexible, affordable answer to location recording. Post-production-compatible BWF files. AES Booth #1325. In Switzerland:+41 21-732-0101,

Open Labs OMX64 Extreme

Perfect for users of Nuendo, Cubase, Project 5, Traktion and other Windows-based audio apps, the OMX64 has Dual AMD Opteron processors for recording more than 48 simultaneous tracks at 24/96 or more than 96 simultaneous tracks at 24-bit/48 kHz. I/Os include eight 1/4-inch I/Os, two XLR preamp ins, two XLR outs, two ADAT I/O, S/PDIF I/O and word clock. Four 250GB drives and a 80GB startup drive are standard as are 4 GB of RAM. Four PCI-X and a PCI Legacy slot and more than 1,000 sounds and effects are included.

Open Labs OMX64 LE

The OMX64 LE is a cost-effective way to integrate a high-performance, rugged DAW into any setup and is offered without any audio I/O. Users can utilize existing system components they already have or alternatives to our standard options. More than 1,000 sounds and effects are bundled with the OMX64 Ultra for use right out of the box. The OMX64 LE is the perfect DAW for all MIDI controllers from M-Audio, Evolution, Novation and many others. AES Booth #115. 512/444-6222,

Roland VS-2000CD

The VS-2000CD Digital Studio Workstation is Roland’s first V-Studio with plug-in support. The VS-2000CD boasts 20 recording tracks, eight XLR inputs, an optional VGA output with mouse-based graphical editing, plus a 40GB hard drive, CD-RW drive, USB 2.0 and more — making it an incredible value. And with support for the optional VS8F-3 Plug-In Effect Expansion Board, the VS-2000CD lets musicians tap into the power of plug-in effects from Roland and optional third-party plug-ins. 323/890-3700,

Sound Devices 744T

The high-resolution 744T is an ultracompact file-based audio recorder with timecode. The 4-track 744T records and plays at either 24- or 16-bit, with all professional sample rates from 32 kHz to 192 kHz. Writing to either its internal 40GB hard drive or to Compact Flash, the 744T generates industry-standard AES31 BWF mono or polyphonic audio files. In addition, MP3-format files can be written and played. NP-80 Lion camcorder batteries power the unit. Retail: $4,295. AES Booth #1334. 608/524-0625,

Zaxcom Deva V Hard Disk Recorder

Deva V is a 10-track, 192kHz hard disk audio recorder with a dynamic range of 123 dB. Retail: $12,950. AES Booth #1140. 973/835-5000,


ADAM Audio P33A

These offer the advantages of ADAM’s unique mirrored S3-A design at a lower price. One woofer acts as a full-range driver with the second woofer joining it only below 150Hz for exceptional low end without compromising midrange performance. The P33-A is mag shielded, has three onboard 100W amps and can be used either horizontally or vertically. Response is 34 Hz to 35k Hz. AES Demo Room #232. 805/413-1133,

A-Line Acoustics AL10

Offering powerful performance, compact-size and quick, easy setup, the 2×10-inch AL10 2-way enclosures feature Line Source Replication for maximum projection and detail. Integrated patent pending EZAL hardware makes quick and easy position of each enclosure from 0° to 19° whole flying or stacked. Four stacked wheel boards (four high up to 16 boxes) can be loaded inside the width of a standard trailer taking up about 3 feet in length. Power (program): 160w HF/800w LF; max SPL: 129 dB; response: 75-18k Hz. Retail: $3,900.

A-Line Acoustics LS218

Optimized for flat, linear frequency response from 45-200Hz, the front-loaded, 2×18-inch, LS218 subwoofer is the preferred choice for symphonic, jazz and other musical applications where natural acoustical response is desired. Rated at 2800 watts program, the low-profile, truck-packing friendly LS218 features separate sealed chambers for greater efficiency and higher output. Built-in wheels offer easy maneuverability. Retail: $1,849. 814/663-0600,

Bag End E-Trap

Designers of control rooms and studios employ large acoustical bass traps to dampen low-frequency modal resonances. The E-Trap is a physically small, electronic, tunable bass trap that offers easy electronic adjustment of parameters, allowing resonance dampening and a flattening of the frequency response. Independent of the monitor loudspeaker system, the E-Trap can be used to improve low-frequency acoustics in a room with or without a sound system. Retail: $1,195.


The INFRA-MXB is single-rackspace stereo electronic crossover with mono-sum INFRA bass processing. The MXB low-frequency output offers dual integration and dynamic filter protection. Surface-mount technology construction throughout and an improved grounding scheme ensures high performance and low noise. MXB dual integrators provide flat response down to 8 Hz when used with Bag End INFRA Series bass speaker systems. Outputs are low-impedance and balanced. Retail: $1,180. AES Booth #1625. 847/382-4550,

Blue Sky MediaDesk

Blue Sky’s entry-level 2.1 system, MediaDesk offers full-range monitoring on the desktop and is optimized for computer-based audio production. Easily expandable to a 5.1 system as with all of our systems, MediaDesk 2.1 incorporates two ultracompact two-way satellite speakers, each featuring a high-quality 4-inch driver and a 1-inch tweeter, along with a dedicated 8-inch powered sub and bass management system. Retail: $499; a 5.1 upgrade includes three more satellites and the amp/control module for an additional $499. AES Booth #725. Dist. by Group One. 516/249-1399,

Celestion FTR Loudspeakers

FTR is a new range of 15- and 18-inch loudspeakers available in 600W and 1,000W models. The FTR range incorporates a number of patent-pending technologies that significantly lower distortion and improve heat transfer for better reliability and power handling. Retail: $395. AES Booth #725. Dist. by Group One Ltd. 516/249-1399,

Community I/O Series

The I/O 5 and I/O 8 compact two-way systems can outperform competitive 10-in format systems and handle a full 100 watts of power. Both speakers offer high sensitivity and high power handling to allow dynamic, realistic sound reproduction over their full operation range. Features: compact 90°×50° speakers; I/O 5T and I/O 8T with multitap transformer; five-way binding posts for easy and secure installation; injection-molded cabinet; polypropylene LF cones for all-weather use; powder-coated metallic grilles; suitable for indoor and outdoor applications; Infini-Ball mounting bracket for infinite positioning; and a five-year warranty. Retail: $98. AES Booth #1410. 610/876-3400,

Dynaudio Acoustics AIR Base 12

AIR Base 12 is a new active subwoofer in the AIR Series that features an original 12-inch driver that was specifically designed for low-frequency reproduction and extremely tight impulse response. AIR Base 12 features a 500-watt amplifier and a frequency response of 22 Hz to 200 Hz. Retail: $3,595.

Dynaudio Acoustics BM 5A

The BM 5A is a self-powered, compact pro monitor that delivers high performance and state-of-the-art technology at an affordable price. The two-way active speaker is powered by two 50-watt amps and operates within a 50 to 21k Hz frequency response. Designed with a 6.7-inch woofer and 1-inch soft-dome tweeter, BM 5A delivers the exquisite clarity and performance that is characteristic of all Dynaudio Acoustics’ studio monitors. Its small footprint makes it well-suited for project studios, edit suites, broadcast vans and other situations in which there is little room for the monitor setup. Retail: $1,250/pair. AES Demo Room 210. Dist. by TC Electronic. 805/665-4900,

Eastern Acoustic Works JFXi Series

EAW adds six new models into its JFX Series of portable two-way loudspeakers. The JFX100i, JFX200i, JFX260i, JFX290i, JFX560i and JFX590i incorporate new woofers using EAW’s new Orbital Magnet Array that uses small magnets around the voice coil and pole. This enhances airflow through the magnet structure for reduced power compression, a more consistent magnetic field, less distortion and better transients. All JFX products feature unique multi-angle enclosures that work equally well on stands, walls, floors and ceilings, and a complete range of hardware options. AES Booth #1218. 508/234-6158,

Everything But the Box Terra II

Terra II is unique, handcrafted passive near-field monitor. It is phase-aligned with changeable tilt of the front baffle and has a high-frequency passive equalizer, anti-vibration suspension system and solid brass HF horn. Terra II has an extremely true sound and uniform dispersion. In Bulgaria: +359 (52) 600172,

Genelec 8030A Active Monitor System

This two-way, bi-amplified audio monitor features a 5-inch woofer and 3/4-inch tweeter, each with 40-watt amplifers. Operating Bandwidth of 55 to 20k Hz. Minimum diffraction enclosure, Iso-Pod speaker mount, advanced DCW and all-new electronics and drivers. Retail: $595.

Genelec 8040A Active Monitor System

This two-way, bi-amplified audio monitor features a 6.5-inch woofer and ¾-inch tweeter, each with 90-watt amplifiers. Operating bandwidth of 45 to 20k Hz. 105 dB SPL. Minimum diffraction enclosure, iso-pod speaker mount, advanced DCW and all-new electronics and drivers. Retail: $1,150.

Genelec 8050A Active Monitor System

This two-way, bi-amplified audio monitor features an 8-inch woofer, 1-inch tweeter. 150W woofer, 120W tweeter, operating bandwidth of 35 to 21k Hz, 110dB peak output. Minimum diffraction enclosure, iso-pod speaker mount, advanced DCW and all-new electronics and drivers. Retail: $2,050. AES Demo Room 220. 508/652-0900,


The LSR6325P Studio Monitor provides ultra-accurate response and exceptional SPL capability in a compact form factor. The system incorporates features to minimize the detrimental effect on response caused by the acoustic properties of the room, making it ideal for stereo and surround recording, post-production and broadcast systems. The LSR6325P Studio Monitor combines JBL’s latest transducer and system technologies with LSR (Linear Spatial Reference) design to provide greater accuracy at the mix position. Retail: $399.

JBL SRX700 Series

Comprising seven system configurations, the SRX700 Series offers an unprecedented combination of advanced audio technologies. Compared to previous and competitive products, many SRX700 models actually weigh 30% to 50% less — yet without any loss of power or performance. The result is a mid-sized portable P.A. system that brings a new level of convenience to the user while improving the high level of sound quality for which JBL has long been known. Retail price (each): SRX712M, $1,199; SRX715, $1,499; SRX718S, $999; SRX722, $1,799; SRX725, $1,949; SRX728S, $1,599; and SRX738, $1,999. AES Booth #909. 800/852-5776,

JSX Sound Design Speaker System

The SD loudspeaker system was designed to translate mix stage and exhibition theater system properties to a smaller scale such as those found in sound design and screening rooms while retaining cinema-standard measures of accuracy, frequency response, soundfield dimensions and dynamic range. Major features include adjustable screen wall baffles, Class-A amplification, horn-driven HF, 3-subwoofer array and proprietary DSP algorithms. AES Booth #1638. 707/766-7400,

Klein+Hummel PRO M 1012/Monitor Mixer/Controller

Surround control and bass management. Up to 7.1 with additional stereo near-field system switching between different surround loudspeaker setups (i.e., music or cinema). Assignable HP/LP X-over functions, individually controllable for each channel, with unique X-over frequencies/slopes created by adding additional filter modules. Fully variable bass routing configurable for each channel. Fully variable LFE routing, such as to dedicated subwoofer(s), or LFE redirection to satellite speakers. Four-step phase adjustment (0, -60, -120, -180) for accurate sub/satellite alignment. All kinds of downmixes are possible, such as 7.1-to-5.1, 5.1 and stereo. Retail: $7,000.

Klein+Hummel O900W

This magnetically shielded high-performance studio subwoofer features two extra-long-excursion 12-inch woofers, extremely low-frequency, highly articulate and accurate bass with excellent impulse response reproduction down to 17 Hz (-1.5 dB), and maximum sound pressure with remarkably low distortion. It is an excellent low-frequency complement to the Klein+Hummel studio monitor models O300D, O400 and O500C. Retail: $3,000. AES Booth #1232. 301/888-2426,

Meyer 700-HP Subwoofer

The 700-HP ultrahigh-power subwoofer was designed to meet the need for high-power reproduction of drums and percussive instruments in popular music, while meeting all of the practical logistical demands of touring. Two Meyer Sound-designed/manufactured 18-inch cone drivers produce its operating frequency range of 28 Hz to 150 Hz. As a self-powered system, the 700-HP’s components are designed as a unified system, optimizing performance.

