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Nautilus Extended Monitor Options Series

The top-of-the-line, Class-A NEMO DMC-8 from Nautilus Master Technology has A/B functionality

The top-of-the-line, Class-A NEMO DMC-8 from Nautilus MasterTechnology has A/B functionality, replacing or upgrading the monitorsection of an analog console or digital audio workstation.

Features include selectable sources, in which users can listen to astereo mix bus, 2-track mixdown decks (Masterlink, DAT, CD-R, MiniDisc,cassette deck, etc.); use two sets of speakers for more referenceoptions; control the volume of the second set of speakers; a Monobutton to check for phase cancellation and video-ready compatibility;Mute and Dim buttons; retro analog VU meters; meter range switch; andoptional source-selector talkback remote.

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