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UK Producer/DJ Reups with PMC

Luke Solomon has installed a pair of PMC6-2 monitors, replacing the PMC TB2s he purchased following the success of Freaks’ 2003 single, “The Creeps.”

Biggleswade, UK (August 22, 2023)—UK producer and DJ Luke Solomon has installed a pair of PMC6-2 monitors at his studio in North London, replacing a pair of 20-year-old PMC TB2s.

“I love the sound of these monitors and really appreciate the fact that they are non-fatiguing,” Solomon says. “Maybe it’s an age thing but listening at loud levels for a long time can be exhausting. What I like about the 6-2s is that they reproduce the bass really clearly, even at low levels, so I can stay in the studio for longer. They are a great pair of speakers.”

Solomon, who set up the seminal dance label Classic Recordings with Derrick Carter in the early 1990s, is also one half of Freaks, a production team he established with Justin Harris. Solomon, who has also had success as a solo artist, is currently head of A&R at Defected Records and its sister labels.

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“Working behind the scenes with other artists made me realize that I felt more comfortable in that space,” he says. “I have moved away from feeling that the spotlight needs to be on me. Producing for other artists is a very selfless thing because you have to get into their heads and try and understand what kind of music they want to make.

“The work I’m doing now doesn’t rely so much on low end, bass or where the kick drums sit,” he continues. “The PMC6-2 monitors give me very accurate reproduction across the whole spectrum and from that point of view they are really interesting speakers. At Defected we have PMC8-2 monitors in the studio and I love them, but they would have been too large for the room I currently have at home. All the same I still dream about owning a pair one day!”

As a longtime PMC customer—he bought his TB2 monitors following the success of Freaks’ 2003 single, “The Creeps”—Solomon says that he appreciates the service he has always received from the company. This also influenced his decision to buy his new monitors, he says. 

“I went through a lot of tweeters—totally my fault—and I also had the crossovers changed at one point, but throughout the years they stayed with me,” he says. “What always impressed me was the support I got from PMC. Their factory isn’t far from my home, so I’d drive up there whenever I blew a tweeter and get them fixed. The staff couldn’t have been more helpful, and the customer service was awesome. I’m a big fan of supporting local businesses and I do like the fact that PMC is a UK company.”