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QSC Takes Training to Europe

QSC applications engineer Bob Lee and systems engineering supervisor Cheryl Guyse recently visited Europe to train technicians

QSC applications engineer Bob Lee and systems engineering supervisorCheryl Guyse recently visited Europe to train technicians in the UK,France and Germany. The classes conducted by Lee and Guyse stretchedanywhere in length from two-and-a-half to three days in each location,with instruction divvied up into three distinct sections covering basicamplifier technology, advanced circuitry studies and digital products.Two to three technicians received training at each stop; once trainingis complete, each trainee received an official factory-certifiedskills.

Pictured from left: QSC technical services engineers Cheryl Guyseand Bob Lee with Christian Pujol, service manager, newly certifiedservice staff Gwen Guerin and Eric Levy from Sennheiser

“This kind of technical support for our distributors overseas isimportant,” Lee said upon returning from the two-week tour. “By makingthem intimately knowledgeable about our products, we can only maketheir service capabilities that much better.”

“We were there to help narrow the gap between promise and deliveryfor our European customers, and in those terms, our visit was anoutstanding success,” Guyse commented. “Just as here in the U.S., wewant to be widely known for service after the sale and unwaveringsupport at all levels.”

QSC has arranged for similar training classes to take place at otherglobal spots overseas throughout 2004; another recent junket justcompleted provided training at destinations within India.

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