Meyer MILO 120

A variation on the popular MILO high-power curvilinear loudspeaker, the self-powered MILO 120 is a compact, lightweight four-way system providing 120° of horizontal/20° of vertical coverage. The MILO 120 loudspeaker is the perfect downfill complement for standard MILO or M3D line array loudspeaker systems or in other fill applications that can be satisfied by one or two cabinets. MILO 120 can also be used by itself to form wide-coverage arrays. AES Booth #1512. 510/486-1166,

Nexo NX242

The NX242 Digital TD controller is a proprietary advanced digital processor that lets Nexo loudspeakers achieve exceptional performance and reliability. The NX242 provides crossover, sensed amplifier control and system alignment acoustically matched to each component in Nexo Geo, PS and Alpha products. NX242’s complex software algorithms combine this calibrated data with sensed voltage and current measurements to precisely control the temperature and displacement of each driver; ensuring that all Nexo systems deliver optimum sonic performance. AES Booth # 222. Retail: $2,850. 415/482-6600,

NHT Pro M-20

The M-20 near/mid-field monitor features a flat, wide baffle across the tweeter and a narrower baffle surrounding the low-distortion woofer. NHT’s XdA DEQX-calibrated amplifier/processor sends up to 150W to each of the four drivers in a 2-channel system. The XdA will have four presets for different boundary conditions. Room correction and multiband parametric EQ will be available in the near future as a software add-on. Retail: $3,000.

NHT Pro M-80

The M-80 tracking monitor features two 8-inch woofers, two 2-inch dome midranges and a 1-inch dome tweeter. The woofers will be magnesium cone models, and the midranges and tweeters will be driven by NHT’s XdA 250W amplifier with DEQX-calibrated DSP processing. Each channel of the amplifier will drive the woofers. This amplifier will also be used as a subwoofer amplifier to drive the S-80 sub (included with the system). Also included are four boundary positions (selectable), parametric EQ and room correction. Retail: $5,000. AES Booth #208. 800/648-9993,

Quested S6

Quested will unveil the S6, a new compact studio monitor retailing at $695. See it at AES Booth #215. In England:+44 (1404) 41500,

SLS PL6/PL6C Series

Offering enhanced sonic performance for in-wall and in-ceiling installs, both new models include a PRD Planar Ribbon HF driver and a polycomposite woofer with Santoprene surround, which provide the extended frequency range necessary for the accurate playback of high definition music. In addition, the system offers uniform coverage over the entire frequency range with an extra-wide “sweet spot” for maximum full-range coverage.

SLS PS8R Powered Studio Monitor

Building on the award-winning S8R line of studio monitors, the new PS8R powered studio monitor uses a unique amplifier topology that lowers distortion, increases bandwidth, and improves noise performance over traditional amplifier techniques while maintaining high efficiency. Additionally, each amplifier has been customized and matched to power the S8R drivers with appropriate headroom, damping, and uniform response. AES Booth #341. 417/883-4549,

Tannoy TS12 Subwoofer

Tannoy has now added a more powerful version — the TS12 — that’s designed to enhance the performance of stereo or multichannel loudspeaker systems. Despite the TS12’s high power and very low-frequency performance, the external dimensions are not much more than 1 cubic foot in size, including the attractive coned-shaped spiked feet. The TS12 is a 22-liter, closed-box design with a down-firing 12-inch woofer driven by a 500-watt RMS amplifier. AES Booth #327-B, 214. In Canada: 519/745-1158,

Tascam VL-S21 Monitor System

This low-cost monitoring solution pairs two thin satellite speakers with a powered subwoofer for home recording/edit suite/multimedia use. The powered left and right speakers use NXT-technology single drivers that provide wide dispersion, uniform frequency response and reduced room interaction, offering full-range sound in an astoundingly small package — ideal for laptop/desktop production. Retail: $129. AES Booth #902. 323/726-0303,

Trident LS-102 Monitors

The new Trident LS102 features two white coned, 4-inch low/mid drivers and a 1-inch dome tweeter. The magnetic-shielded design is perfect for DAW users working in restricted space. Power handling capability of the monitor is 50-watt RMS at 4 ohms and the dual gold-plated speaker terminals allow for bi-wiring. The cabinets are finished in black vinyl and intended for stereo near-field and surround applications. The frequency response is from 30 to 22k Hz with a very low distortion rating. Dimensions: 17×12×7 inches; weight is 20 pounds each. Retail: $540. AES Booth #543. In England: +44 (1474) 815300,

Turbosound Aspect Series

Turbosound’s Aspect Series is its most efficient loudspeaker design, scalable for small clubs and auditoriums, to arenas and stadiums. Incorporates many patented concepts such as the system’s Polyhorn™ designs. These are applied at both high and high-mid frequencies, and comprise equal-path-length, multisection waveguides that create a phase-coherent wavefront. Due to the design’s tightly focused point-and-shoot directivity, it permits individual wavefronts to coincide seamlessly with the physical curvature of an array and to minimize comb filtering effects between adjacent cabinets. Dist. by Sennheiser. 860/434-9190,

Wharfedale Diamond Studio Pro Monitors

The Diamond Studio Pro Active 8.1 and 8.2 are pro monitors based on Wharfedale’s acclaimed consumer speakers, with 5- or 8-inch shielded Kevlar woofers, 1-inch dome HF and onboard bi-amping. A profiled phase plug improves the off-axis performance to project an excellent stereo image across a wide listening area. 508/850-3950,

Microphone Preamplifiers

ADK Preamp

Handmade in the U.S., Class-A discrete solid-state preamp with unique “open-ended” architecture that allows for swappable op amps. With toroidal power supply, this half-rack preamp is designed to fit a full rackspace with its companion solid-state compressor. Both have five-year parts and labor warranty and are a perfect complement to an ADK or other quality condenser microphone. Retail: $1,199. AES Booth #843. 360/566-9400,

Audio-Technica AT2020

Audio-Technica’s AT2020 establishes new price/performance standards in side-address studio condenser microphones. Its low-mass diaphragm is custom-engineered for extended frequency response and superior transient response. With low self-noise for digital recording and rugged construction for durable performance, the microphone offers a wide dynamic range and handles high SPLs with ease. The AT2020: the new standard for affordable side-address studio condensers. AES Booth #1302. 330/686-2600,

Aviom AN-16/i-M Mic Input Module

The AN-16/i-M is a 3U-high mic and line-level input device that allows mic level signals to be used with Aviom’s AN Series products to create digital snakes and with the Personal Monitor Mixing System. The AN-16/i-M has 16 mic preamps with 24-bit A/D converters. Individual phantom power, phase invert, highpass filter and gain control are also provided. Sixteen XLR thru connectors create a built-in microphone splitter. Each channel also has balanced insert send/return points. Retail: $1,999. AES Booth #642. 610/738-9005,

BLUE Robbie Preamp

This Class-A discrete tube mic/instrument preamp has a 10-100k Hz response, sports balanced in/outs and provides 68 dB of gain through its ECC88 tube gain stage. On the rear, the 7-pound unit offers switchable phantom power, a -20dB pad, polarity reverse switch and input for the external power supply. Retail: $1,299. AES Booth #1619, 818/879-5200,

Buzz Audio ARC1.1

The ARC1.1 is a outboard channel strip combining a mic/line preamp, equalizer, compressor and limiter in one box. Intended for vocal recording and processing, the ARC is a useful tool for all sorts of recording and mixing applications. With all of the connection and routing options available, the ARC may be used as a separate mic preamp, DI box, equalizer and compressor/limiter (optionally with sidechain EQ) all at the same time. Retail: $3,000 USD. AES Booth #339. In New Zealand: +64-4-3852478,

Cadac M16

Remote-Controlled Analog Mic Amp

The M16 meets the demand for a high-quality remote microphone amplifier for seamless interoperation with all types of analog and digital consoles and DAWs. Designed for live, broadcast and recording needs, the M16 integrates directly with Cadac’s new D16 Digital Mix Matrix, and up to 16 M16 units can be controlled within a single system. Remote control is optional via the RM16 remote or Cadac’s SAM software. The M16 is a flexible, high-quality system for every console, offering the classic Cadac sound. AES Booth #302. In England: +44 (1582) 404202,

Daking Mic-Pre IV

Four channels of Class-A preamps in a 1U chassis and outboard universal power supply. Configured for four mic inputs or four line inputs from XLR/TRS Neutrik Combo jacks on the back, plus four line inputs on the front. Continuously variable gain control on each input, aluminum knobs and 20-segment LED level meter with +24dB peak indicator. Switchable mic/line hi-Z instrument, switchable +48V phantom power, switchable input phase and switchable -20dB pad. Retail: $2,895. Booth #602. AES Booth #602. Dist. by Transamerica Audio Group. 702/365-5155,

Drawmer 2032

Single-channel mic/line/instrument preamp and 4-band parametric EQ. Internal power supply. Retail: $3,000. AES Booth #602. Dist. by TransAudio Group. 702/365-5155,

GML Model 2032

GML presents the Model 2032 microphone preamplifier and parametric equalizer. Incorporating the renowned 8300 preamplifier and reference-standard 8200 equalizer, the Model 2032 inherits years of GML engineering excellence. This transparent Class-A discrete design with internal supply delivers reliability, musicality and precision. Now available. Retail: $2,999. AES Booth #602. Dist by Transamerica Audio Group. 702/365-5155,

Joemeek TwinQ

The first in a new generation of Joemeek products, TwinQ is a dual-channel, mic pre/EQ/compressor with built in A/D converters. Mic pre has phantom power, phase reverse and “iron.” The 3-band EQ has sweepable LF/MF; HF is selectable between 6k and 12k Hz. Photo-optical compressor has compression, slope, attack, release and gain make-up controls. VU metering monitors gain reduction or preamp. Outputs: +4dB, -10dB, AES/EBU and S/PDIF. AES Booth #628. Dist. by PMI Audio Group. 310/323-9050,

LavryBlue Microphone Preamplifier

Lavry quality in a 2-channel mic pre module offering clean, transparent, high-end performance. Low noise/low distortion with state-of-the-art common mode performance, each channel gets a double shunt-regulated phantom power and a high drive-discrete output stage. Features: no-nonsense controls and 65 dB of gain in 1dB steps (potentiometer-free design), gain pad and microphone selection (condenser, dynamic or ribbon). A user-friendly, nonvolatile memory-based design. Retail: $968. AES Booth #502. 206/842-3552,

Lipinski Sound “The Gainer” L-408 & L-409

These wide-bandwidth (L-408, 200 kHz; L-409, 80 kHz) mic pre’s feature a first stage with discrete transistors and Class-A circuitry with minimal negative feedback and separate unbalanced output. The second stage uses the fastest available current feedback-integrated amplifiers and has a balanced output. Selecting transformer ratio, setting a particular gain at the first and a separate gain at the second stage gives users an enormous palette of sounds. AES Booth #237. 301/229-4360,

Mercury M76m

Built in the tradition of the highly regarded Telefunken Studio-Mikrofonversarker V76 of the late 1950s/early ’60s, the dual-channel Mercury M76m studio microphone amplifier features all-tube/all-transformer circuitry and adds several features not found on the original classic, such as a transformer balanced line input, high/low-impedance select and an output fader. Features also include stepped attenuation (16 to 76 dB), a -15dB input pad, phase reverse and 48V phantom power. Retail: $4,999. AES Booth #602. Dist. by Transamerica Audio Group. 702/365-5155,

Old School Audio MP1

The MP1 preamp is a Class-A/B discrete, transformer-coupled preamp in the style of classic vintage console microphone preamps from the ’70s. The MP1 preamp comes in four flavors. We achieve this by offering a different type of input transformer for each of the four models, yielding maximum sonic flexibility. Optional transformer-based instrument input available, line-level +4 input is standard. Gain ranging from 25 to 65 dB, headroom of +32 dBm. AES Booth #339. Dist. by Atlas Pro Audio. 866/235-0953,

PreSonus Eureka

This pro recording channel strip has a discrete Class-A transformer-coupled mic preamp, compressor and 3-band parametric EQ. The preamp features variable input impedance so it can be matched and “tuned” for all types of microphones and recording applications. The preamp circuit has a Saturate function that adjusts the drain current on the input FET amp to simulate the effects of tape saturation and tube “warmth.” An AD192 24-bit/192k digital output card is optional. Retail: $699.95. AES Booth #1413. 225/216-7887,

Thermionic Early Bird 2

Stereo tube mic pre and EQ. Balanced push-pull, double triode circuit makes it virtually silent and distortion-free, with very open and clean, yet warm sound. Simple but effective EQ for top, mid bass in the feedback circuit (switchable). The highpass filter has been designed so that it works conventionally at lower settings, but on the two highest settings, it is gentler, providing a mid cut when used with the active bass lift. Retail: $3,300. In England: +44 (1440) 785843,

