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Calrec Audio Launches Omega Console with Bluefin Technology

At the NAB 2007 show, Calrec Audio unveiled its new Omega console. Omega uses Calrec’s award-winning Bluefin High Density Signal Processing technology, and features 160 mono DSP paths packaged as 48 stereo plus 64 mono channels, allowing up to 24 full 5.1 surround channels. In keeping with previous implementations of Bluefin, all of this is managed on one DSP card.

Omega with Bluefin is available in three frame sizes: 24, 40 and 56 faders. It has eight 5.1 surround, stereo or mono audio groups, 20 auxiliary outputs (which can be configured as 20 mono or 10 stereo) and 48 outputs for multitrack or general purpose feeds. The console also has two main stereo or 5.1 surround program outputs with full EQ and compressor/limiter facilities, with full control of the stereo downmix of the surround main outputs, often necessary when doing simultaneous HD and SD transmissions.

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