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PMC Celebrates 30th Anniversary

Founder Peter Thomas takes stock of three decades of producing professional and home speakers.

PMC founder Peter Thomas at Tape London.
PMC founder Peter Thomas at Tape London.

Biggleswade, UK (February 10, 2021)—UK-based PMC is celebrating 30 years in business, during which time, the company’s workforce has gone from just two—founders Peter Thomas and Adrian Loader—to 60, with offices in England and across the U.S.

Thomas, PMC founder and owner, says, “When I started the company with my friend and colleague, Adrian Loader, I had no idea that our audio knowledge and passion for music would one day end up with our small company designing and building universally respected loudspeakers for audiophiles and for some of the biggest artists, producers and audio facilities in the world.”

Thomas, then a BBC engineer, and Loader, an engineer with FWO Bauch, established PMC in 1991 in response to requirements from the BBC for a monitor speaker that could handle the high sound levels required for pop and rock monitoring, but with ultra-high resolution. The pair created their first loudspeaker, the “Big Box,” in Thomas’ garage, and its accompanying electronics in Loader’s garage. Once refined and renamed the BB5, it was installed into BBC Maida Vale Studios.

Shortly after the introduction of the BB5 and formation of PMC, the pair launched their first domestic loudspeaker, the LB1, addressing the home audio and custom installation sectors, with products that bring studio quality audio reproduction into the home. Thomas explains, “In terms of music reproduction, there shouldn’t be a distinction between a loudspeaker designed for studio use and one for domestic use; the speaker is either reproducing the music correctly or it isn’t.

U.K. Producer Eddie Serafica Installs PMC Monitors

“The guiding principle for our R&D team is that the same ultra-high-resolution loudspeaker can be used throughout the entire recording and playback process, from studio to home. The work we do developing new studio speakers directly benefits our hi-fi product development, and conversely, some of the discoveries we make when creating a new range of hi-fi loudspeakers find their way into our pro models. This means that domestic users can experience their music sounding the same as it did in the studio and exactly as the artist intended.”

PMC’s core technologies, shared between pro and domestic, include the Advanced Transmission Line, or ATL, bass loading, the aerodynamically designed Laminair vent, dome midrange drivers and tweeter dispersion grilles. These technologies can be found in the QB1 monitors in studios like Capitol in Hollywood and 301 in Sydney, and the recently launched fact fenestria and twenty5i series hi-fi speakers, and the high-performance Ci Series for studios and home theatres.

In recent years, PMC loudspeakers have been installed in Dolby Atmos music mixing rooms around the world. In addition, PMC has engineered Atmos mixes for artists such as Miles Davis and Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band and built its own Atmos-enabled mix facilities in Nashville, New York and Los Angeles. Its speakers were also chosen by the Rolling Stones for the Atmos presentation at the band’s Unzipped exhibition.

PMC’s head office is in Biggleswade, UK. The company also has satellite offices in Los Angeles, Nashville and New York and two manufacturing plants in the UK.