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MPSE Golden Reel Awards Announced

The Motion Picture Sound Editors guild announced its 2003 Golden Reel winners in 19 categories. The awards were held February 28, 2004, at the Century

The Motion Picture Sound Editors guild announced its 2003 GoldenReel winners in 19 categories. The awards were held February 28, 2004,at the Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles.

Master & Commander: Far Side of the World took home theGolden Reel Award for Sound Effects Editing in a Feature Film(supervising sound editor: Richard King; supervising Foley editor:Christopher Flick; sound effects editors: Michael Mitchell, HamiltonSterling). Miramax also took trophies for Sound Editing in a ForeignFilm for City of God (supervising sound editors: MartinHernandez, Roland N. Thai, MPSE; supervising dialog editor: AlessandroLaroca) and Music Editing in a Feature Film for Cold Mountain(music editors: Fernand Bos, MPSE).

Disney won two awards: Dialog Editing in a Feature Film forPirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl(supervising sound editors: George Watters II, MPSE, Christopher Boyes;supervising dialog editor: Teri Dorman; supervising ADR editor: JessicaGallavan; dialog/ADR editors: Ulrika Akander, David Arnold, MPSE,Gloria D’Alessandro, MPSE, Lisa J. Levine, Victoria Rose Sampson,Karen Spangenberg) and for Music Editing in an Animated Feature forFinding Nemo (music editor: Bill Bernstein).

The Triplets of Belleville won for Sound Editing in anAnimated Feature (sound editors: Eric De Vos, Laurent Quaglio), andA Mighty Wind won for Music Editing in a Musical Feature (musiceditors: Fernand Bos, MPSE).

The feature film awards were presented by this year’s CinemaAudio Society Career Achievement Award winner (and seven-time Oscarwinner) Gary Rydstrom, MPSE, and former MPSE Career Achievement Awardwinner (and three-time Oscar winner) Charles L. Campbell, MPSE.

In television, HBO took home three trophies, two for And StarringPancho Villa as Himself—Sound Effects Editing in Long-FormTelevision (supervising sound editors: Geoffrey G. Rubay, MPSE, ZackDavis, MPSE; sound editors: Tony Lamberti, MPSE, Dave Williams, KarenVassar, Bruce Tanis, MPSE, Carey Milbradt) and Dialog Editing inLong-Form Television (supervising sound editors: Geoffrey G. Rubay,MPSE, Zack Davis, MPSE; dialog/ADR editors: Lou Kleinman, DaveWilliams)—and one for Six Feet Under in Dialog Editing inEpisodic Television (supervising sound editor: Bob Newlan; dialog/ADReditors: Helen Luttrell, Patrick Hogan, Sonya Henry, Jane Boegel, JasonLezama).

The Music Man won for Music Editing in Long-Form Television(music editor: Joanie Diener, MPSE). CSI: Crime SceneInvestigation won for Sound Effects Editing in Episodic Television(supervising sound editor: Mace Matiosian, MPSE; sound designer: DavidVan Slyke), while American Dreams took home the trophy for MusicEditing in Episodic Television (music editor: Mauricio Balvanera).

Nickelodeon won both Television Animation awards: The Adventuresof Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius for Sound Editing (supervising soundeditors: Gary Falcone, Jason Stiff, Paul Menichini; supervising Foleyeditor: Jeff Kettle; sound effects/Foley editor: Gregory Cathcart;dialog editor: Michael Petak) and Spongebob Squarepants forMusic Editing (music editor: Nicolas Carr).

Sound Editing in a Special Venue Film went to Top Speed(supervising sound editor: Andrew DeCristofaro, MPSE; supervising Foleyeditor: Nancy Kyong Nugent, MPSE; supervising dialog editor: BobStewart; sound editors: Michael Payne, Stephen P. Robinson, MPSE, KimSecrist, Nancy Kyong Nugent, MPSE, David Esparza; music editor: DanielMay). Sound Editing in Computer Entertainment was won by T3: Rise ofthe Machines (supervising sound editors: Peter Zinda, Scott MartinGershin, MPSE; supervising dialog/ADR editor: Gregory J. Hainer, MPSE;sound editors: Pam Aronoff, Bryan Celano, Lisle Engle, Glynna Grimala,R. Dutch Hill, Tom Ozanich).

Sound Editing in Direct-to-Video was won by Bionicle: Mask ofLight (supervising sound editors: Timothy J. Borquez, MPSE, RoyBraverman; supervising dialog editor: Matt Brown; music editor: TimothyJ. Borquez, MPSE; sound editors: Tom Syslo, Eric Freeman, MPSE, JeffHutchins, Brian F. Mars, Gordon Hookailo, Paul Menichini, JasonFreedman, MPSE, Daisuke Sawa, Morgan Gerhard).

MPSE president David Bondelevitch commented, “We are pleasedto recognize the contributions of so many people. For many, this is theonly time when the contribution of the entire sound crew is trulyrecognized. Not only are the supervising sound editors recognized, butdialog, ADR, Foley and music editors are as well. We also recognizemany different types of projects, including animation, computerentertainment and special venue films, all of which are oftenoverlooked.”

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