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Sequerra Audio Labs Dissolved, Ambient Audio Labs Created

Mark Conese and Dick Sequerra, the two principals behind Sequerra Audio Labs (Stamford, Conn.), have dissolved the company to pursue other professional

Mark Conese and Dick Sequerra, the two principals behind SequerraAudio Labs (Stamford, Conn.), have dissolved the company to pursueother professional interests, it was announced today. The company’snewly released 1070-A microphone preamplifier will continue to bebrought to the market through Conese’s new company, Ambient AudioLabs.

An accomplished musician and audio equipment designer, Conesedesigned and built Ambient Recording Company in 1989, a Stamford,Conn.-based recording studio, which has become known for makingaudiophile recordings and beta testing cutting-edge technologies. In1999, Conese founded Ambient Records, a boutique record label.

“The incredibly positive reaction I got from high-end users and thepress with the introduction of the 1070-A at AES New York and AESMunich convinced me that I just couldn’t let this die as a product withthe dissolution of Sequerra Audio Labs,” Conese said. “The 1070-A isthe first of several ultra-high-end pro audio products that I have onthe drawing board. With the creation of Ambient Audio Labs, I cancontinue to get this and other high-end products into the hands ofengineers and artists who strive for the very best there is.”

Contact Ambient Recording at [email protected] until thecompany Website,