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Music Production

Morten Lindberg Grammy Win Happily Ends Streak

Producer/Engineer Morten Lindberg won the Grammy for Best Immersive Audio Album last night, finally breaking his streak of 28 losses and 0 wins—the longest streak of unrewarded nominations ever.

Los Angeles, CA (January 27, 2020)—There were numerous big stories at the 62nd Grammy Awards, but one of the most enjoyable wins of the year came long before the televised prime-time ceremony. At the Grammy Awards Premiere Ceremony, producer/engineer Morten Lindberg won Best Immersive Audio Album, finally breaking his streak of 28 losses and 0 wins—the longest run of unrewarded nominations in Grammy history.

Music’s Unluckiest Night

The Norwegian classical music producer, engineer and mastering engineer won for his work on Anita Brevik, Trondheimsolistene & Nidarosdomens Jentekor’s Lux album.

Morten Lindberg landed his first nomination in 2007 for Best Surround Sound Album, acknowledging his efforts on Ensemble 96’s Immortal Nystedt. Since then, he’s become a mainstay of the category (since renamed Best Immersive Audio Album) and has been nominated in it every year except 2008, accumulating 18 nominations to date. Strikingly, in 2016, he had three of the five nominations in the category, but lost to the Immersive edition of Roger Waters’ Amused to Death.

Lindberg’s record will likely stand the test of time; his closest rivals for unrewarded wins are rap legend Snoop Dogg and R&B mainstay Brian McKnight, each tied with 17 nominations and no wins.

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