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Peavey’s New Sanctuary Series S-14 Mixer Announced

Peavey Electronics Corporation proudly introduces the new S-14 mixer, part of its Sanctuary Series,

Peavey Electronics Corporation proudly introduces the new S-14mixer, part of its Sanctuary Series, a line of all-new, audio productsdedicated to making pro audio easy-to-use and cost-effective forworship centers.

The Sanctuary Series S-14 is now available from authorized SanctuarySeries dealers.

The Sanctuary Series S-14 mixer is a 12-channel, rackmountablemixing console designed specifically for houses of worship. Since manyworship centers do not have an experienced sound technician on staff,Peavey designed the S-14 with several unique, user-friendly features tosimplify operation. Any church leader or choir director can use theS-14 with confidence.

One of this mixer’s innovations is Automix™ technology, anautomatic mixing function provided on the first four channels. Onceengaged, Automix monitors the levels on these channels andautomatically turns down unused or low priority inputs to givedominance to the main microphone, minimizing ambient noise andfeedback. The S-14 also includes a built-in Feedback Ferret®automatic digital feedback elimination system on the Main and Monitor 1outputs. The Feedback Ferret applies a narrow notch filter on specificproblem frequencies to eliminate feedback without sacrificing tonalquality. The device continuously checks and rechecks the designatedproblem frequencies and then releases the filter(s) when it no longerdetects feedback.

Another feature unique to the S-14 is Mid-Morph equalization, whichis actually two EQ controls in one. When the knob is cut, it pulls outlow-mid frequencies that muddy the sound; when boosted, it shifts to anupper-mid frequency that brightens the vocal range. Every channelincludes Mid-Morph EQ as well as normal, low and high EQ.

The stereo line channels also accommodate split-accompaniment audiotracks. The accompaniment can be played to the main system in stereo orfrom the left or right inputs, while the Monitor Blend control allowsany mix of vocals and accompaniment to be sent to the monitors.

In addition, the S-14 features digital reverb with four presets anda mute; vocal enhancer; compression; phantom power and much more.

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