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SSL, Guitar Center’s Distribution Plan for New AWS 900 System

At the recent NAB Convention, Solid State Logic announced a landmark distribution arrangement with Guitar Center and GC Pro to introduce the SSL AWS 900 Analog Workstation System.

At the recent NAB Convention, Solid State Logic announced a landmarkdistribution arrangement with Guitar Center and GC Pro to introduce theSSL AWS 900 Analogue Workstation System. The SSL AWS 900, arevolutionary new recording and mixing system, was debuted at NAB. Witha North American outreach of over 127 locations, and an establishednetwork of audio professionals through its GC Pro sales division,Guitar Center is able to provide large-scale exposure for the rolloutof SSL’s groundbreaking AWS 900. Guitar Center’s retailstores and GC Pro’s dedicated business-to-business organizationwill handle sales, service and support of the SSL AWS 900 to its targetmarket.

Pictured left to right: Colin Pringle, SSL managing director; DavidAngress, Guitar Center executive vice president; and Rick Plushner, SSLpresident North America.

“An agreement between SSL and the Guitar Center organizationhas been reached, where Guitar Center and GC Pro will handle the AWS900 product on an exclusive basis to select market segments in theUnited States,” says Rick Plushner, SSL President North America.“Guitar Center will be offering demonstration centers in majormarkets throughout the U.S., complete with DAW systems and a wide rangeof outboard gear, with all Guitar Center locations providing theirclientele with detailed information and support for this product. Anextensive network of product training, system consulting andinstallation services will be made available through a program jointlysupported by the two companies.”

Plushner continues, “SSL will also sell the AWS 900 directlyto its core client base and broadcast clientele. This bold distributionplan will make the AWS 900 available to all music, post and broadcastapplications in a fresh and dynamic fashion.”

David Angress, Guitar Center’s executive vice president,remarks, “With an unrivalled combination of new technologies andexpert assistance, Guitar Center and GC Pro have connected with adiverse array of musicians and audio industry professionals across thenation. We’re excited to offer our customers the SSL AWS 900, arevolutionary product that will have instant appeal in today’saccelerating marketplace.” Angress continues, “Solid StateLogic is an innovative industry leader, and with the debut of its AWS900, we can now bring GC’s extensive client base the sonicquality of SSL’s XL 9000 K Series in an affordable package thatintegrates with existing DAW systems.”

Using SuperAnalogue™ electronics time tested in the trendsetting XL 9000 K Series SuperAnalogue console, the AWS 900 providesthe dual benefits of a fully featured SuperAnalogue signal path,coupled with a comprehensive DAW controller at this price point. TheAWS 900 was built from the ground up for a 5.1 surround environment.Signal routing, inputs/outputs, monitoring and signal processing areall permanently available on the console. Top quality motorized fadersprovide conventional audio level control as well as controlling thelevels in a DAW.

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Photo by: David Goggin