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AKG Launches Programmable ESP Series Gooseneck Microphones

Designed as durable and reliable microphone options for installed sound contractors, AKG announced its new GN ESP Series gooseneck microphones at NAB 2007. The GN ESP Series comprises three models—the GN 15 ESP, GN 30 ESP and GN 50 ESP—that feature a programmable mute switch to cover a wide range of applications including house of worship, conference, lectern and paging applications. All three versions can be programmed to on/off, push-to-talk or push-to-mute operation.

The mics are manufactured in Austria and promise high Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) immunity. Featuring rugged construction and self-cleaning capsule contacts, GN ESP Series mics also provide an integrated LED ring to display the microphone’s status. Fully programmable, the GN ESP Series features hidden controls with jumpers inside to prevent users from unintentionally changing settings. All contacts are gold plated for maximum performance and reliability.

The GN ESP Series mics offer an XLR connector for quick mounting in any venue, and are designed for quick and easy set-up. The visible switch means users can activate the microphone only when needed, reducing the risk of feedback and improving intelligibility. AKG recommends GN ESP Series mics for smaller venues because the user controls the microphone directly; once its settings are positioned, the mic does not require a permanent sound engineer.

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