Tonelux MP1 Remote-Controlled Mic Pre/DI

Discrete, remote-contolled mic preamp/DI featuring direct input on the front panel. The mic in is transformer-coupled in/out, and has a 20dB pad switch (effects both mic and DI), a 48V phantom and polarity switches. The combo XLR/direct input automatically switches to the direct input and switches in the tilt tone control when a ¼-inch plug is inserted. Turned up, the tilt control has a 0 to 6dB boost on the high end while cutting the low end the same. Turned down, tilt boosts LF up to 6 dB and cuts the high end up to 6 dB. Tonelux is a new company from former API head Paul Wolff. Retail: $695. AES Booth #721. 703/730-8800,

Trident 4T Celebration Channel Strip

This year is the 40th anniversary of John Oram’s music business career and he intends to celebrate with various items of new equipment. The foremost item is the 4T Celebration module channel strip issued for the event. A single rackspace of Trident and Oram design excellence and featuring superb mic pre, EQ magic and dynamics with facilities for stereo repro through the unit. An instrument input adds to the flexibility, enabling a single performer to use the system for live performances and sound great. Retail: $999. AES Booth #543. In England: +44 (1474) 815300,

Toft Audio Designs EC1

Housed in a 1U rack with a sculpted aluminum front panel, this single-channel studio channel includes a mic pre with phantom power and phase reverse, a musical 4-band sweep EQ (pre/post compressor) and classic FET compression with attack, release and ratio. VU metering allows monitoring of gain reduction or output level. Designed by Malcolm Toft, the EC1 continues his legacy of high quality recording products. AES Booth #628. Dist. by PMI Audio Group. 310/323-9050,

Tube-Tech MMC-1A

The MMC-1A is a new mic preamp with a multiband tube compressor. It features a no-compromise Lundahl transformer-equipped mic preamp with variable input impedance, 69 dB of gain, a high-impedance instrument input and a line-level input. The MMC-1A also includes a 3-band optical compressor with adjustable crossovers. Retail: $3,995. AES Booth #326. Dist. by TC Electronic. 818/665-4900,

Universal Audio Multichannel Mic Preamps

The 8110 provides eight channels of premium Class-A, all-discrete amplification and is the first analog product from Universal Audio to break from our vintage roots and offer a world-class tool of “ultra fidelity” and still provide musical and warm euphonics. Every channel features dedicated gain and level controls, input and output metering, dual input impedance selection, hi-Z inputs and a three-way Shape switch offering a variable signal path for maximum sonic versatility. The 4110 is a similar product in a 4-channel version. AES Booth #314. 866/823-1176,

Wunder Audio PEQ1R

The PEQ1R is the rackmount version of the PEQ1 Class-A discrete 1970s-style mic pre/EQ with custom-designed mic, line and output transformers. Compared to a 1073, the PEQ1R has more equalizing power with better lows and more presence in the mids and highs that opens up your input signal. Based on modules from a 1971 console for John Paul Jones, the huge Mu-Metal transformers are made on the same winding machine as the original and are 79% nickel. Retail: $2,250. AES Booth #701.512/338-6777,

Microphone Products

ADK CS-1 Handmade Valve Mic

Handcrafted in Belgium, the CS-1 is a Class-A valve (tube) microphone created for vocal and critical instrumental recordings. The CS-1 features a BK-47 or similar European capsule with custom electronics and modified power supply, Swiss Gotham Audio multipin cable and premium flight case. Retail: $2,999. AES Booth #843. 360/566-9400,

AEA R88 Stereo Ribbon Mic

The AEA R88 large ribbon mic is optimized for natural frequency response and precise stereo imaging. Transducers: dual 2-inch ribbons oriented at 90°. Specifications: sensitivity is -52dBV/Pa; response is 20 Hz to 15 kHz (±3 dB); and SPL handling is 165dB SPL. Built-in shock-mount and captive 4-meter cable to two A3M standard XLR connectors. Retail: $1,895. AES Booth #612. 626/798-9128,

AKG C-414 B-XLS and C414 B-XL II

The next generation of AKG’s industry-standard C 414 studio condenser is available in C-414 B-XLS (ultralinear) and C414 B-XL II (transformerless) versions. The new mics have the same pricing as their predecessors, but incorporate many new improvements such as five polar patterns (wide cardioid was added), 6dBA self-noise spec, internal elastic iso capsule-mount, three bass roll-off choices, three-position pad (-6/12/18 dB), +6dB more sensitivity and a provision for future optional remote control of all functions. AES Booth #909. 615/620-3800,

Brauner Phantom V

The Brauner Phantom V is a multipattern phantom-powered microphone voiced with Brauner’s “A” technology for a warm, but very detailed sound. Retail: $1,900. AES Booth #602. Dist. by Transamerica Audio Group. 702/365-5155,

CAD Equitek e1002

This supercardioid electret condenser features a 10 to 18k Hz extended frequency response; 132dB dynamic range; THD <0.15%; 148dB SPL handling; transformerless balanced output circuits; and an internal power reservoir system. Retail: $399. 440/354-3300,

CharterOak SA538 Condenser Mic

Rather than emulating old classics, CharterOak’s SA538 combines a clean and simple electronic design with extremely rigid construction and field serviceability, resulting in a gorgeous-sounding, dependable and consistent dual-diaphragm condenser mic. Frequency response is 20-20k Hz; max SPL is 128 dB; sensitivity of 12 mV/Pa; E.I.N. 22 dB, A-weighted. Polar pattern is variable. Retail: $1,299. 860/698-9794,

DPA Windpac Windshield/Shockmount

The DPA Windpac is an ultra-lightweight, windproof solution for location recording. Fully wind-resistant and simple to operate, it weighs just 9 ounces — 50% less than any other windshield system — with space-saving benefits to match, thanks to a quick and easy dismantling function. AES Booth #1342. 303/823 8878,

Earthworks DrumKit System

The DrumKit™ System provides a better drum sound with three mics than seven or more quality mics from other manufacturers. Proprietary Earthworks mics with incredible impulse response and short diaphragm settling time capture full percussive attacks and minute details that other microphones mask. The system includes new 25kHz mics and comes in two versions: The recording DK25/R has two TC25 omnis for overheads and an SR25 cardioid for kick drum; and the live performance DK25/L has two SR25 cardioids for overheads and SR25 for kick. Retail: $2,095. AES Demo Room #216. 603/654-6427,

Holophone H2-PRO Surround Mic

The Holophone H2-PRO is a new patented audio capture device capable of recording up to 7.1 channels of high-quality and discrete surround sound. The H2-PRO has eight DPA Model 4060 mics, which terminate in eight XLR cables. It’s compatible with all recording consoles, multichannel preamps and portable hard disk location recorders that provide phantom power. The H2-PRO is the only tool specifically designed to capture ultrarealistic, discrete surround sound in real time with no processing. It is compatible with all consumer multichannel formats. Retail: $6,000 USD. AES Booth #915. 416/362-7790,

Josephson C617

The Josephson C617 is a P48 powered microphone body designed to work interchangeably with industry- standard 200V externally biased half-inch measurement capsules. The C617 replaces the C606B and provides improved capsule powering and lower noise. Retail: $960. AES Booth #521. 831/420-0888,

Neumann N248 Power Supply

The N248 supplies one stereo mic or two mono condensers with 48V phantom power (P48). All connectors are of XLR 3-type. The audio signal outputs are DC-free. The five directional patterns of the TLM127 and TLM170R can be remote controlled with rotary switches. The remote control operates by varying the nominal phantom voltage of 48V over a range of ±3V (patented). Cable lengths up to 300 meters are permissible. Retail: $825. Dist. by Sennheiser. 860/434-9190,

Popless Voice Screens VAC-s3.5/VAC-s6

The VAC-s3.5 pop filter attaches to a mic’s suspension mount and has two 3.5-inch-diameter acoustic screens and a mini-gooseneck for precise placement. Variable Acoustic Compression™ adjusts the amount of pop and sibilance filtering. One screen is used for minimum filtering; adding the second screen close to the first screen provides medium filtering. Maximum filtering is obtained when the distance between screens is farthest apart. Similar model VAC-s6 comes with two 6-inch acoustic screens. Retail: $63. 845/255-3367,


RØDE brings its studio sound to the stage with the S1, a high-performance handheld vocal mic with low-noise FET electronics, an internally shock-mounted true (externally biased) condenser capsule, gold-sputtered large diaphragm and five-year guarantee. AES Booth #1137. 310/328-7456,

Sanken CO-100K

Sanken’s new CO-100K omnidirectional condenser microphone is the world’s first 100kHz mic designed for professional recording and not for measurement purposes. Designed by Sanken with NHK Science and Technical Research Laboratories, the CO-100K is the ultimate microphone for full-spectrum high-frequency response in recording for SACD, DVD-A and future high-resolution formats. Retail: $1,895.

Sanken CUW-180

Sanken’s new double 180° cardioid condenser microphone is two cardioid condenser microphones joined in one body! Each of the two 180° capsules are independently adjustable, providing a versatile microphone for a variety of stereo and surround recording applications. Two CUW-180s are ideal for true 4-channel recording. Retail: $2,995. AES Booth #709. 323/845-1171,

SE Electronics Gemini

Gemini is a large-diaphragm cardioid studio condenser with dual-tube (12AU7 and 12AX7) electronics. The result is an incredibly large, detailed and intimate sound reminiscent of classic valve mics from decades ago. If you are after something special you really must hear this microphone. Retail: $1,499, including flight case, shockmount and cables. AES Booth #1517. 617/623-5581,

Sennheiser Evolution 900 Series

The Evolution 900 Series comprises seven new backline mics: 901 (kicks/drum), 902 (kicks/bass guitar/brass), 904 (drums), 905 (snare), 906 (guitars, percussion/horns), 908 (brass and percussion) and 914 (all-purpose electret condenser), plus the three previous 900 Series models. All feature transparent sound, low handling noise, excellent transient response and feedback rejection. Tight and uniform polar patterns and gold XLR pins are common to the entire line.

Sennheiser Headset Mics

Two new Sennheiser headsets, HSP2 (omni) and the HSP4 (cardioid), are designed for professional broadcast, theater and touring applications. Both are very unobtrusive, extremely rugged and lightweight, with integrated windscreen and clean, clear sound. The line has a 1.1mm diameter, fully adjustable boom arm, mountable on either side and an integrated windscreen. Constructed of beta titanium materials, the units are flexible and comfortable to wear. AES Booth #1020. 860/434-9190,

Soundelux EL308

Revolutionary in design, the EL308 is the world’s first commercial version of a Golden Ellipsoid Capsule, which makes significant strides over conventional round condenser mic capsules in its ability to reduce in-band resonance and extend bandwidth in both directions.

Soundelux E250 Cardioid Tube Mic

The Soundelux E250 cardioid tube condenser is designed by David Bock for close-miking loud vocals. Similar-looking to the ELUX 251, the E250 has an entirely new capsule that is mounted in a brass holder. Bock also chose a different tube and output transformer, yet kept the Soundelux Stable Bias circuitry design to prevent the sound of the mic changing with dynamics. The mic’s frequency response stays constant whether singing loud or soft. Retail: $3,000. AES Booth #602. Dist. by Transamerica Audio Group. 702/365-5155,

Telefunken Ela M 12

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the original C-12, Telefunken North America announces the Telefunken Ela M 12. Each system is handcrafted in the U.S., utilizing the original Austrian blueprints and meticulously duplicating the original C-12 specs. On any signal source, from close-up vocals to ambient orchestral recording, the Ela M 12 delivers high-fidelity sound. The Telefunken Ela M 12 features a TK-12 capsule with nine polar patterns, T14 transformer and NOS 6072 tube. Retail: $5,995.

Telefunken Ela M 14

The new cardioid-only Ela M 14 tube mic offers uncompromised sonic performance and mechanical design at a reasonable price, and features a single-sided TK-12-inspired capsule, NOS 6072a tube and custom transformer. All Telefunken mic systems include wooden mic box, external power supply, swivel connector cable, owner’s manual and five-year limited warranty. Retail: $2,995. AES Booth #1614. 860/882-5919,

Wunder Audio CM12

The CM12 uses the T14/1 output transformer, which was standard in the C12/24/Elam. The capsule is a CK12-style. The tubes are NOS GE 5-star 6072. Capacitors, resistors and high-end Teflon-coated silver wire are of the highest quality available. The PSU offers true precision regulation combined with passive filtering, safer for microphone and capsule. RF and transient voltage-protected AC input. The unit uses gold Neutrik connectors and Mogami point-to-point wiring for the audio path. Retail: $4,995. AES Booth #701.

