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Ray Dolby Receives Emmy Engineering Award

In recognition of Ray Dolby's career achievements — including practical noise-reduction systems to improve sound quality in a variety of pro/consumer environments —

In recognition of Ray Dolby’s career achievements — includingpractical noise-reduction systems to improve sound quality in a varietyof pro/consumer environments — the Academy of Television Arts andSciences will present him with the Charles F. Jenkins LifetimeAchievement Award at the 2003 Primetime Emmy Engineering Awards onSeptember 13, 2003.

The Academy’s Engineering Awards are overseen by the Technology andConvergence Awards Committee’s co-chairs Cristy Trembly and Brian SethHurst. The Emmy Award is given to an individual, company or anorganization for developments in engineering that either improve onexisting methods or materially affect the transmission, recording orreception of television.

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