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Radial Intros JD6 Direct Box

The Radial JD6 6-channel, rackmountable direct box is a single-rackspace DI that uses Jensen Transformers

The Radial JD6 6-channel, rackmountable direct box is asingle-rackspace DI that uses Jensen Transformers to convert the highimpedance from keyboards and drum machines to a balanced, low-impedancemic level for use in concert snake systems.

At 20 Hz, the JD6 measures in at less than 0.006% distortion and4º deviation.

The JD6’s passive transformer design provides 100% electricalisolation between the input source and output, eliminating problemssuch as hum and buzz. For the system designer, a series of internalground switches allow each channel to “float” or beconfigured in a star ground to the chassis. A separate ground lug isprovided on the rear panel to bond the JD6 chassis to a rack. A furtherground option allows channel 1 to serve as a common chassis ground withan easy-access side button.

To simplify interfacing with computer sound cards, DVDs and otherelectronic media equipment, the first two channels of the JD6 areoutfitted with additional jacks and features, including ¼-inchswitching jacks with front panel priority that, when connected, thesignal is re-routed from the usual rear connections to the front like astudio patchbay. The ¼-inch jacks feature an innovative mergefunction that converts the input and thru-put into a left-right tomono-resistive mix. Two RCA connectors are accessed with a push-button,allowing channels 1 and 2 to work double-duty. These are premerged tosum mono for use with CD players or other media. A lowpass filter isalso provided to reduce high-frequency noise caused by CRT screens orwhen interfacing with vintage gear that tends to be noisy.

All six channels feature XLR pin-1 ground lift, 180º polarityreverse to interface with old pin-3 “hot” gear and a -20dBpad for excessive input levels. The JD6 is made of 14-gauge weldedsteel and finished in a baked-enamel coat. A series of write-ablelabeling zones on both the front and rear panel make identifyingchannels easy. Rear panel connections include Input, Thru and XLRoutput. All connectors are isolated to eliminate noise and crosstalk.

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