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Spectrasonics Virtual Instruments Updated for Apple G5, Panther

Spectrasonics has released new updates to its virtual instrument plug-ins Trilogy (shown), Stylus and Atmosphere.

Spectrasonics has released new updates to its virtual instrumentplug-ins Trilogy (shown), Stylus and Atmosphere. The updates addenhanced compatibility for the Apple Macintosh G5 and OS X Version10.3, Panther. All Mac OS X plug-in platforms have been updated,including Steinberg VST, Digidesign RTAS and Apple’s new Audio Unitsplug-in format. The updates also support the previous OS X version,Jaguar V. 10.2. The plug-ins are available for registered owners as afree download from the Spectrasonics Website.

Spectrasonics’ Trilogy Total Bass Module plug-in is a virtualinstrument plug-in kind that specializes in powerful realizations ofall three categories of bass sounds: acoustic bass, electric bassguitar and synthesizer bass. Unique features include True Staccato,Release Triggering and Trilogy’s dual-layer architecture. The company’sAtmosphere Dream Synth Module plug-in is a sample-based, dual-layersynthesizer module with more than 1,000 unique sounds and layerelements that can be manipulated with its interface to shape newtextures. More than 1 million layer combinations are available for arange of sonic colors.

The Stylus Vinyl Groove Module plug-in integrates a massive corelibrary of thousands of cutting-edge groove elements, loops andsamples, with a powerful user interface to create completely newgrooves. Stylus uses Spectrasonics’ “Groove Control” feature, whichoffers dynamic pitch, tempo and feel changes to mix and matchgrooves.

All three 32-bit plug-ins offer massive 3GB core libraries and havepowerful and intuitive interfaces to customize sounds with onboardmultimode resonant filters; envelopes for pitch, filter and amplitude;matrix-style modulation routing; multiple LFOs; parameter automation;and more. Each plug-in has total recall of all settings using a hostsequencing program.

Updates are available at: