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AXI Introduces Audient Sumo

Audio Exchange International Inc. (AXI) has introduced the Audient Sumo High Resolution Balanced Summing Amplifier.

Audio Exchange International Inc. (AXI), introduced the Audient Sumo High Resolution Balanced Summing Amplifier at Winter NAMM 2005. Designed as an external analog summing mixer aimed at the audio workstation engineer, Sumo delivers the sound of an Audient large frame console in a single rack space.

Each Sumo High Resolution Balanced Summing Amplifier offers 16 paired input channels through DA88 (DTRS) standard D-Sub connectors. For additional flexibility, the first two channel pairs can be switched to mono; handling, for example, kick, snare, bass, and lead vocal as opposed to two stereo pairs. Mix inserts on balanced TRS jacks are available on each input for external processing units such as EQ or channel compressor/limiter. The mix inserts can be switched for pre- or post-position for integral Sumo dynamics processing or bypassed completely. Separate mix and monitor outputs are provided using balanced XLR connectors.

An integrated bus compressor developed from the Audient ASP8024 Console is available, with the addition of a peak limiter circuit. Separate gain reduction metering is provided for each processor. Metering is accomplished through a 26-segment meter, ranging from –36 to +24 dB (-60 to 0dBFS). There is an optional AES/EBU Output Card that offers clock rates selectable from 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4 and 192 kHz. The digital card can be externally clocked via a rear-panel BNC connection.

Sumo offers the option for input expansion for up to three additional Sumo units yielding a total of 64 analog inputs. Each Sumo unit delivers a 120dB dynamic range.

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