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Avlex Announces Compact Bardl P Series Mixers

Avlex Corporation announces its Bardl P Series audio mixers, the 8-cannel P80U ($379) and 12-channel P120U ($439), which are designed for general sound reinforcement for both fixed and portable use, as well as desktop recording.

The Bardl P Series mixers provide both USB and S/PDIF connectivity. The units are plug-and-play compatible with both PCs and Macs; drivers are not required. Two of the same-model mixers can be cascaded for increased channel capacity via a 9-pin D-Sub connector.

The P Series mixers also provide switchable mic/line inputs (four on the 8-channel P80U, eight on the 12-channel P120U). Additionally, these mixers provide dual stereo inputs specifically designed for playback from CD players and other stereo sources.

Primary input channels have 3-band shelving EQ, while a contour control is provided for groups 1 and 2, and the main L/R stereo bus. For monitoring, the units provide separate headphone level control and direct output control for recording, as well as dual-bus outputs and three aux outputs.

The mixers provide 48-volt phantom power for use with high-quality condenser microphones. For visual feedback, the P Series mixers provide 4-segment LED indicators for the main/group outputs.

For more information, visit Avlex’s Website.