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Vienna Studio Bets on Lawo for Casino

New Vienna studio turns to Lawo console

Vienna, Austria (February 7, 2019)—Sound engineer Georg Burdicek, founder of the tonzauber (magic sound) classical music studio in the Vienna Concert Hall, has opened another studio at the Casino Baumgarten outfitted with a Lawo mc²36 mixing console with 24 faders and a Lawo Compact I/O unit for additional inputs and outputs.

“The mc²36 is one of the few consoles that offers all music production and broadcast features, including a 5.1 mixing and bus structure, even at 96 kHz, in an all-in-one system,” Burdicek explains. “Other systems are either orientated towards live sound, technologically outdated, cannot handle 96 kHz or have an external DSP core. For us, the requirement was to be able to use the console both in the new studio without a machine room and in mobile applications. These criteria were only met by Lawo.”

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Even though Burdicek uses consoles from other manufacturers for his work in the recording studio, he has been working regularly with Lawo mc² audio consoles in various OB vans in cooperation with the production company TVN (Hanover) for many years. As a result, he is very familiar with the product and operating concept.

“In addition to the convenient live and recording features, Lawo impresses with its reliability, uncompromising sound quality and customer support with an excellent reputation. The microphone preamps especially come quite close to my sound ideal,” he says.

Burdicek comments, “tonzauber is a small company that is nevertheless very diversified. With the new console, we are not only upgrading the Casino Baumgarten—a very special, historic location—with uncompromising technology, but are also expanding our portfolio in the direction of audio for broadcast. In the future, we will attach great importance to this area, be it for the growing use of streaming or as an external service provider for established broadcasters. With the Lawo mc²36, we are presenting ourselves as a reliable partner with both solid and flexible technology.”

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