Wunder Audio CM7 (Large Transformer)

The new version of the Wunder Audio CM7 Tube Microphone comes with the early large-style U47 transformer that was used in the legendary “Large Badge” U47s. These first couple hundred U47s are very sought after sonically. The CM7 transformer’s high nickel content achieves better low-end rolling off at 22 Hz instead of 40 Hz. Newly skinned vintage M7 or KK47 capsules are options. Tubes are hand-selected vintage Telefunken VF14 or EF14. Retail: $4,995. AES Booth #701. 512/338-6777,

Mixing Consoles

Alesis MultiMix Series

This line of compact analog mixers provides 16-bit stereo simultaneous inputs and outputs over USB. Models 8USB and 12USB have four high-gain mic/lines; the 16USB has eight high-gain mic/line (XLR and ¼-inch balanced) inputs with phantom power, two stereo balanced ¼-inch line inputs, aux send (can send to onboard or external effects) and a stereo aux return. All feature 100 onboard digital effects and 3-band EQ per channel with high/low shelving and mid-band pass/reject. No drivers required: plug-and-play operation under Windows and Mac OS. 401/658-5760,

Allen & Heath Mix Wizard3 14:4:2

The four-group MixWizard3 14:4:2 is the ideal mixer for live sound applications and is great for rental companies to stock for smaller gigs. Engineers will appreciate the new EQ and preamp design, individual phantom power switches, channel meters and the new 2-output matrix. The WZ314:4:2 features Allen & Heath’s legendary dual functionality, allowing it to be used for front of house or monitors, recording on location or in the studio. Retail: $1,549. AES Booth #919. In England: +44 (0) 870-755-6250,

API DAW Monitor Racks

Essentially a mini API console in a convenient, roll-around slanted cabinet, the new DSM (Discrete Summing Mixer) workstation monitor rack is specifically designed to complement any DAW by providing professional analog summing, mixing, control room switching/monitoring, patchbay facilities and studio I/O connections. The three new API DSM products are the DSM 24, DSM 48 and DSM 72. Each includes a number of the API 7600, 7800 and 8200 modules. AES Booth #402. 301/776-7879,

Argosy 90 Series Console for DXB

Argosy’s 10th anniversary Platinum 90 Series console for DXB provides creature comforts found in high-end large-format consoles for Mackie’s newest digital controller. Fully enclosed with access from the top and back, full-length padded armrest and powder-coated steel legs support this specially designed chassis to integrate your Mackie DXB digital controller with select 19-inch rack-mounted equipment, computer monitor(s) and other gear. 90 Series expandable chassis are available in 90, 120, 150-inch and larger configurations. Retail: $2,116. 573/348-3333,

Behringer BCA2000

The BCA2000 is a high-speed multichannel audio control interface, providing intuitive control for audio/MIDI sequencing. Features: IMP “Invisible” mic preamps with phantom power; line and hi-Z guitar inputs; digital I/O (ADAT, S/MUX, AES/EBU, S/PDIF with optional Dolby Digital and DTS); eight I/O channels at 24-bit/96 kHz; USB 2.0 interface100mm faders in master and monitor sections; MIDI I/O; and input signal A/D converter limiter/gate overload protection. Retail: $259.99.

Behringer BCF2000

The BCF2000 is an innovative, hands-on MIDI/USB control surface with precise 100mm motorized faders for controlling virtual mixers, synths and samplers. It lets you control all of the virtual gear in Cubase, Cakewalk, Logic and other major audio software, with eight motorized faders, eight endless rotary encoders, a 15-element LED indicator and push-to-set function that lets you select, adjust, set and control myriad functions. Retail: $259.99. 425/672-0816,

Cadac D16 Digital Mix Matrix

Cadac’s D16 provides a powerful and reliable digital engine, ideally suited for operation as a stand-alone audio processor for smaller-scale performances or as an expansion mixer for existing analog Cadac consoles. Operates with SAM™ (Sound Automation Manager) software. Retail: £6,665 UK. AES Booth #302. In England: +44 1582/404202,

Calrec LCD Metering

Calrec Audio launches new user-configurable LCD metering at AES in San Francisco. Available immediately across its digital range, Calrec’s proprietary LCD metering has been designed to provide absolute configurability. In common with all Calrec operating software, LCD meters are independent of the PC. Totally configurable and capable of input and output metering, the system is also designed to provide graphic representations of EQ and dynamic levels. AES Booth #1132. In England: +44 (1422) 842159,

Chandler Limited Mini TG Rack Mixer

Chandler Limited, Abbey Road and EMI announce a new agreement for the manufacturing of classic recording gear. The Mini TG Rack Mixer is a 16×2, fully discrete unit with all transformer-balanced channels and a full-featured control room section including talkback, mute, mono, dim, speaker switching, external input (return DAW and track and sum through the mix bus) and separate control room and stereo bus outputs. The mixer frame will also be available with EQs and limiters, allowing for a totally rackmount portable mixing/tracking system designed specifically for DAWs. Retail: $5,000. AES Booth #619. 319/885-4200,

Digidesign ICON Integrated Console

The Digidesign ICON is an integrated console environment featuring the all-new D-Control tactile worksurface, Pro Tools|HD Accel as its core DSP engine and modular HD audio interfaces for analog and digital I/O. The first truly integrated console solution of its kind, ICON empowers operators to accomplish every aspect of a project — recording, editing, mixing and processing — complete with integrated video and delivery. ICON provides unmatched control with a fully automated, completely recallable total production system. AES Booth #712.

Digidesign VENUE Live Sound Environment

The Digidesign VENUE is a new state-of-the-art live sound console environment. Purpose-built with the rigorous requirements of live sound in mind, VENUE embodies an ideal synergy of excellent sound quality, flexibility and expandability. VENUE components include the D-Show mixing console, a digital mixing engine, mix position digital and analog connections, stage-located remote-control mic preamps and a digital multicore snake replacement. VENUE also supports effects plug-ins and features an integrated Pro Tools recording and playback option. AES Booth #712. 650/731-6300,

Euphonix MC

Intelligent Application Controller

The MC editorial controller gives users high-speed control of not only EuCon-aware applications such as Nuendo, but also any PC application via keystroke commands programmed into the MC’s LCD SmartSwitches. Programmable buttons switch functions with each different application running on the host PC for unrivalled speed of operation. MC includes a 5.1 monitor section, twin trackballs, standard full-size keyboard, eight programmable knobs, four full-throw touch-sensitive moving faders and 56 programmable LCD SmartSwitches with a small touchscreen for fast access to the unit’s programmable features. The MC will be launched at and ships early 2005. AES Booth #926. 650/855-0400,

Fairlight DREAM Constellation XT

This fully featured digital console has high-end automation and processing that provides the same level of operation and functionality found in other available expensive large-format digital consoles. The DREAM Constellation-XT delivers up to 250 channels routed to up to 72 mix bus elements — ready for any cinema-playback format currently in widespread use, up to 7.1 channels. In addition, DREAM Constellation-XT may also include a fully integrated 96-track disk recorder and editor. If that’s not enough, the system is delivered at a significantly lower cost than any other available components and with an even higher degree of user-adaptability. AES Booth #1018. In Australia: 61 (2) 99751777,

Hear Technologies Talkback 600 MV

Talkback 600 MV adds talkback, monitor master volume, monitor switching and monitor dimming capability to recording consoles, digital hard disk recording systems and portable audio workstations. Retail: $399. AES Booth #1544. 256/922-1200,

InnovaSon Sy48 Digital Console

A variant of the Sy40 console, the Sy48 is suited for mixing touring front of house or monitors and fixed installations. As a stand-alone console, the Sy48 is equipped with 64 channels with a total of 48 local inputs (32 mic, 16 line). The optional stage box moves 48 inputs to stage with 16 local mic/line inputs, while the LEM option (Local External Mix box) allows up to 64 local mic inputs. InnovaSon’s operating system, Sensoft Version 9, adds a raft of new hardware control and software features. AES Booth #1010. Dist. by Sennheiser. 860/434-9190,

Inter-M EMI-300 7-Channel Powered Mixer

Five line inputs and two mic inputs, with an integrated ducking function on mic 1, which automatically fades the music to background level during announcements. Features: master EQ (±6dB bass and treble), two full stereo master sections, overload limiters for internal power amps and a line-level lowpass output (-12 dB at 100 Hz) with balanced XLR output for connecting active subwoofers. Retail: $770.

Inter-M SFX-8460

Powered mixer with eight mono and four stereo inputs and onboard stereo amplification (600W x 2-channel at 2 ohms). Features include EFX and tape input, 3-band EQ, XLR and ¼-inch inputs, 9-band master graphic EQ, onboard 24-bit digital effects and phantom power. Retail: $1,500. AES Booth #1444. 610/874-8870,

Lawo mc2 66 Digital Console

The Lawo mc2 66 is a compact, mid-sized mixing console with an integrated 30722 matrix and a maximum of 192 fully equipped channels and 144 summing buses. The system can be configured for broadcast, production and recording and is fitted with 72 faders max. Signal processing for surround 7.1 and 96 kHz completes the system. Comprehensive control functions include Ethernet, Sony 9-pin, MIDI and GPI. More features include parallel IT track summing, integrated monitoring and console split with doubled PFL/AFL summing and isolated bank/layer switching, extended audio-follows-video, external control via Ethernet for remote control of the console and integrated matrix. Retail: $120,000. AES Booth #101. In Germany: +49 (7222) 1002,

Logitek Guest Panels

For the Logitek console router system, these guest panels provide a headphone jack with level control, on/off/cough buttons and integrated router control. Programmable buttons are also available. Units are available in desk-mount and rackmount configurations. Retail: $1,000. AES Booth #1417. 713/664-4470,

Mackie Onyx 80 Live Consoles

Like the Onyx small-format analog mixers, the Onyx 80 live consoles feature Mackie’s flagship Onyx preamps and the renowned 4-band Perkins EQ. Available in 24/32/40/48-channel frames, all feature eight Aux Sends with Stereo Link function for up to four IEM mixes; an Aux/Group Flip function; 10×2 Matrix; four Mute Groups; eight stereo Aux inputs; and an optional redundant rackmount power supply. AES Demo Room #230. 425/487-4333,

Nautilus The Commander

This all-discrete, Class-A mixer is for DAW users who want better sound through summing in the analog domain and using prized analog gear when mixing. Eight main input channels feature pan and mute, and four dedicated input channels can be used for effects returns or channel expansion. Stereo functions include four-way selectable insert, separate L/R mutes, mono and VU meters. A unique stereo bus feature adds the ability to switch from the 8-channel mixing section to an auxiliary “Stereo B” source for special mixing effects or precise A/B comparisons with previous mixes or other CD/SACD stereo sources. Retail: $3,995. AES Booth #333. 714/894-4000,

OmniRax Synergy XL Series

The Synergy XL Series is designed to provide beautiful and functional console housings for all of the popular mixers, accommodating both mixer and associated peripherals. The S6DXBXL for the Mackie DXB features one 6-space rackbay sloping up on the right side of the console, with a large writing surface between it and the wrist pad. The left side has a small writing surface next to the wrist pad, followed by two rackspaces, with six more rackspaces angling up. Includes heavy-duty powder-coated black-steel legs. Retail: $2,460. 415/332-3392,

Oram BEQ Series 4T

This Series has a 24-bus architecture and routing to two stereo buses, which are easily combined to provide 5.1 and 7.1 mixes. The Series 4T is a derived version of the Series 24 used on many Oscar-winning soundtracks, and is offered at special low prices for this year only in celebration of John Oram’s 40th year in the industry. Retail: $27,900. AES Booth #543. In England: +44 (1474) 815300,

Solid State Logic AWS 900 Updates

The AWS 900 is a revolutionary combination of a compact world-class analog mixing console and a comprehensive DAW controller. Based on SSL’s flagship XL 9000 K Series console, the AWS 900 provides everything needed to record, edit and mix professional projects when using the workstation of your choice. AES San Francisco sees the announcement of a new optional Total Recall package, providing a facility to reset to specific settings. Retail: $87,000. AES Booth #1002. 212/315-1111,

Soundcraft GB4

The GB4, named after Soundcraft founder/designer Graham Blyth, is a surprisingly affordable dual-mode, four-bus mixing console notably featuring the same preamp and EQ topologies as the popular MH4, 15 total buses (four subgroups, plus LCR and eight aux sends), four mute groups and a 7×4 matrix. Available in 12 to 40-mono channel configurations (each with two stereo channels), the GB4 also boasts switchable direct outputs on every channel and a high-quality limiter on dedicated record outputs. Retail: $2,399 to $5,999.

