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SSL Announces XLogic Product Line

Solid State Logic has released XLogic, an all-new line of 19-inch rack-mounting outboard signal processing units featuring the company’s SuperAnalogue™

Solid State Logic has released XLogic, an all-new line of 19-inchrack-mounting outboard signal processing units featuring thecompany’s SuperAnalogue™ audio quality. Developed fromSSL’s XL 9000 K Series console, the XLogic rack-mounted units,which debuted at this year’s AES 2003, bring high-quality audioperformance to a wide range of applications, such as high-resolutiondigital recording for the latest DAW systems and compression for DVDmastering.

The XLogic product line comprises four units: the XLogic Channel,XLogic 5.1 Compressor, XLogic SuperAnalogue Mic Amp and the G SeriesStereo Compressor.

Pictured (from the top down) is the remote-control unit for theXLogic SuperAnalogue™ Mic Amp, the XLogic SuperAnalogue Mic Amp,the XLogic Channel, the classic G Series Stereo Compressor and theXLogic 5.1 Compressor.

The XLogic Channel puts SSL’s XL 9000 K Series SuperAnaloguechannel processing into a 1U unit, featuring SuperAnalogue Preamplifierwith mic, line or instrument inputs, and switched gain for easy reset;twin-curve dynamics, selectable RMS or peak sensing for subtle todramatic compression, including soft distortion at extreme settings;high- and lowpass filters, with routing into the dynamics sidechain,allowing frequency-dependent gating; G series and E Series“Twin-Curve” EQ, which is 4-band parametric EQ withvariable Q on both mid bands and shelving/bell high and low bands;variable output level, with switchable metering; and optional digitalinterface card, featuring high-quality 96kHz A/D conversion andexternally synchronized AES output.

The XLogic Channel features identical DC-coupled SuperAnalogueprocessing to the console from which it is derived, which provides abandwidth greater than 196kHz recorders and a dynamic range beyond therange of 24-bit A/D converters.

The XLogic Multichannel Compressor unit is a 2U rack-mounted6-channel compressor that uses SSL’s center-compressor design elementswithin a SuperAnalogue design topology. Features include separate5-channel and LFE channel compression controls, allowing separatetreatment of LFE signals that typically require different attack andrelease characteristics; circular “Max” display shows whichchannel is contributing the most to the sidechain, giving a clear,instantaneous indication of which channel is driving the compressor;separate trim controls for L, C, R & S channels provide differentthresholds for each input; and dual stereo allows either differentcompression to be applied to the surround channels or for the unit tobe used as separate 4-channel and stereo compressors.

The XLogic SuperAnalogue Mic Amp provides four of the XL 9000 KSeries Microphone Preamplifiers in a 1U rack-mounting unit withoptional remote control and is designed to work stand-alone, remotecontrolled or directly from a suitably configured SSL XL 9000 Kconsole.

The XLogic uses DC-coupled SuperAnalogue technology combined withstepless changes to preamp gain through servo-driven motorizedpotentiometers, as well as selection of 20dB pad, +48V phantom powerand hi/low-impedance selection for both line and microphone levelinputs. When combined with an XL console or used with the optionalXLogic Remote, the 4-channel amp can be used in multiples to provideadditional capture capability. A twin 7-segment digital displayidentifies the appropriate channel, and the unit’s“monitor” capability can be bused, allowing one headphoneoutput to monitor any unit’s mic input.

The XLogic G Series Compressor unit is a 1U rack-mounting stereocompressor that also uses SSL’ G Series center-compressor designelements within a SuperAnalogue design topology. Front-panel switchesallow the compressor and external sidechain signals to be switched inor out of circuit. The Autofade switch allows an automatic fade out ofa duration set by the rate control. When the Autofade switch isreleased, the stereo signal will fade back up over the set time.

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