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Neutrik “AA” Series Data Connector

Neutrik will debut the XLR Chassis Connectors “AA” Series, the newest unit in Neutrik’s state-of-the-art receptacles

Neutrik will debut the XLR Chassis Connectors “AA”Series, the newest unit in Neutrik’s state-of-the-artreceptacles, at NSCA 2004, Booth #2115. The “AA” Series iscompatible with the “A” Series and offers improved designfeatures at a lower cost. The “AA” Series of receptacleswill only be available in female versions.

The “AA” Series features an improved design (including alarger surface contact and gold plating at the contact mating area) andwill be a drop-in replacement for comparable “A” Seriespart numbers. Compatibility includes panel cutout and PCB layout. Itslow-contact resistance ensures high-contact pressure for addeddurability.

On the “AA” Series, the Push lever now comespre-assembled and is flammability-rated UL94HB. The “AA”Series will be available in 12 standard 3-pin female horizontal andvertical PC-mount versions only. A retention spring instead of a latchis offered on most versions, and the PCB contacts on the connector arepartially plated with silver for increased solderability. There are nolateral contacts versions available.

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