Soundcraft GigRac 1000st

Soundcraft’s new GigRac 1000st integrated mixer/amplifier combo improves upon previous GigRac models by offering 1,000 watts of output power (500 watts per channel into 4 ohms) and full stereo operation, including expanded 3-band EQ on the inputs, two 7-band graphic equalizers and 10 high-quality preset digital effects. Designed for gigging bands and presentation systems, the compact and lightweight GigRac 1000st requires only speakers and cables to complete a versatile and powerful portable sound reinforcement system. Retail: $749.99. AES Booth #909. 818/920-3212,

Speck Electronics LiLo Line Mixer

The LiLo is a desktop analog line mixer that offers features and flexibility for use in the most serious recording applications. With more than 100 balanced input/output connections, this modular console will mix 32 signals with unmatched signal routing, generous amounts of headroom and a neutral signal path. The LiLo is targeted at recording studios and audio post-production installations. Speck will also show the Model ASC 4-band EQ and MicPre 5.0 mic preamp. Retail: $8,490. AES Booth #607. 760/723-4281,


Multichannel Mastering Console

SPL’s multichannel mastering consoles represent unusually powerful command centers for stereo and surround mastering applications. After last year’s all-in-one solution MMC1, this year’s new compact MMC2 console comes in a 19-inch/9U format and provides source connection, track assignment, speaker management and master and monitor level setting. The discrete, fully analog console is based on SPL’s unique 120-volt op amps for unprecedented dynamic range, headroom, bandwidth and audio purity. Retail: $35,900.

SPL MixDream

The MixDream is a cascadable, 16×2 analog outboard mixer in a 19-inch/2U format. Any DAW or digital console can be expanded with analog stereo summing and insert functionality while retaining the entire scope of computer automations. The MixDream discrete Class-A technology is based on a 60-volt rail (±30V), providing a low noise level of -97 dBu (A-weighted, all channels active) and a dynamic level of over 125 dB. Retail: $3,795. AES Booth #1243. 951/272-3465,

Studer Vista 8

The Vista 8 digital live production console combines and extends the powerful on-air facilities of the Vista 6 with the dynamic automation of the Vista 7 to create a highly sophisticated and flexible multipurpose live broadcast desk. Aside from featuring Studer’s highly acclaimed Vistonics™ user interface, the Vista 8 also sports a redesigned central control bay, greatly expanded metering facilities, advanced matrix functionality, a comprehensive snapshot system, dedicated mute groups and many other notable amenities. Retail from $200,000. AES Booth #909. 818/920-3212,

Studio Technologies Model 230

The Model 230 is the newest addition to Studio Technologies’ 200 Series line of announcer’s consoles. This feature-rich unit supports applications requiring a wider range of flexibility. Ideal for on-air television and radio broadcasting, stadium announce, live event production and events requiring simultaneous translation or voice-over applications. Retail: $1,095. AES Booth #419. 847/676-9177,

TOA D-901 Digital Mixer

The D-901 digital mixer is the ideal solution for a wide variety of installed sound applications including A/V, houses of worship and many others. The D-901’s modular design supports up to 12 mic/line inputs and eight line outputs with flexible RS-232 or contact-closure remote control. Audio processing tools include auto-mixing, feedback suppression, multiband parametric filters, compressors, limiters, noise gates, crossovers, delays and more. Full input-to-output matrixing allows users to store and recall any input to output combination for multi-zone or room-combining applications. Retail: $2,190. AES Booth #1420. 650/588-3349,

Tonelux 5.1 Surround Line Mixer

The MX5.1 mixer is a surround line mixer with many features of a large-frame console, but housed in a 3U modular rack format, which holds 16 modules. Any module can be placed into any position and you can mix EQs, mic pre’s and mixer modules in the same rack. The racks are linkable and will offer master control modules and many other modules to accent the line. Retail: $449/channel; transformer-direct outputs are optional. AES Booth #721. 703/730-8800,

Yamaha PM5D Digital Console

The PM5D combines the features and self-contained design of the acclaimed DM2000 with the operating style of the groundbreaking PM1D to create a new category of live performance digital consoles. The console offers 64 input channels (48 mono, plus four stereo analog inputs, four internal stereo returns) of dynamic 96kHz audio with 32-bit internal processing. All onboard AD/DA conversions use 24-bit/96kHz converters. Outputs include 24 mix, two stereo (ST A and B or LCR), eight matrix, eight mute groups and eight DCAs. The PM5D functions without the use of a meter bridge. Retail: $48,900. AES Booth #802. 714/522-9011,

Music Products

East West Percussive Adventures 2

Performed and produced by drummer/percussionist/composers of Kurt Wortman and Tony Humecke (aka Beta Rhythm Farm), Percussive Adventures 2 has 70 full multilayered pieces, with full beds, full bed loops, alternate mixes, phrases, endings, individual elements/layers and some individual hits. requires DVD drive, 256MB RAM, and Windows XP, Pentium III/Athlon 400 MHz or Mac OS 10.2.6 with G3 500 MHz. Supported interfaces: VST, DXi, ASIO, RTAS, AudioUnits, Core Audio and DirectSound. Retail: $399.95.

East West Storm Drum

Produced by Quantum Leap producer Nick Phoenix. Six gigs of loops and multisamples from three world-class percussionists and one lunatic producer with enough taiko drums to fill an 18-wheeler and thousands of completely original, evolving drum beds, featuring some of the largest and most impressive drums on the planet. No sampler required! The library includes a state-of-the-art Mac/PC plug-in audio engine/interface from Kompakt/Native Instruments, which is specifically designed for rhythmic loop playback, manipulation and mayhem. Retail: $399.95. 310/271-6969,

E-mu Emulator X and X Studio Update

The Emulator X and X Studio desktop sampling systems for Windows 2000 and XP PCs combine E-mu sampling technologies and hardware DSP with software features such as disk streaming and file management. Both systems can run standalone or VSTi and feature an integrated waveform editor and powerful synth functions, with a 24-bit/192kHz audio interface with hardware-accelerated effects. (The Emulator X Studio comes with a sync daughter card.) AES Booth #1426. 408/438-1921,

Garritan Personal Orchestra

Personal Orchestra includes a comprehensive orchestral sample library, Native Instruments KONTAKT sample player, GenieSoft’s Overture™ LE notation program, Cubasis VST (for PC) and AMBIENCE Reverb. Features: samples of all major symphony instruments — strings, brass, woodwinds, and percussion — as well as instruments not found in other orchestral libraries, such as a Steinway concert grand, Stradivarius violin, Wurlitzer and Venus concert harps, Haynes flutes, Heckel bassoons, a Mustel celeste, a Rudolf von Beckerath concert pipe organ, a harpsichord and many other exquisite instruments. AES Booth #721A. Retail: $279. 360/376-5766,

Hollywood Edge Cartoon Trax II

Almost a decade after releasing Cartoon Trax, the first (and highly respected) cartoon library, Hollywood Edge is releasing Cartoon Trax II. With great sound designer Tom Clack, this 5-CD set promises to be an improvement on a library that no one thought could ever be exceeded. Cartoon sounds are versatile for every conceivable production — not just animation. And Hollywood Edge has set the benchmark for production sound effects. Retail: $595.

Hollywood Edge

Walla and Ambiences Edition

The Hollywood Edge has assembled the best major motion picture walla and ambiences from the past decade. Here is the first of what we hope will be many installments of the sounds that are most famous for how difficult they are to record just right! Every walla for your every need. The quick fix for any scene you are working on that requires more than a bing or a boing. More like real life than life itself. On five CDs. Retail: $595. 323/603-3252,

mSoft MusicCue 3.5

Get rid of your CDs with an audio server system from mSoft. Imagine everyone in your facility having instant access to all of your production music and SFX without leaving their desks! Our all-encompassing search tool for managing music, FX, video, etc, interfaces with any DAW and can create a frame-accurate automatic cue sheet by reading any standard-format EDL file. We offer all and any music and FX libraries (15,000 CDs and growing) pre-digitized on an audio server system. Retail: $11,995. AES Booth #1044. 818/716-7081,

Native Instruments Battery 2

Battery 2 takes drum sampling to the next level with a powerful new audio engine optimized for large and memory-intensive drum kits, enhanced sound shaping and modulation capabilities, extremely sophisticated sample mapping and a revised user interface that retains all of the intuitiveness and straightforwardness that Battery is famous for. Also included is a massive new drum kit library with more than 3.5 GB of pro drum samples in all styles and genres. 866/556-6487,

Non-Stop Music Library

Non-Stop has added the following collections to the Non-Stop family of music libraries: Cavendish Music Library, V — the production library, Groovers Music Library, Crashed Music, Countdown Classical, Point Culture and Mathambo Music. 801/531-0060,

PowerFX Systems SoundShuttle

SoundShuttle is the first Internet-based library of sample loops and sound effects available directly into your sequencer as a VST plug-in. More than 40,000 sounds in the PowerFX database can be, auditioned and downloaded directly from your sequencer, offering an efficient way to search and purchase sounds, with looping preview files, real-time sync with host, unzipping sounds on-the-fly and drag-and-drop downloads. In Sweden: +46 (8) 6609910,

Radikal Spectralis

The Spectralis groove box combines the latest digital with proven analog technology. Spectralis’ step sequencer makes possible highly complex sound creations which opens up new worlds of sound used in connection with the programmable fixed filter bank. In addition to its outstanding analog sound possibilities, Spectralis also provides DSP based sound creation, taking care of all the ancillary needs for drum sounds and polyphonic voices. This sound creation is 48 voice and offers killer drum sounds, creamy pads and a lot of other goodies. 201/836-7671,


Expansion Tank Acoustic Drums

I-Map and GM map acoustic drum kits recorded in some of L.A.’s best studios will add the depth and realism of live studio drums to your sequences. Each of the kits features a complete standard drum kit, including bass drums, snare drums, hi-hats, rides, crashes and toms, with variations for each drum and cymbal. Now includes new SampleTank 2 presets. Retail: $99.

SampleTank Expansion Tank Brit Horns

Chromatically sampled horn sections and solo instruments from the legendary Thoms, Barnacle & Brooks brass section. This superb horn CD features trumpet, sax and trombone — full sections in different combinations, plus solos — all performed by three of the UK’s finest horn players. “Very natural…good value, good playing, well recorded…” — “5 Stars” — Sound on Sound. Retail: $99. AES Booth #942. Dist. by IK Multimedia. 954/846-9101,

Sonik Capsules Studio Drums Capsule

This three-pack features special mapping that facilitates keyboard-based drumming by placing every drum and cymbal in its most intuitive location. The Groove Capsule™ has 500 drum loops covering rock, alternative, jazz, funk, swing, country, Latin, avant-garde, breakbeat, house, jungle, effects and more. Includes .WAV/.AIFF files, single hits and short segments, as well as beat-sliced versions and MIDI files for every loop. Retail: $249.

Sonik Synth 2

Sonik Synth 2 includes one of the most diverse sample collections of vintage synthesizers ever incorporated in a virtual synth. Covering a wide range of rich ethereal soundscapes, deep and moving bass tones, killer leads, moody orchestral textures, spectral and vocal formant pads and all of the workstation variety of keyboard sounds and drums in one package. A co-production between IK Multimedia and Sonic Reality. Format: RTAS, HTDM, VST, AudioUnits, DXi and MAS. Retail: $399. AES Booth #942. Dist. by IK Multimedia. 954/846-9101,

Sound Ideas Mix XI

The Mix XI Broadcast Music Library offers 240 themes and more than 1,000 tracks of broadcast music with rock, dance, techno, easy listening, drama, classical and comedy music. Every theme comes with :60, :30 and stinger broadcast lengths. Mix XI is available on 12 audio CDs, plus two DVD-ROMs of .WAV files, making it easy to drag-and-drop the music immediately into your productions. Retail: $495 USD.

Sound Ideas WebSound

WebSound has 550 buttons, roll-overs and sound effects, specially designed to increase the interactive pulse of your Website. Enhance your visitors’ exploration of your pages with sound effects, music accents and other audio cues. Let WebSound give your Web presentations an audible personality. All audio files are provided in both 16-bit/44.1kHz stereo .WAV and MP3 file formats. AES Booth #706. Retail $129 USD. In Canada: 905/886-5000,

Synthogy Ivory

Three Concert Grands in one custom-built piano engine: This is the largest, most skillfully designed sample-based piano Virtual Instrument to date, bringing out the resonance, response and character of Bösendorfer, Steinway and Yamaha grand pianos. Nearly 30 GB of samples are combined with Synthogy’s exclusive sample playback engine, with sample interpolation for ultra-smooth velocity transitions as well as string resonance DSPs for realistic damper pedal responses. Plus built in effects, custom controller velocity mapping and more. Retail: $349. Dist by Ilio Entertainments.

Taylor Guitars/Rupert Neve K4 EQ

The Taylor Guitars K4 equalizer is an outboard EQ for acoustic guitar. Mr. Rupert Neve, who created the preamp in Taylor’s Expression System acoustic guitar pickups, also designed the K4, which features low-impedance, transformer-coupled balanced I/O, bass and treble controls, sweepable 2-band parametric midrange with adjustable Q, a pre- or post-EQ effects loop, phase invert, headphone jack with level control, mute and a dedicated tuner output. Retail: $898. AES Booth #105. 619/258-1207,

Tonebone Cabbone

Cabbone is a guitar amp cabinet switcher allowing one head to toggle between two speaker cabinets. You could put a Fender Twin on top of a 4×12 Marshall and toggle between the clean open-back sound or the crunch of a sealed half-stack. A built-in SlingShot remote lets Cabbone switch amp channels at the same time or be remotely controlled with a footswitch from the control room.

Tonebone Headbone VT/SS

This head-switching device for guitar amps lets two heads drive a single speaker cabinet. Session guitarists and studio engineers can switch between two amplifier tones without repositioning the mics and it saves on cartage! All audio circuits are 100% discrete Class-A and speaker signals are controlled through relays. A resistive load assures safety for the standby amp. Choice of tube or solid-state. AES Booth #628. 604/942-1001,

TRF Production Music CDs

Ten new CDs are being added to TRF’s Kool Kat Production Music Library, now totaling 80 very contemporary, cutting-edge CDs. The releases include Techno Fusion, Hip Hop Vol. 5, Hard Rock Vol. 3, Pop Music Beds, New Jazz/Techno Vol. 2, Lounge/Kitch, Action & Suspense Vol. 2, X-treme Drama Vol. 3 and Classical Piano. Forty CDs are also added to TRF’s Adrenalin, Bravo, Dennis and Stock libraries, and 50 classical and ethnic CDs are added to Supraphon Classical and PAN International Ethnic libraries. 845/356-0800,

Vienna Symphonic Library Horizon Series II

Capitalizing on Vienna’s experience in producing the award-winning Vienna Symphonic Library and developing the revolutionary Performance Tool, the Vienna team continues to expand its successful Horizon Series with six new titles: Chamber Strings — Small String Ensembles ($895); Epic Horns — Eight Unison Double Horns ($395); French Oboe Plus Bonus Instruments — English Horn, Small Clarinet in Eb ($295); Woodwind Ensembles — ensembles of Flutes, Oboes, Clarinets, Bassoons ($455); Vienna Harps — two Heavenly Harps ($295); and FX Percussion — From Angklung to Waterphone ($295). Dist. by Ilio. 818/707-7222,

Power Amplifiers

Architectural Acoustics ICS 4200

The ICS 4200 4-channel commercial power amp is designed for permanent installs and features four independent, 200-watt channels in a compact, fan-cooled two-rackspace package. The ICS 4200 can supply maximum output power to both low-impedance (4 and 8 ohms) and high-impedance (70V) loads simultaneously in single-channel or 2-channel pairs, or the ICS 4200 can be configured for bridged operation. An SPS™ loudspeaker protection circuit and an integral 60Hz highpass filter provide protection in even the most severe applications. 601/486-1678,


The SLA-2 studio linear power amp delivers 200 watts/channel (560 watts bridged mono) of clean, clear power from a single rackspace. In addition to a temperature-controlled, variable-speed cooling fan, the oversized convection heat sinks located on each side of the SLA-2 silently direct heat flow outside of the chassis. Euroblock connectivity keeps input connections secure and convenient. We’ve also included a tamper-proof faceplate for fixed installations. Retail: $379. 585/436-2720,

Crown I-Tech Series

The I-Tech Series offers amazing power, light weight and ease of use. Onboard DSP features 24-bit, 96kHz AD/DA converters, and all models are compatible with the IQ Network and TCP/IQ™ networking. Digital audio and IQ control signals connect to the amp via a single cable (in CobraNet™-ready models). Pushbutton DSP presets simplify the setup for various loudspeaker arrays. The switching Global Power Supply works anywhere in the world and offers PFC (Power Factor Correction). I-Tech amplifiers have the highest output voltage in the industry (200V peak), which provides clean transient peaks. Retail: IT-4000, $5,000; IT-6000, $6,117; and IT-8000, $7,685. AES Booth #909, 234. 574/294-8000,

Hot House Pro Model Four Hundred

High-Resolution Control Room Amplifier

Fully differential from input to output and utilizing a split-dual toroidal power supply, the new High-Resolution Series Control Room Amplifiers take advantage of Intelligent Output Device Technology, lowering distortion in the critical mid and high frequencies to near-immeasurability (less than 0.002%) while increasing stability and reliability due to the internal self-biasing and self-protecting nature of the new output devices. No sound-compromising protection circuitry, current limiting or global feedback is required. Power per channel @ 8/4 ohms: 140/210 watts RMS. Retail: $1,999. 845/691-6077,

Klein+Hummel PRO A 2000

The PRO A 2000 offers extremely low THD under full load conditions. Its Smart Limiter with temperature control reduces output power gradually when the temperature rises to a critical value. Its overload limiter reduces the level and provides an undistorted audio signal, even while operating into a 1.5-ohm load. Its efficient cooling system has four three-step controlled fans for efficient cooling. Its energy-saving, low-power mode goes into standby during no audio signal condition for minimal power consumption, less heat generation and minimum fan noise. Retail: $3,400. AES Booth #1232. 301/888-2426,

Mc2 Audio E 45

The E 45 is a 2-channel lightweight switchmode power amplifier rated at 2250W into 4 ohms. Weight is under 25 lbs. Product carries a 5 year warranty. Adjustable limiters for speaker protection. AES Booth # 725. Retail: $4,095. Dist. by Group One Limited. 516/249-8870,

Signal Processing, Hardware

A Designs REDDI Tube Direct Box

This all-tube direct box finished in fire-engine red features a Combo ¼-inch/XLR input, balanced XLR output, power switch, LED power indicator, level control knob, ground lift, EIN power connector, metal vented casing, toroid power transformer, custom output transformer and a 6N1P tube. Retail: $850. AES Booth #602. 818/716-4153,

API 550A

The 550A is a true replica of Saul Walker’s original discrete, three-band EQ; the 550A uses bridge-T filters (RC networks), two of API’s 2520 discrete amp modules and 1:3 output transformer. All three frequency bands overlap, with up to 12 dB of boost/cut in 2dB steps, selectable peak/shelving HF/LF bands and a switchable, 12dB/octave, 50Hz to 15kHz bandpass filter. AES Booth #402. 301/776-7879,

BBE Sound Max-X3

This quality stereo 2-way (or 3-way mono) crossover features BBE’s 482i Sonic Maximizer, 24dB/octave state-variable Linkwitz-Riley filters and a 30Hz low-cut (HPF) on each channel to remove unwanted low frequencies. Retail: $329.99.

BBE Sound MaxCom

Dual-channel compressor/limiter/gate with onboard BBE Sonic Maximizer processor, MaxCom provides transparent compression with full control over the threshold, ratios from 1:1 to infinity:1, variable attack and release times and an “auto” mode. MaxCom’s dynamic controls and patented Sonic Maximizer offer a wide palette of dynamic-control options. Retail: $329.99. 714/897-6766,

CEDAR Cambridge V. 2

We will show the latest incarnation of the CEDAR Cambridge audio restoration system. This will include numerous enhancements that will be of interest in environments such as national libraries and archives, as well as to the system’s users in the fields of CD and DVD remastering, post, broadcast and audio forensic investigation. AES Booth #818. In England: +44 1223/881771,

Crest Audio MLM-2 and MLS-2

The MLM-2 and stereo MLS-2 studio microphone and line input intelligibility processors. The units are designed to optimize audio signals in recording, broadcasting and live applications, and offer an EQ and dynamics section and the SmarTube processor that adds tunable upper frequency harmonics to the program material.

Crest STP-1

The STP-1 is a 2-channel mic/line processor and channel strip. Each channel has four functional sections: the mic and line preamp; a four-band parametric EQ; output level, pan, meter and sum controls; and a SmarTube™ sound processor, a solid state processing technology that replicates the natural warmth of vacuum tubes to provide a distinct sonic edge for your mix. 201/909-8700,

Dan Dugan Model D-3

Automatic Mixing Controller

The Model D-3 Automatic Mixing Controller is the next evolution in the famous line of Dugan live mic processors. The 8-channel DSP processor unit patches into a digital console’s AES I/O ports. A separate ergonomic control panel connects with a single cable. The Dugan-patented algorithms eliminate missed cues on live mics without gating. The system maintains a natural ambience, doesn’t chop off the beginnings of words and doesn’t cut off talkers who go off-mic. Retail: $12,200. AES Booth #627. 415/821-9776,

Demeter VTMP-2c

A hand-built, limited-production update of the Classic VTMP-2 2-channel tube preamp, the VTMP-2c retains the sound of the original but has many updates such as continuously variable gain, new Jensen mic input transformers, active balanced outputs, two-stage low cut, 10 to 65 dB of gain range and 10-segment LED VU meters. Each unit is hand-signed and numbered by the designer, James Demeter. 818/994-7658,

Dolby Digital Plus for HD Packaged Media

Dolby Digital Plus for high-definition packaged media offers the highest performance/quality possible while simultaneously providing flexibility for additional discrete channel coverage extending beyond the traditional 5.1-channel model, such as 7.1 and higher. These high bit-rate extensions are also designed specifically to ensure full playback compatibility with existing external Dolby Digital 5.1 decoders in home A/V receivers. It’s also ideal for limited-bandwidth environments found in HD media applications such as interactive delivery of audio content and applications using an enhanced feature package. AES Booth #1402. 415/645-5176,

Drawmer 1968ME

Two-channel “Mercenary Edition” compressor with FET circuitry on the input stage for quick attack and tube circuitry on the make-up gain stage for warmth. Other features include sidechain listen and “Big” HPF switch. Retail: $2,150. AES Booth #602.

Drawmer DSL424

Two channels of compression, two channels of gate in one rackspace. Retail: $1,365. Dist. by TransAudio Group. 702/365-5155,

Empirical Labs Lil FrEQ

Multiband parametric dynamic equalizer with SuperSection, three outputs including Class-A transformer output for vintage-style soft saturation and “beefy” low end. Retail: $1,799. AES Booth #721. 973/541-9447,

Eventide H8000A

The H8000A, Eventide’s new alternate version of its H8000 flagship, offers four channels of analog I/O (instead of two with the H8000). It also offers four channels of AES/EBU (instead of eight with the H8000), and ADAT, S/PDIF digital I/O and word clock which are standard on both. The H8000A, like the H8000, boasts more processing power than the Orville™, and features nearly 1,500 preset algorithms. As with the H8000, Monolithic Tandem™ allows both DSPs to operate together, facilitating large complex algorithms including 5.1 reverb and effects up to 96 kHz. Retail: $5,995. AES Booth #1015.

