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Yorkville elite eXcursion 2000

The élite éXcursion an "all-in-one P.A. system solution for live sound or mobile DJ applications. The system is based around an 18-inch subwoofer and

The élite éXcursion an “all-in-one P.A. system solutionfor live sound or mobile DJ applications. The system is based around an18-inch subwoofer and two 12-inch/1-inch satellite loudspeakers. Thesystem’s core is a single 1,200-watt (1,900W burst) activesubwoofer with the same 18-inch driver used in Yorkville’s eliteLS1208 subwoofer.

A complete, self-contained and powered system with passive andactive crossover networks, equalization and separate stereo andsubwoofer level control all built-in. The system boasts ultraquiet,highly efficient, high output, low distortion and light weight.

Three separate power amplifiers are incorporated into theelectronics of the éXcursion2000 active subwoofer.Yorkville’s high-output low-distortion Class-D technology is usedfor the subwoofer amplifier. The mid/high-frequency component of theélite éXcursion2000 is driven by a stereo 450W poweramplifier. A three-tier Class-A/B amplifier design was chosen for themid/high component. An integrated electronic crossover network ensuresan acoustically perfect transition between the subwoofer and themid/high satellite speakers. Optolimiter circuitry in the crossovernetwork provides an unobtrusive and musical-sounding compression thatprotects the speaker components and ensures balanced and clearreproduction from the satellite cabinets.

The entire system can be connected to any mono or stereo mixersource through either XLR or 1/4-inch TRS balanced inputs. Thesatellite speakers are connected to the subwoofer with two 25-footSpeakon speaker cables that are included with the package. The systemis powered by one AC line cord and comes with a detachable swivelcaster dolly and Velcro™ tie-down strap for the satellitecabinets. The caster kit does not remain attached to the subwoofer whenthe system is in use, eliminating caster buzz and rattle during liveperformances.

In other Yorkville news, the company has introduced its firstcabinet in the Coliseum Installation loudspeaker line that offerspatented Unity Summation Aperture Horn technology, which was inventedby Tom Danley of Sound Physics Labs and licensed to Yorkville. TheColiseum CU15 uses the Unity horn, which combines a 1.75-inchcompression driver with three 5-inch ceramic magnet midrange drivers ona single highly efficient conical horn, as well as combining high- andmid-frequency driver components in a single 60-degree-by-60-degree hornthat reproduces all of the frequencies from 300 Hz to 20 kHz at onesource.

The CU15 handles 800 watts of power, has integrated flypoints on allsides, Speakon/binding post/1/4-inch inputs and can easily be installedin an application or array.

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