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Audez’e Debuts ‘Reality-1’ Planar Magnetic Professional Reference Monitor

Las Vegas–based Audez’e announces Realty-1 ($TBA), a near-field studio monitor designed for recording studios and other professional environments. Realty-1 is based on Audez’e’s planar magnetic driver technology, which is also found in Audez’e’s LCD headphones. The company states that Reality-1 combines hyper-detailed response with the depth, accuracy and clarity of a state-of-the-art studio monitor.

Reality-1 features Alpha Drive, a next generation planar magnetic transducer that promises a frequency response range of 150 to 30k Hz in a single driver while eliminating crossovers and phase shifts in the midrange. The high performance planar driver is combined with two dynamic woofers that provide deep, tight bass at the low-end. The crossover point is at 250 Hz.

Reality-1’s Alpha Drive planar magnetic driver is housed in an innovative enclosure. The speaker includes two custom-built DSP and amplifier modules.

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