Groove Tubes Glory Comp

This true all-tube compressor uses seven selected vacuum tubes. Compression ratios from 1:1 to 10:1 are available, as are attack, release and compression Threshold controls, with release times from 10 ms to two seconds, and logarithmic or linear release. Like ViPRE, the Glory Comp uses high-quality ceramic multideck switches (instead of cheaper pots) for easily repeatable settings. Features: custom, backlit VU meter displays in seven different modes; built-in sidechain EQ with adjustable LF/HF filters, using internal or external sidechain source; and a unique Glory knob, which affects second-order harmonics — perfect for bringing out a vocal or a solo instrument in a mix. Retail: $2,999. AES Booth #625. 818/361-4500,

Korg TP-2 Tube Preamp/Compressor

Korg’s TP-2 is a compact dual-tube preamp/DI with optical compression and coaxial/optical S/PDIF out. Also available as a user-installable option (TPB-2) for Korg’s D32XD and D16XD recorders, both versions feature twin 12AX7 tubes, XLR and 1/4-inch TRS inputs, stereo linking and phantom power/phase/low-cut/hi-Z switches on each channel. 516/333-9100,

Lake Mesa Quad EQ

This new 4×4 digital matrix processor is designed for use in stand-alone or networked concert sound, recording, mastering and broadcasting. Incorporating the same advanced DSP-based EQ, delay and dynamics processing tools found in the Lake Contour digital speaker processor, the Lake Mesa Quad EQ™ is also supported by the Lake Controller software in its latest release, V. 3.0. In addition to shelving and parametric filters, all four discrete channels of the Lake Mesa Quad EQ feature Lake’s powerful EQ overlay processing, which may be configured to provide both Lake Mesa EQ parametric overlays and Ideal Graphic EQ™ overlays according to user needs. Retail: $4,999. AES Booth #1509. 415/861-1147,

Manifold Labs Plugzilla Surround Edition

Stand-alone, rackmount, plug-in player with eight channels of audio I/O. Retail: $4,999. AES Booth #1330. 609/497-0328,

MediaMatrix NION

NION (pronounced like neon), the Networkable Input Output Node is a programmable digital audio processing node designed for pro commercial audio. NION’s internal processing core supports MediaMatrix’s scalable I/O architecture, a modular I/O scheme with optional plug-in cards for maximum versatility and four module bays for 32 simultaneous analog channels, while the a CobraNet port provides another 64 channels for a total of 96. NION’s new embedded Linux architecture offers efficient and robust performance. A new 512-channel digital audio bus allows seamless stacking and redundant, self-healing configurations. Software support includes a new Windows-based interface that works with multiple nodes across an Ethernet network. 601/483-9548,

Mercury Recording M66

All-tube/custom transformer hand-built limiting amplifier designed after the legendary Fairchild 660. Retail: $7,299.

Mercury Recording Pultec-Style EQs

At AES, Mercury will show a full line of new equalizers based on the classic Pultec designs. These include the EQ H ($2,399), EQ P ($2,899) and the EQ1 ($2,650). All are hand-built, all-tube designs with custom transformers. AES Booth #602. Dist. by TransAudio Group. 702/365-5155,

Oram Hi-Def 4T Memory EQ

Digital developments from Oram is a new division of the Alphabet Belmont Group. Its first product, the Hi-Def 4T Memory EQ, will be a digitally controlled analog equalizer with gain control with multiple memories. The ongoing development program will involve this technology and result in a console with total reset potential. Retail: $3,591. AES Booth #543. In England: +44 (1474) 815300,

Radial J33 Phono-DI

This combination stereo RIAA phono preamp/direct box lets a turntable connect directly to a mic pre or mixer. The J33 offers choice of stereo RCA, 3.5mm and 1/4-inch TRS 10dB outputs along with 600-ohm mic-level XLRs. Powered with 48V phantom or DC supply, the J33 is ideal for sampling, archiving, recording scratch performances and disc jockeys that prefer to mix using professional mixing consoles. Retail: $200 USD. AES Booth #1628. 604/942-1001,

Sabine Feedback Exterminator Update

Since Sabine first invented digital feedback control in 1991, FBX Feedback Exterminators have set the standard for transparent and reliable automatic feedback control. Now, Sabine announces the next generation of automatic feedback controllers: the FBX1200 and FBX2400, now with SMARTFilter™ technology. Retail: $499.95. AES Booth #301. 386/418-2000,

Sage Electronics D.I. Joe

The D.I. Joe™ active direct box is designed to optimize transfers of audio signals from passive magnetic and piezo-type pickups (or keyboards) to a balanced low-Z output. Features: discrete Class-A input that eliminates loading signal sources, dual 9-Volt battery supply for superior headroom and a 10 to 50k Hz (±1dB) response. Retail: $179 USD. In Canada: 613/228-0449,

Thermionic Culture Vulture

Stereo tube distortion unit free from solid-state additives. Offers odd and even harmonics, or a combination of both. Variable input drive and bias controls allows gentle warming of sounds or a noise like a 200W guitar stack with the speakers slashed. Output and filter controls, overdrive switch, Ma meters for precise channel alignment, and high and low I/O connectors. AES Booth #426. In England: +44 1440-785843,

Tonelux EQ4P Constant Energy Parametric

The EQ4P is a discrete parametric EQ with some very unique features. The panel has no Q control. The filter Q control is in relation to the boost and cut control, and uses a musically pleasing Constant Energy Curve that keeps the bandwidth wider at lower boost or cut levels and becomes narrow at higher boost or cut levels. The curve is identical to many classic EQs. The HF band has a shelving control instead of a Peak control. Retail: $895. AES Booth #721. 703/730-8800,

Universal Audio LA-610

Classic Tube Recording Channel

The LA-610 brings legendary vintage “all-tube” technology into a modern channel at a groundbreaking price. The LA-610 combines the 610 tube preamp and EQ based on the legendary console modules developed by Bill Putnam, with the compression circuit from the LA-2A optical compressor. This electro-optical detector is the very heart and soul and identical gain control element in the Teletronix LA-2A. Retail: $1,749. AES Booth #314. 866/823-1176,

Signal Processing, Software

AmpliTube Live

Now available for PC, AmpliTube Live is the best-sounding stand-alone virtual guitar amp and FX modeling for Mac OS X. A plug-and-play select choice of excellent FX modeling software including three amps, three cabinets, four effects, chromatic tuner and128 presets, and is MIDI-controllable. Also includes the AmpliTube LE plug-in. Format: stand-alone Mac OS X and Windows XP. Retail: $99. AES Booth #942. Dist. by IK Multimedia. 954/846-9101,,

Antares Auto-Tune 4 TDM PC

The next generation of the worldwide standard in professional pitch correction. Now available for Pro Tools TDM on the Windows XP platform. Retail: $599. 831/461-7800,

BIAS SoundSoap 2.0

SoundSoap 2.0 is a new version of BIAS’ “one-click” noise-reduction solution. Version 2.0 adds a click and crackle removal slider and an enhancement slider to restore frequencies that may have been lost during the noise-reduction process. Other features include 50/60Hz hum removal, rumble removal, preserve voice and broadband noise reduction. Sound Soap 2.0 is available in RTAS, VST, DirectX and AudioUnits plug-in formats, and also ships with a separate stand-alone application. AES Booth #432. 707/782-1872,

Cube-Tec DDP 3.0 Premaster

DDP-Solution 3.0 is a software solution for the creation of DDP media based on the DDP (Disc Description Protocol) and DCA industry standards. The DDP file can be written to external drives such as 8mm Exabyte tape or directly to a hard drive using Steinberg’s WaveLab 5.0 audio editing software. DDP-Solution is compatible with Sonic Solutions, SADiE, DCA and other systems. Retail: $1,695. Dist. by Sascom. 905/469-8080,

Eventide H3000 Band Delays

The one-and-only H3000 Band Delays algorithm TDM plug-in for Mac. Band Delays is eight voices of tempo-based filtered delays with pan controls. All eight filters are fully parametric with configurable low/band/high pass or shelving choices and a bandwidth control. Band Delays deploys an extensive modulation section offering 19 wave shapes as well as MIDI control, and includes all of the original presets derived from this algorithm found in the H3000. AES Booth #1015. Retail: $395. 201/641-1200,

Levelground Media CrunchEQ 1.0

The CrunchEQ 1.0 AudioUnits plug-in provides the unique combination of a 10-band graphic EQ with a 5-band parametric equalizer. Further, its Crunch feature applies complex mild distortion algorithms to the audio signal, yielding adjustable “crunch” to the signal. Use CrunchEQ on any audio in which you would use other EQs. With its unique sound, it will be an asset to any project you are working on. Retail: $59.95.

Levelground Media

Fattenizer 2.0 (AudioUnits)

Fattenizer “fattens” the middle and low-end audio of tracks or mixes that were recorded with a thin sound or that need an extra boost to come to the front of your mix. With Fattenizer 2, we’ve added more functionality to allow users more control in tweaking the output effect(s) to meet the demands for specific projects. With its easy-to-use design and high-precision algorithms, Fattenizer allows users to add subtle or drastic sound coloration to their projects. Retail: $59.95.

PSP Nitro V. 1.01

This multimode filter plug-in (VST/DirectX and RTAS for PC; VST, RTAS and AudioUnits for Mac OS X) offers many filter types derived from analog prototypes in addition to other useful processing blocks such as phaser, bit crusher/down-sampler, wave shaper and interpolated delay blocks. These can be connected to each other using virtually any routing scheme. The advanced control signal generators are capable of modulating most of the processing parameters, making this plug-in an essential tool for sound design and experimental purposes. Retail: $149.

PSP ProZilla 1.0

PSP ProZilla is a unique set of PSP plug-ins dedicated for Plugzilla, the ultimate hardware VST plug-in player. All PSP plug-ins use 64-bit floating-point computations and other techniques to provide excellent processing quality. The set comprises PSP AutoComp, PSP EasyLimit, PSP MasterQ, PSP MixPressor, PSP MixSaturator, PSP MS, PSP StereoController, PSP StereoEnhancer and the award-winning PSP VintageWarmer. Retail: $599. AES Booth #1634. In Poland: +48 (601) 963173,

Sony Oxford Reverb Plug-In

The Oxford Reverb plug-in is a highly flexible reverberation generator, combining the highest technical and sonic performance with superb artistic and creative facilities. Powerful user control of all parameters gives the Oxford Reverb the flexibility to build virtual spaces on artistic need from dry reflection ambiences, room and hall simulations and sound effects to expansive reverberant spaces with broad textures and spatial character. Compatible with ProTools HD Accel, HD and LE platforms & Mac 0S 9. AES Booth #1210. 800/686-SONY,

Sound Toys EchoBoy

The only Pro Echo for Pro Tools. Effortlessly create tempo-locked drum delays with thick saturation, slapback delays that rock on guitars and lush echoes that transform a lacking performance. EchoBoy puts you in control of tape saturation, wobble, ducking and cut, as well as full control over the echo rhythm pattern. Lock-to-MIDI clock or tap in the tempo and EchoBoy will groove with your music. Available in mono or stereo delay configurations. Ping-Pong, Hard Pan or completely independent stereo echo rhythms with variable tap counts. Analog distortion mode for added warmth or dirt. Zero to four-second delay with zero-to-infinite repeats. Retail: $495. AES Booth #913. 802/951-9700,

TC Electronic MD3

Stereo Mastering for PowerCore

The MD3 Stereo Mastering package for PowerCore brings pro production and mastering tools previously only available in System 6000 to the realm of DAWs, and integrates smoothly with VST- or AudioUnits-compatible applications for music and post-production, with two first-class algorithms: MD3 Multiband Dynamics and BrickWall Limiter. Retail: $995.

TC Electronic PowerCore Compact

PowerCore Compact is the newest member of the PowerCore family. With easy FireWire connectivity for laptops and VST and AudioUnits compatibility, Compact is the signal processing solution for artists and studios on the move. Right out of the box, PowerCore Compact includes Tubifex, Mega Reverb, Classic Verb, Vintage CL, PowerCore 01 (synth), EQSat Custom, Voice Strip, Chorus/Delay, 24/7-C limiting amp, Character, Filtroid and Master X3. Retail: $995. AES Booth #326, Demo Room 210. 805/665-4900,

Trillium Lane TL Space TDM Edition

This ultimate Pro Tools reverb offers full control of reverb parameters in mono, stereo and surround formats. It’s also the first Pro Tools plug-in to harness up to eight Pro Tools|HD DSP engines in parallel to deliver smooth, low-latency convolution processing. Used with Pro Tools|HD Accel systems, TL Space provides zero latency processing essential for live studio work. Extensive automation features are designed specifically for post applications. TL Space TDM Edition supports TDM, HTDM, RTAS and AudioSuite processing. Retail: $995. 206/202-5227,

Unique Recording Software BLT EQ

The URS BLT is our introductory 2-band program EQ for the Pro Tools platform. We’ve selected our favorite bass and treble curves for quick track or mix sweetening. Just add a little BLT for taste. The URS BLT EQ features a bass band of 100Hz shelving with boost and attenuation, a Level control to adjust the right amount of loudness and a treble band of 5kHz shelving with boost and attenuation. Retail: $99, TDM; and RTAS, $49.

Unique Recording Software

FullTec Program EQ

The URS FullTec is our 5-band superprogram EQ concept for the Pro Tools platform. The URS FullTec EQ features one band of low-frequency shelving with simultaneous boost and attenuation and three bands of peak equalization, each band with boost and attenuation and variable Q. The fifth band features high-frequency shelving with simultaneous boost and attenuation. Retail: $499, TDM; and $249.99, RTAS. The URS FullTec is included in The URS Everything EQ Bundle Version 3.0.

Waves IR-1 Convolution

Parametric Reverb Version 2

Version 2 of Waves’ IR-1 Convolution Parametric Reverb now lets users capture their own impulse response samples from reverberant acoustic spaces and hardware devices. The first convolution-based reverb to offer control using familiar parameters (such as pre-delay, room size, density, etc.), users can radically customize their own captured samples. IR-1 comes with an extensive library of samples and presets that re-create the sonic environment of more than 60 carefully sampled real acoustic spaces and more than 60 samples and presets created by classic hardware devices. Retail: $1,200, or $800 native.

Waves L3 Multiband Peak Limiter

The world’s first multiband auto-summing peak limiter, L3 differs from conventional wide-band and multiband limiters by using linear phase crossover filters to divide the audio spectrum into five bands. Its PLMixer™ then uses psycho-acoustic criteria to intelligently decide how much attenuation to apply to each band so that all available headroom is used. Intermodulation is minimized and overall loudness is maximized, while brick-wall limiting is still maintained — while retaining the simplicity of a single master threshold control. The L3 comes in two versions: the Multimaximizer™ and the Ultramaximizer™, which offers limited controls. Retail: $1,200, or $600 native. AES Booth #636. 865/909-9200,

Sync, Control & Automation

Coleman Audio SR5.1MKII

The SR5.1MKII is a 5.1 surround level control with fold down to stereo/fold down to left, right, center. Individual mutes allow isolation of speakers & individual trims allow fine tuning of the level to each speaker. All trims are accessible from the front panel. Combo jacks on the inputs allow connection with either stereo 1/4-inch plugs or XLR connectors. All inputs/outputs are balanced. AES Booth # 618. Retail: $1,100. 516/334-7109,

Drawmer D Clock

Dual-input/20-output word clock distributor with zero latency loop-through via AES or BNC inputs. Sample rate measurement accuracy to 2 ppm. Retail: $950. AES Booth #602. Dist. by TransAudio Group. 702/365-5155,

JLCooper MCS-QuickShot

KeyShot features 10 remotely legendable, multicolor, backlit LCD push-button switches. The LCDs can display 36×24 pixel bitmaps or three lines of text (six characters per line), or a combination of text, graphic symbols or animation. This enables a customized user interface that changes to suit the task at hand to help users work faster and with fewer mistakes. Other controls include 13 lighted function keys and a rotary encoder. The KeyShot is capable of accepting RS-232, RS-422, USB or Ethernet interface cards. Retail: $1,499. 310/322-9990,

PreSonus Central Station

This studio monitoring interface features three sets of stereo analog inputs for input sources such as DAW, mixer, CD/DAT/tape player or keyboards/samplers. Two stereo analog inputs feature TRS balanced and the third stereo input features RCA inputs with trim control. Also included are two digital inputs via S/PDIF or Toslink providing D/A conversion up to 24-bit/192kHz for monitoring DAW and CD/DAT output. Three sets of monitor outputs have passive trim controls. The monitoring section also provides mute, dim and mono switches. Cue outs can feed headphone amps, and there’s a separate stereo main line-level out. Retail: $699.96. AES Booth #1413. 225/216-7887,

SPL Surround Monitor Controller SMC

The SMC 2489 provides one-point stereo and 5.1 volume control with source and speaker management. This year’s product update to model 2489 comes with a new front design, including a huge aluminum volume control knob. A fully analog design for straight, system-independent monitoring and a comfortable switching matrix constitute a nifty DAW extension for essentially any audio application from surround and stereo production over DVD-V/A, SACD and DTS authoring to movie, video or game post-production. Retail $799. AES Booth #1243. 951/272-3465,

Test Equipment

ATI Sound Pressure Level Meter

The SLM-100 SPL meter features a large, easy-to-read analog meter movement for quick and accurate measurements in factories, schools, offices and airports, or for checking acoustics of studios, auditoriums and home theater installs. It has a wide frequency response of 32 to 10k Hz and is equipped to make both A- and C-weighted measurements with peak or averaging response. The SLM-100 is also equipped with an SPL range selector, calibration control and a test signal output via an RCA jack. Retail: $79. AES Booth #422. 215/443-0330,

NTI Acoustilyzer

Handheld acoustics and audio analyzer for comprehensive acoustical and audio measurements, including speech intelligibility. Together with the optional MiniSPL measurement microphone, the AL1 offers high-resolution FFT with zoom, sound level meter, RTA with real-time SPL and LEQ, RT60 reverb time measurements, delay time, optional STI-PA speech intelligibility, level, frequency, THD+N and polarity in one palmtop device, as well as a standard PC interface for offloading ad processing data. The ideal test tool for any system, installation or event monitoring need. Retail: $904.

NTI Digilyzer DL1

Compact and effective handheld digital audio analyzer now even more comprehensive! Measures embedded audio and digital carrier for AES/EBU, S/PDIF and ADAT signals from 32k to 96k sampling rates. Includes both headphone output and built-in speaker driven by internal D/A for conversion and monitoring of the digital audio signals anywhere you are! Also checks status bits, reports other channel information, logs errors and functions also as a combined VU and PPM level meter. Retail: $1,499. AES Booth #1326. 503/684-7050,

TerraSonde Audio Toolbox Trinity: Color

The color version of the Audio Toolbox Trinity Series builds on the monochrome version while adding many unique features. These include dual phantom-powered mic preamps, balanced/unbalanced hardware input/outputs, integrated USB preamp, new powerful audio and acoustic analysis tools, digital card slot for real-time recording of uncompressed digital audio, S/PDIF and Toslink outs, and SoundCore™ firmware package with a full complement of acoustic analysis and audio tools. The color Trinity has a transflective 320×200 color LCD screen, Type-2 measurement mic, hard-shell case, expanded firmware tools and a newly designed lithium-ion battery system. Retail: $2,399.

TerraSonde Audio Toolbox

Trinity: Monochrome

The Trinity: Monochrome puts the power of the Trinity: Color system in a less-expensive, $1,399 unit. AES Booth #1041. 303/545-5848,

Wireless Products

Audix RAD-360

The Audix RAD-360 is a frequency-agile UHF wireless microphone system with 193 selectable frequencies and dual-tuner, true-diversity receivers. Operation in the UHF band between 638 to 806 MHz. The RAD-360 is designed for a wide range of professional applications including live performances, regional sound companies, fixed installations, corporate meetings and events, and houses of worship. Retail: $799. AES Booth #319. 503/682-6933,


Wireless Test/Measurement System

Lectrosonics will unveil a wireless test and measurement system using its exclusive Digital Hybrid technology. The plug-on-type transmitter, model UH400TM, provides phantom power at 5, 15 or 48 volts to run any test microphone with 100mW transmission power for exceptional range. The receiver, model R400, uses advanced diversity technology for rock-solid reception. Because the signal is digitally encoded, there is no compandor in the system, thus the audio is equivalent to a 24-bit, 88.2kHz digital signal. This allows quick, large-scale system measurement without any cables. System response is 15 Hz to 20k Hz, ±0.5 dB. AES Booth #202. 505/892-4501,

Sabine SW70-H1 Series Handhelds

Sabine has enhanced the performance of its 2.4GHz wireless systems with new handheld transmitters, new lavalier and headworn mics, software and firmware improvements and a new FBX Feedback Exterminator™ algorithm. The new SW70-H1 handhelds are 30% lighter (using two AA instead of a C battery), a larger LCD viewing area and expanded dynamic range. The SW70-H13 has the Audix OM3 capsule; the SW70-H15 uses the OM5. Designed by Audio-Technica, the SWT31L-TA4 cardioid lavalier mic and the SWT73W-TA cardioid headworn mic have a warm sound and excellent gain before feedback. AES Booth #301. 386/418-2000,

Shure SLX Wireless Systems

Suited for installed sound applications and working bands, Shure’s SLX Wireless Systems deliver superior audio quality in an easy-to-use, quickly configurable package. Offering Shure’s patented Audio Reference Companding technology, along with an innovative setup complete with automatic synchronization, SLX supports up to 20 compatible systems (area-dependent). The system, which sits in between Shure’s Performance Gear™ Wireless and ULX™ Wireless lines, is a logical choice for houses of worship, corporate boardrooms, lecture halls and portable road cases. Retail: $850. AES Booth #1202. 847/600-2000,

Trantec S6001

Trantec will show the S6001 single-channel wireless receiver mounted in a half-space rackmount format. The S6002 is a 2-channel wireless receiver. Retail: $2,500. AES Booth #725. Dist. by Group One Ltd. 516/249-1399,

Zaxcom Digital

Wireless With Neumann KK-105 S Head

The Zaxcom handheld digital wireless transmitter is now capable of working with the Neumann KK-105 S capsule head. Together, they provide a sound so superior it can only be matched by a hardwired microphone. Retail: $4,000. AES Booth #1140. 973/835-5000,

Other Products

Argosy Rack ‘n Roll H-10

The newest Rack ‘n Roll equipment cart, the H-10 puts rack gear within easy reach. The low-profile unit will tuck under the armrest of your Argosy console or workstation. Use a pair to create a cockpit feeling and surround yourself with vital controls. Limited-time 10th anniversary pricing: $299.95, including S+H within the USA. 573/348-3333,

Equation Audio RP-20 Headphones

The RP-20 is a set of wideband (10Hz to 22kHz; ±3dB), circumaural studio headphones. Features: high-ouput, 50mm neodymium transducers; swivel earcups with user-replaceable cushions; a 9.8-foot, braided-jacket, tangle-free cable; and 32-ohm impedance. Retail: $139. 615/627-1880,

Fender Passport P-80

The P-80 is perfect for both public speaking where the power of much larger systems is not needed. Features: mono 75-watt amplifier, two mic channels and one line channel. The Passport P-80 comes with one Fender P-51 mic. Retail: $599.99. 480/596-7296,

Grace Design m902

Reference Headphone Amplifier

Reference headphone ampilfier, with 24bit/192kHz DAC, 6 selectable inputs (digital and analog) and an additional variable speaker/studio monitor output. AES Booth #1041. 303/443-7454,

Little Labs STD Mercenary Edition

Instrument Cable Extender

The STD allows you to use long microphone cables or microphone tie lines to extend your guitar or any instrument cable without the loss of tone and increase of noise associated with long instrument cable runs. It also has two outputs for splitting between two amps or between an amp and a direct injection box, with a selectable ground lift on one output to eliminate ground loop problems. AES Booth #620. Retail: $150. 323/851-6860,

Road Ready Cases RREMX500012

The RREMX500012 mixer case is built for the road and high-stress situations. The case has a heavy-duty, removable, latchable cover with Road Ready’s No Pressure design to protect your mixer controls and a unique low profile base design that allows you to access your mixer’s rear connection panel without removing your mixer from the case. Retail: $199.99. 310/767-1772,

Ultimate Ears UE-5c Ear Monitors

The UE-5c are custom-made in-ear monitors with one low-frequency and one high-frequency speaker in each ear providing detail and clarity that make prior listening experiences seem anemic by comparison. Retail: $550. 702/263-7805,

Ultrasone HFI-550 Headphones

Ideal for drummers, bass players and DJs, the HFI-550 is a foldable, closed-back headphone offering a tight powerful bass, extreme isolation and an impressive power spectrum. Like the HFI-650, the HFI-550 is also a circumaural headphone but has a more rugged (50mm Mylar) transducer with a lower impedance and improved sensitivity (SPL 103dB). Frequency response 10Hz-22kHz and choice of a straight or coiled 3m cable. Retail: $189. AES Booth #626. 615/599-4719,